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Quarantine A/S Ats NC-17

Ok so a weee bitty, bit ago I started actually writing and when I did this was my first up and let me know what you think..good, bad or indifferent.

TITLE: Quarantine
AUTHORS: Salustra and Pet
PAIRING: Angelus/Spike; Angel/Spike
SUMMARY: Spike and Angelus spend some quality time together.
SPOILERS: Through Season 5 Ats

AUTHORS: Salustra and Pet

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TITLE: Quarantine

PAIRING: Angelus/Spike; Angel/Spike

SUMMARY: Spike and Angelus spend some quality time together.

SPOILERS: Through Season 5 Ats

DISCLAIMER: We don’t own any of these characters; they belong to Joss and ME. We really wish we could borrow Spike and Angel for a little while though.

FEEDBACK: Yes please. This is our first joint fic and we want to know what you think.

The smoke rises from a brazier filled with incense- thirteen kinds, all expensive and rare. The candles made of human tallow burn with a sickly yellow light. The gnarled figure in the center of the mystic diagram pours the blood into the carved bone bowl, adding various ingredients and chanting. Finally, at the pitch of the chanting, a huge and perfect ruby is added. There is a flash as the blood is consumed and a tiny figure, bathed in light, floats in the heart of the ruby. , Elsewhere, in a bed, Angel suddenly goes slack, and then wakes up with a wicked smile on his face.

Angelus smacks his lips and stands up and caresses his naked body and chuckles. "Well, well isn't this interesting." Walking over he picks up a pair of slacks and slips them on and nothing else and decides his first stop will be to see if pretty Fred is up in her lab like a good little girl.

Fred mixes a couple of chemicals together, and adds a third powdered substance. There is a tiny explosion and a whoosh of flame and white smoke. Fred narrowly misses catching her hair on fire. From across the room she hears clapping. "Great job, luv. Gonna have the bad guys on the run with that one."

Fred turns around, crossing her arms. "It was only a *tiny* little explosion. The lab's still intact. I've just got to adjust the proportions a bit. What are you doing, sneaking around down here anyway?"

"Habit, pet. That and I wanted to see what my favorite lovely mad scientist was up to."

She smiles despite herself. He is such a flirt. "Well, as long as you're here, you can make yourself useful and get me some more beakers out of the storage room." She tosses him the key.

"Slave labor, I am!" Spike exclaims in mock indignation, but he goes into the storage room.

Angelus walks in casually trying to make his face seem broody and walks up to Fred and sniffs her hair quickly then leans against the table. "Hey Fred.... I couldn't sleep what you doing?"

She turns around. "Oh, hi Angel. Just working on a new high-explosive mix for the anti-demon grenades. I can't seem to get the mix just right. Either it doesn't go at all or I get ultra-high yield and I'm sure it's got to be some problem with my calculations I mean I've done them over

and over but there has to be a problem somewhere or it would be working." Then she notices he is topless. "Angel, did you lose your shirt somewhere?" she says in a playful voice.

Angelus laughs* and lifts his hand and rubs it softly over Freds lips. "You are just too much for words, Fred. So sweet. I bet you taste just like sugar." Looks down at himself and pretends to be shocked. "Oh my well looky here I am half naked…huh. I should really take care of that. Unless of course you wanna touch me, then I can just whip off the pants, and me and you sugar girl can really party. What do you say?"

Fred's eyes go wide. "Angel, are you under the influence of some spell or someth..." her voice trails off as realization hits her. She tries to duck around him and get out of the lab.

In a spilt second Angelus has Fred around the waist and is rubbing himself against her back. "Now, now Sugar Girl why are you running? Are you scared?...I'm sorry I didn't know the thought of me naked didn't do it for you. I'll try to make it up to you. Would you like that?"

"How did you get out? Nothing's happened to Angel lately to make this happen....Let me go!" She squirms and struggles and pummels as best she can.

Angelus licks up her neck slowly and chuckles. "Squirm more for me, Sugar. I like it when they squirm and maybe throw in a scream. I always liked the screamers."

He whips her around and pins her to the table, a big grin on his face and brushes some hair out of Fred’s face. "I don't know Sugar Girl. Angel the broody fuck was in bed and just like that..." *snaps fingers* "I was out and free to wander. Isn't it just great?"

She squirms some more and tries to knee him in the balls but he has her pinned too effectively. She can feel him growing hard and she realizes with a sinking heart that all her struggles are really doing is turning him on. "Yeah, great if you like sick sadistic vampires. Which I don't. So why don't you just be a nice villain and let me up!"

Angelus just shakes his head and inches his mouth closer to her neck. "Oh Fred, Fred, Fred if every sweet little girl with glasses asked me to let them go and I did I would be one hungry and unsatisfied Vampire. So sorry, Sugar Girl. I wanna taste you and you’re just gonna have to

pretend to like it. That is till your dead of course." He snickers and morphs into vamp face and moves in to bite.

Spike walks in from the storage room. "Pet, got you a whole box of beakers of different sizes...Well, well, well, what did I interrupt here? A little sexual harassment? A little game of hide-the-salami-in-the-scientist?"

Fred screams out, "It's Angelus!"

Spike moves across the room with blinding speed and pulls Angelus away from Fred and punches him.

Angelus growls and wipes his lip and points to Spike. "Boy that’s your one shot. Do it again and I may have to not forgive you. Now why did you have to interrupt such a special moment between me and the Professor? I was just getting to the good parts."

"I’m sure," growls Spike as he shifts into game face. "Back off, Angelus, she's my friend and you're not wanted here. Go try and take over the world or something."

As he stands in front of Angelus, Fred gets up and runs into her office and locks it. Spike just stands, ready to tackle Angelus if he moves to follow her.

Angelus sees Fred lock her self away like a good little girl and stands a little too close for comfort to Spike and whispers "Whatsamatter Will? Want me all to yourself? Did I make you jealous?"

Spike snarls. "Of course, yes, that's it," and punches Angelus hard, shoving him backwards.

Angelus laughs and then stands up and brushes his hands over himself. He walks around caressing himself and running his hands through his hair. "That’s what I figured...You don't have to make a play for my attention, Will. All you have to do is ask, you know that." Angelus turns to Spike and rubs his hand down to his crotch. "Daddy will always deliver for his boy."

Spike looks around and shifts out of game face. "Well, no do-gooders coming so I guess I can stop the act." He gives Angelus a smoldering look of desire. "There's a bed right over here, for Fred to take a nap on when she's working late..." He walks over to it and sits down.

He removes his jacket and looks over at Angelus. "You don't know how hard it has been watching that ponce wear your body."

Angelus smirks and walks towards his boy licking his lips. "I bet...but you don't know how bad it's been to be inside it, wanting to rip apart and plunder these idiot's throats and bathe in their useless blood." He reaches Spike and runs his hand through Spikes gelled hair. "My beautiful boy so many times I wanted to fuck you. Had you right there and I couldn't. I hate that souled fucker for it too... he wanted it and didn't do it-- atoning freak of nature."

Spike scoots forward on the bed. He rests his head on Angelus' crotch, and runs his hands over his firm, muscular ass. "Surprised to hear that about Angel...but I'm glad you're back, sir."

Then there is a hissing noise and four walls suddenly enclose them. A faint red light comes on in the darkness. A sign on the wall says, "Medical Quarantine".

Spike thinks to himself, *Thank God she remembered and she was watching.* But he says nothing and does nothing, watching for Angelus' reaction.

Angelus growls and slaps Spike hard in the face, sending him crashing back into the bed. Then he walks up to one of the walls banging and punching. When it doesn't give he sets his head against it.

"Boy that was very unwise!"

Spike laughs, a short barking laugh. "I never was that wise, and that hasn't changed. I'm locked up *with* you, in case you hadn't noticed."

Angelus turns around and his eyes flash and he leans back against the wall. "Oh. I noticed. So, what should I do with you now, Will? If you thought we were gonna play checkers Boy you were seriously mistaken."

Spike smirks. "So, Daddy, should I be a good little boy or a bad little boy?" He raises an eyebrow and stretches like a cat.

Angelus growls again this time a more sensual growl and spits out. "Don't play with me Will you know I don't take to your games well. I will still rip your throat out, contrary to belief that I hold you dear to me at all."

"I'm your only bargaining card, Daddy dearest. So no reason to kill me yet. Not when we could have so much fun."

He looks over at Angelus. "I wasn't completely joking before. I've thought over and over about how we used to be...before the soul messed everything up. I still wake up sweaty and shaking, dreaming about it sometimes."

He slides off his T-shirt, "So...good boy or bad boy? Or do you want me to choose?"

Angelus pushes off the wall and comes closer. He pulls the belt out of Spikes duster. Then, eyeing up Spike's belt he whispers huskily, "Choose."

Spike gets off the bed. He comes close to Angelus, rubbing against him, stroking his long clever fingers over Angelus nipples. "I choose...." then he slaps Angelus. "Bad boy!"

Angelus snaps his head back and grins wide. He moves his hand down and unbuckles Spike belt, ripping it out and growling softly. "I just knew that would be what you picked my pretty Will. Take off your!"

Spike backhands Angel and grins. "Now what possible fun would that be? I'm not a good boy, remember...."

Angelus wraps both belts around his hands and backhands Spike sending him back to the bed. Angelus unsnaps his pants and lets them drop. He steps out of them and walks to the bed. "It wouldn't be fun but I thought I would give my boy a fighting chance." He looks at his half hard erection. "But now I think this is a better option my William."

Spike sweeps his leg around and catches Angelus in the ribs. Angelus catches Spike's leg and uses it to flip him over onto his stomach. Angelus unwraps the belts and jumps on Spikes back and stretches his hands over his head whispering hotly in his ear. "Why do you fight me, Will? The result is always the same....I want you I get you....Period. Plus the fact you want it so bad it seeps from your pores like nothing I have ever seen in my life or unlife." Bringing one belt up he grasps one of Spike’s wrists tightly and ties him securely to the bedpost. Then he halts with the other belt. "Are you gonna make me do both?"

Spike pops her other arm back, catching Angelus on the side of his face with his fist. "Of course. If I didn't fight my hardest, you wouldn't enjoy it, I wouldn't enjoy it, and you wouldn't have anything to punish me for...." He pops him again with his free hand and bucks violently, almost

managing to throw Angelus off.

Angelus regains his momentum and pushes full force back down on Spike and grabs his other wrist tying it securely. Next he lifts off enough to grab Spikes pants and rips them off. He lays back down and growls once they are touching skin to skin. He relishes it for a second then runs his hands up Spike’s arms and grasps the belted wrists. "Oh don't you worry about punishing Boy I got plenty for you."

Spike is pinned firmly under Angelus but wriggles and struggles as much as he is able. He knows how hot it makes his grandsire. Spike himself is already painfully hard from the struggle. "Ooooo... you're so *masterful*, Daddy, bring it on," he says in a mocking tone.

Angelus chuckles and brings his lips to Spike’s ear. "That’s it Boy make me madder. You know I'll just fuck you harder...But you want that don't you Baby......Don't worry Daddy is gonna make you-- remember make you--cry out my name before this night is over."

With those words he crawls down Spikes body and licks a path down his back, holding him down at the proper spots to keep Spike from bucking.

As Angelus whispers in his ear, Spike closes his eyes and moans. It's just like old times, like all those times Angelus tied him up or beat him into submission and then had his merciless way with him. He tries kicking, but the angle is wrong and Angelus just readjusts himself so that Spike's legs are pinned. He hisses and growls as Angelus licks down his back.

"No I won't!" Spike hurls out defiantly.

Angelus laughs softly. "Oh Will I adore you so with your petty attempts at fighting what you desire...I have to admit sometimes I miss that pouting, fragile, shy boy who used to close his eyes and shake when I would say or do dirty little things his mommy used to say was wrong and

sinful...But then I get this version and it makes me so fucking hard I just want to die inside you over and over again."

Angelus parts Spikes asscheeks and flicks his tongue over the hole then again teasing it in little circles watching it begin to quiver.

Spike can't help it...he gasps and moans as Angelus invades him with his tongue. His cock twitches. He twists his body, trying vainly to escape. "Well, I keep getting stronger. Maybe someday it'll be you tied up and me getting ready to rape your ass."

Angelus shakes his head. "Oh William you know better than I do I'm not raping you. You’re mine-- always have been, always will be. From that first damn glance in your direction you've been mine hook, line and sinker. You can no more deny me than I can keep from touching you. Been

each others vice for centuries it's never gonna end Will."

Caressing his nose into one cheek he bites down suddenly collecting some blood in his mouth. Then placing his mouth over Spike's pucker he digs his tongue in and injects some of the blood inside to wet it. Then he licks the bite and rises up over Spike's back slowly trailing one hand down. He inserts a finger deep inside swirling the wetness around stroking.

Spike's body locks up with the mixed pain and pleasure of the bite, and then he shudders as Angelus' finger penetrates him. "You always were a greedy bastard, Angelus. Not enough to have me, to have me fight you and then violate me until I can't see want me to admit how fucking much I want you to do it. You are a perverted old sod...I can remember being that darling boy. I hadn't even slept with any women except Dru, and there you come looking and talking sweet and putting your big hands all over me. I was a good little boy back then...for a little while, anyway. I was in awe of you, and too scared and confused to fight back. I learned, though."

Spike wriggles and moans as Angelus hits him just right. Then he snarls and shifts into game face, getting a little more strength and twisting hard and sudden. If Angelus didn't outweigh him so much Spike would have gotten free...for a second, anyway, since the belts still secured his hands to the bedposts.

Angelus thrust a bit deeper brushing his nail over Spikes prostate and whispers in his ear the way he knows drives Spike crazy with want. "Oh yeah my Beautiful I want you to tell me..I want you to tell me just how bad you love me and how bad you want me...I want you to beg for every

pleasing thing I am gonna bring upon your sweet ass Will." He slips into the brogue for a second. "Will m'boy don't ya want ta make me happy? Will'na not tell me what I want ta hear?"

*Oh, god, that damn brogue. Now it's *just* like old times.* Spike whines and purrs. "Oh, fuck, Liam! I'm a fucking sucker for that and you know it." Angelus strokes his prostate again and nibbles on his earlobe. "Please, please fuck me. Shag me rotten, you filthy man. I'm your little

bitch-boy and you know it. Is *that* what you wanted to hear?" Spike asks.

Angelus chuckles and removes his finger Spike whimpers slightly. He whispers as he lines himself up to Spike’s waiting gasping hole. "And that you love me Will don't forget that m'boy. I always love ta hear that you love me and say my name dear Will." He lifts Spikes hips some.

The very last of Spike's defiance crumbled away. "I love you, Liam. Always have." *God* He thought. *Angel is going to remember all this when he comes back.*

Angelus growls softly and thrusts forward and freezes, panting, bringing one of his arms around Spike’s waist and the other to his hair, running it through it softly. "Oh my beautiful beautiful fucking boy."

He regains his composure and lifts up and begins shallow thrusts, just wanting to feel the sensations. Being in his boy is like being home again.

Spike mewls and moans as Angelus pierces him. It's been so long...over a hundred years...since he felt this. He thrusts back as much as he can, but Angelus holds him too firmly to permit much movement. He arches his body, pressing against Angelus' larger and more muscular one. He begins to wonder if he lured Angelus this way to save the others or to get this for himself.

Angelus moans and begins to up his pace. He lifts off Spike a little to give him leverage to push back. Then all of a sudden it's not enough; he needs more. He rips the belts free and pulls out and flips Spike over on his back. He thrusts back in harshly. His eyes glow and he grabs Spike's face. "I wanna see your eyes, Will. I wanna see every damn thing I make you feel."

*Yeah, he knows my face and my eyes can't hide a damn thing when I come.*

Spike breathes out and then licks his lips, looking at Angelus. His blueeyes lock onto Liam's chocolate brown ones. He decides to risk punishment and uses his newly freed arms to pull Angelus' face to his and kisses him passionately. He thrusts his hips to meet Angelus, his hard cock is sandwiched between them, being rubbed by the friction between their bellies.

Angelus is stunned and pulls back momentarily then looks at Spike somberly and lowers his mouth and kisses Spike softly languidly letting his tongue caress Spikes and his body shudders. He slows his thrusts to deeper and slower angled thrusts.

Spike has abandoned all pretense of resistance. He wants this all too damn much to play anymore. His tongue gently duels with Liam's. He takes his hands and rakes his blunt nails down Angelus' back, finally resting his hands on Angelus' firm buttocks. He slams as hard against Angelus as his position will allow, talking between thrusts.


Angelus growls loudly and thrusts faster again at Spike words. "Oh my boy my fucking little one......Oh god..I need you so much! You’re so fucking tight you feel so damn good."

*His face changes and he thrusts deeperfasterharder... coming close. "You’re MINE Will all mine....give yourself to me me!"

Spike could feel his own climax coming. He keeps his eyes on Angelus' and lets every single barrier drop away as the two of them climb towards orgasm. Every scrap of love and pleasure is evident in Spike's handsome face.

Angelus smiles in his demon face and brings his face down and sinks his fangs into Spikes neck and cums while drinking the blood of his grandechilde. Feeling ultimate utopia while emptying himself into Spikes grasping channel and drinking his blood from his neck.

Spike goes over the edge, coming as soon as the fangs sink into his neck. He shouts, "Oh, God, Liam!" He shudders and twitches and his fingers dig deeply into Angelus' ass as he comes. All too soon, they have both come, Spike lies crushed and happy under his grandsire.

Angelus extracts his fangs and licks the wound he then kisses Spike softly and stays inside him. Rubbing his face he whispers* "See, my William is still there."

OUTSIDE THE CELL: Fred, Gunn, and Wes sit in Fred's office. Fred has the surveillance camera on. The monitor sitting where only she can see it, the sound turned almost all the way off. Good thing, 'cause Angel wouldn't want the others to see what she was seeing. He wouldn't want

*her* to see it, either, but someone had to watch to make sure Angelus didn't kill Spike or himself. She unbuttoned a few buttons on her shirt and got a magazine and fanned herself.

"Is anyone else hot? It seems hot in here. Oh, but of course that's not the issue. The issue is how are we going to help Angel get his soul back."

Wes looked at Fred appreciatively as she undid the buttons. It felt fine in here right now but might not if she kept licking her lips like that. "Oh, right, Angel. "Well, I can't have the W&H mages and sensitives get to work on the matter. Problem is, right now we're holding the CEO of the company hostage. W&H doesn't care if he has a soul or not, for purposes of his running the company. So it's up to us. I can do some research on my own, but perhaps we should get Willow here. She helped last time."

Gunn nods. "Whatever man lets just get Angel back alright?"

Fred nods over at Gunn. "How about you and Lorne check your contacts with the demon and magical community, see if there's been any unusual activity lately?"

"Yeah that’s cool with me."

"And I....I'll keep an eye on them, and take some readings. See if I can get any idea from those."

She strokes her neck, and down a bit into her blouse without realizing. Wes and Gunn can both see that her nipples are hard under her blouse.

Wes shifts uncomfortably in his seat, then gets up. "I'll get to work on that, right away." He heads out of the office before he can embarrass himself.

Gunn coughs. "Yeah and I'll just follow him..." Gunn walks out and on his way glimpses the monitor and his eyes widen and he loosens his tie and walks out.

BACK INSIDE THE CELL: Spike touches' Angelus' cheek. "Apparently he is, Liam. I would have bet good money against it, but apparently he is."

Spike squirmed just slightly against Angelus. You planning on fucking me again right now or did you want me to get washcloths to clean us up? There's a sink in the corner."

Angelus strokes his head against Spikes chest taking a nipple in his mouth sucking slightly then he kisses it and moves off Spike laying next to him and bringing him over and setting his head on his chest. "No just lay with me for now I like the smell of us."

*So do I. I'm just scared to death of being in love with you again, Liam. This can't turn out good. You're going to have a stinking soul again soon enough and hate me for every little moment of passion we have now,* Spike thinks. But for now he rests and snuggles into the broad expanse of

Angelus' chest. He absent-mindedly fondles one of Angelus' nipples.

"Fuck, Angelus, how do you *do* this to me? I'm supposed to be one of the good guys now and I'm sitting here wishing I had some way to get us out and go rampaging again with you."

Angelus threads his fingers in Spikes hair. "I don't know Will but you do it to me too...When you kissed me I wasn't mad I just wanted to taste more of you..I want to hear your feelings for me I need you to show me. I hate feeling this you know that. I let you and I want you to call me

Liam sometimes and I never even let Darla do that Will so I have no idea. I just know it feels right and it's what I want so I do it."

"Simple enough. I guess I'm just thinking about it too bloody unlikely as that sounds for me." remarks Spike.

Angelus tugs his hair back making him look at him and his eyes glow. "You are very smart William it's one of the reasons I let Drusilla turn you......You have a quick mind you think up stuff even I can't that’s saying something." He kisses him hard. "Don't put yourself down around me only I'm allowed to do that."

Spike's cock twitches when Angelus pulls on his hair. *Oh, you're such a naughty little boy, to be handled roughly,* he thought.

"Yes, sir!" His lips twitch into a smile. "Unless, of course, it will get me a spanking?"

Angelus snarls and throws Spike across his knee. "Boy I swear you do this stuff on purpose just so you can goad me to do your will. But I know your games, William. I know you want me to touch you whether hard or soft. Don't think when Angel was still in control he didn't notice your eyes

sometimes. Oh, he did-- brooding atoning bastard would wait till he was all alone in beddie bye then he would wank to visions of you under him and moaning like a stuck pig."

Spike wiggles happily on Angelus' lap. Yes, the old man knew he loved spankings. It was a bit of an eye-opener about Angel, though. "Just for you, Angelus, I promise to work on tormenting him extra hard..."

Angelus growls and spanks hard on one cheek then repeats the same on the other. "Mine...Fucking Bastard all his platitudes of love...'Oh Spike, oh William...what have I done....for my own sick pleasures I turned you into my sex slave...fucking asshole I wanna rip his throat out so bad." Through this Angelus keeps smacking Spikes cheeks. "All I wanna do is make it up to you, love you, treat you right...FREAK OF FUCKING NATURE!!"

Screaming he sinks his fangs into Spikes other unbitten buttock.

Spike thrashes but makes no real move to get away from Angelus' vicious assault on his ass. His cock jumps and gets harder as he is hit harder and harder and he comes again as Angelus bites him.

Spike pants and struggles to come back into control of his senses again. "I am, you know...your little sex slave. You and your hands and your voice and your fangs and your enormous make me into a slave."

Angelus licks the wound closed then lifts Spike into his lap and is panting hard. "I...know what you are, Will. You’re whatever I want you to be and if it's a sex slave you are. I wanted you to want me no matter what. I am not apologizing for that not ever-- not to brood fuck or his broodtastic rangers. You’re mine, William."

Feeling it down to the bottom of his soul, Spike answered, "I am."

OUTSIDE THE CELL, QUITE SOME TIME LATER: Fred found it fantastically difficult to concentrate on her work. Vampires had no recovery time, only so much time between as they desired, and so Angelus and Spike had been having pretty much non-stop sex since going into the cell.

She had taken a portable receiver with her to keep an eye while she went and took measurements and readings in Angel's room. She had used the same portable receiver when she went into her room to let off some of the incredible arousal she felt. She never knew sex between two men would make her feel like this. But somehow or another she had managed to take enough time away to analyze the readings, and she called Wes and Gunn back to her


Gunn walks in and avoids looking at the monitor. "I didn't come up with much so if somebody knows something they aren't talking."

Wes walks in. "I can't pin down the location. I've called Willow though and she's on her way."

Fred looks over at both of them. "I analyzed readings I took in the room. There was strong extraction and trapping magic used...almost like what would be left behind from an exorcism. Also....whoever did it had to be close by. Like, in the building. I know that's still a lot of area to

cover but we can start in employee records."

Gunn says, "Well I can get the files or just click a button on your laptop and bring them up for you."

With difficulty she tears her eyes away from the monitor. She passes her laptop over to Gunn. "Go ahead. Bring them up."

Gunn nods and starts typing after a minute he swings the laptop back around and points. "Voila! From Adams to Zefrowitz at your service."

Fred clacks at the keys and a few minutes later prints a list. "Here's the prime suspects and their offices and apartments. Let's start working our way through them. They haven't been cleared by Lorne yet so it could be any of them. Let's weapon up and start checking rooms."

Gunn nods and picks up his trusty axe. "Cool time to ruffle W&H feathers this is never old even now that I work here catch up in a bit." And Gunn walks out to check on his suspects.

BACK INSIDE THE CELL: Several hours have passed. Angel has managed to put Spike's clothes on a shelf Spike can't reach so he is forced to walk around naked....not that he really objects. Spike is taking a post-coital smoke when an object comes hissing through the airlock tube in the wall.

It's a bloodbag.

Angelus sits up and eyes the bag warily. "Ok this is one of two things. One, a trick; or two, a carefully disguised trick." Angelus stands up and grabs the bag passing it to Spike. "Test this please?"

"Your wish is my command." Spike grins.

He sips down a good few gulps of the blood. "Tastes fine to me. You may want to wait a while to see if it's drugged though. See if I conk out or anything. Of course, if I do, you could always take advantage of me while I'm unconscious." Spike smirks and waggles his eyebrows.

Angelus smacks Spike face lightly and sits down with the bag. "Come sit and let’s see. It should kick in within 10 minutes if so, and you can kiss me more til then. I wanna explore that."

"Ten minutes of kissing, huh? Good thing we don't have to breathe." Spike straddles one of Angelus' legs so he is facing him, and leans forward and kisses him. He starts tender and soft and then presses in more passionately and then starts probing with his tongue.

Angelus moans into the kiss and starts to respond. Bringing one hand up her caresses Spikes cheek while angling his head to thrust his tongue in deeper.

Spike purrs and opens his mouth more to Angelus' invading tongue. His own tongue darts in and around licking Angelus' teeth and the inside of his lips.

Angelus lets out his first purr and grabs Spike’s tongue between his lips sucking on it and pushing up his leg rolling Spike closer to him and murmurs "You taste so fucking good little one."

Spike puts his arms around Angelus' neck and plasters himself to his body. He nuzzles briefly on his neck. "And you do the most wonderful things with your tongue."

Angelus smirks realizes it has been about ten minutes he looks at Spike. "How do you feel and don't be cute."

"But I *am* cute. Really, though, I feel fine. They probably just want to keep you happy so you don't hurt me."

Angelus snorts and chugs down the blood and tosses the bag then he wrenches Spikes naked body to him and his eyes sparkle. "Oh I'll hurt you but in a good way." He rubs his hard cock against Spike’s hole which is still slick from the fun of the day so far and he pushes in smoothly and groans. "Jesus Christ Spike you’re so fucking tight."

Spike clenches down, squeezing his muscles around the huge prick invading him. "Just for you, Daddy." He releases, then squeezes, then keeps repeating.

Angelus thrusts up hard and deep then grabs Spikes face." "Only for me always for me say it.....say you’re mine and it's always just for me no one else Spike fucking say it and mean it." He keeps up his hard and deep thrusts hitting Spikes prostate at every entry.

Spike gasps. "There's been no other man ever. It's yours...always has been, always will be. Just like I am."

Angelus growls and thrusts faster then pushes Spikes mouth to his neck whispering huskily. "Do it! Do it Boy! Before I change my mind."

Spike's face changes and he bites into Angelus' neck, savoring the blood of his grandsire. It's like an incredible nectar...he's never tasted anything so wonderful. He doesn't want to stop but makes himself, licking the wound, then licking and sucking just because he enjoys the taste of

Angelus' skin. "Mine." he whispers.

Angelus snickers. "If Angel comes back he is so gonna be pissed off...He thought about that too hearing you say that. Man has deep issues of belonging. He hated your whole Slayer fiasco; oh boy, did he fucking ever."

Angelus lifts Spike off and goes to the sink and turns on the water finally rinsing off, tossing water on himself here and there.

Spike stretches and walks over to wait his turn. "I actually expected to get backhanded for that. And the Slayer thing...well, a man's gotta keep occupied. You weren't around, the next best thing I could do was take his woman."

When Angelus finishes, Spike begins to clean himself as well. He looks over and sees Angelus drying his cock, and he can't help it. He goes over and kneels in front of Angelus, looking at his cock and then looking up into his eyes.

Angelus smirks and grabs the back of Spikes head. "I don't have to slap you Will. I know so many better ways to show you just who is whose around here. You want to suck me, then, I take it? Lick me like a good little boy?"

Spike smirks back. "I'm never really a good little boy but yes, I want to take you into my mouth and suck you dry...sir."

Angelus smiles and bends down and kisses Spike then whispers against his lips. "Then do it....Not like I am gonna complain." Then he leans his back against the wall adjusting his legs.

Spike smiles, and moves forward. He starts by licking up and down Angelus' cock like it was an ice cream cone, to get him hard and to enjoy the taste and feel of the velvety skin. He uses his hands to stroke

Angelus' inner thighs, and to feel the strong, corded muscles. Finally he goes to the head and carefully sticks his tongue into the slit. Angelus nostrils flare but he manages to keep his hands across his chest as he keeps his eyes on Spike watching every move.

Spike moves his mouth to encompass the head. He takes his time, swirling his tongue around it, but then finally moves forward. He stretches his jaw to encompass more and more of Angelus' monstrous cock. Luckily, no gag reflex and no need to breathe, and he finally able to take him all in. One of his hands moves over to cup Angel's balls as he applies suction and works his tongue against the sensitive underside of Angelus' cock.

Angelus is beginning to pant bangs his head lightly against the wall a few time then threads his hand in Spikes hair lightly just letting it ride back and forth with Spikes movements. "Fuck Boy the best thing I ever did was teach you to suck my dick."

Spike's only response is to purr and work his head back and forth a little faster. His hand is gently stroking and caressing Angelus' scrotum....and one finger snakes back and softly flicks across the

delicate perineum. He loved being able to do this, on his knees, mouth filled with cock, worshipping his grandsire.

Angelus eyes sparkle when Spike's finger brushes against his perineum and he grabs the back of Spike's head tighter and thrusts back lighter. "Faster and swallow Will take every fucking inch make me cum."

Spike bobs faster and faster, opening his throat to take him in all the way to the root. His finger continues to work on the perineum. He sucks and licks and finally began to feel the twitches that preceded orgasm. He sucks down even harder and wiggled his tongue in a particularly wicked

fashion, and is rewarded with a flood of cold seed. Angelus growls and roars his pleasure and pulls Spike's head hard against him. Spike keeps sucking until every last drop is gone.

Angelus leans against the wall and rubs the back of Spikes nape soothingly, not letting him go just yet. Then slowly he removes Spike's mouth and drops to the floor in a heap, breathing harshly.

"You’re so fucking perfect Will. God, I love your mouth. It's the most perfect creation God

did ever create, dear boy." He rubs his face.

Spike lays down and rests his head on Angelus' thigh, just breathing in his heavenly scent. "I had an excellent teacher. And I fucking love sucking your cock. Your beautiful, magnificent, lovely cock."

Angelus chuckles and rubs Spike head. "I think I beat that into your head Will....Is that how you really feel?...Grrr...god listen to me..fucking residential leftovers of fucking soul boy."

Spike laughs. "Do you really not know? Yes, I really feel that way. I ought to write a poem about your cock. In fact, I will, the next time I have access to pen and paper. I'd like to suck you over and over and over again until neither of us can move. " *God, I'm going to miss this. I have to remember every fucking moment because I'll probably never see him again like this.*

Angelus is silent for a while then picks up Spike and lays him in his lap. He looks into his eyes, his own sparkling. "Will I made you, molded you to be what I wanted my beautiful whore, my compliant Boy. I didn't imagine you to feel anything or want it. I guess I always knew you liked

it. I just don't deal with that well-- you know me, I can't change. But I risked beating and bits of my hide to touch you every time."

Spike looks in wonder at Angelus. He's never heard anything like this from him before. It can only be the close quarters and the relief of being out that is making Angelus open up like this. "Beatings? From Darla? I never knew. But I wanted you from the first time we met. You

didn't make me anything that I didn't want, deep down, to be."

Angelus nods and kisses Spikes fingers. "I know William. I knew from the moment I looked at you with your shaggy hair and glasses you insisted you still needed after the change. It boiled my blood with want for you. I couldn't wait to crawl out of bed that first night when Darla and Dru

went away to see the Master. I still remember your face. It was shocked and you pulled up the blanket. But I fucking smelled it from the door, your arousal. I knew you went to bed every night just hoping I would come in and fuck you senseless. My beautiful boy you tempted me to you and I hated you so much for it but I couldn't deny you either. And yes, beatings. Darla found out and beat me for hours, threatened to kill me and you. I just never told you."

Angelus moves Spike off his lap and stands up walking around.

OUTSIDE THE CELL: Fred has been listening to the words between Angelus and Spike. If she didn't know what a monster Angelus was she would feel sorry for him. And she did feel sorry for Spike.

Gunn walks in with clean axe in tow but clearly has information by the look on his face. "Hey well found our bad guy names Meyer Shotz I found ritual remains but no Meyer seems he left with no explanation. So now what?"

Fred smiles. "We get Wes. W&H employees have to leave a sample of blood and flesh on file. Unless he's got some really powerful masking magics, we can track him."

Wes walks in at just that moment. "Wes, we have a name. Meyer Shotz. So we can get his blood sample and use it to track him."

Wes nods. "I'm on it." He looks over at Fred's droopy eyes. "You need to sleep. Go rest. Gunn, come with me and we can go confront this rat when I've tracked him."

Gunn nods and follow minutes later they are in Wes's mystic space. "So man what do we need to do? The sooner Angel is back the better man trust me."

Wes gets out the blood sample they picked up on the way. "It'll take me about 30 minutes to do the set-up for the spell. Assuming he doesn't have really powerful locator protections...which he might...we should be able to find him." Wes starts setting up the mystic space, carefully drawing

the diagrams, spreading the mystic powder, lighting the candles and incense, while Gunn stood around looking nervous. Finally the preparations are done and he goes into the center. He mixes the blood with a fine white powder and begins chanting. Finally he pours the mixture onto paper, and it begins to resolve itself into a map. Finally it is done.

Wes' eyes widen. "He's in the lab....we've got to get down there right away!"

Gunns eyes widen and he grabs his axe. "Shit lets go!!"

Gunn runs out and heads posthaste to the lab Wes right behind him they reach the lab and Gunn spots Meyer. He screams, "Stop whatever the hell your planning dude it isn't wise."

Meyer stands in Fred's office, his hand above a red button marked "medical quarantine release". "I think it is, lawyer man."

Wes flicks his hands and swords pop out. "Step away from the button."

Gunn moves forward. "I am so trying to give you a chance now don't...don't damn it..." Gunn rushes forward and manages to knock Meyer out but not before he punches the button.

Gunn looks frantically towards the cell then Wes. "Shit! Now what?"

Wes folds away the swords. "Block the door so he can't get out. I'll search Meyer for whatever receptacle has the soul." Wes starts going through Meyer's pockets.

There is a loud hiss and a clang, and the walls move from around them. Spike's bundle of clothes comes tumbling down. Spike looks around, and his heart sinks and sings at the same time. He'll have to choose, and he desperately doesn't want to. He looks over at Angelus.

Angelus throws on his pants and looks at Spike a smirk on his face. "I'm going. You know that there’s no stopping that now. You can come or not Will; your choice." And he walks out and looks around.

Gunn moves to the door and curses under his breath. "Wes man I do not wanna fight Angelus but I will."

Spike throws on his pants and rushes to catch up with Angelus. He looks at that beautiful, fierce face and follows along behind.

Angelus spots Gunn at the door and laughs. "Well if you’re the only thing stopping me from blood baths and freedom, this is gonna be easier than I thought." Angelus starts to move forward towards Gunn.

Gunn gets his game face on and screams to Wes. "I'm serious, Man! He's coming! We won't have a friend or a Boss. Find something and soon."

Wes comes rushing out holding aloft a ruby. "Stop, Angelus. I have the distinct suspicion if I smash this Angel will come back."

Spike snarls at Wes. "Wouldn't be good for your health, mate."

Angelus looks to Spike shocked for a second then turns back to Wes flashing fang. "Well looks like my boy is coming with me, boys. And we weren't called the Scourge of Europe for shits and giggles. Now hand the jewel over Watcher Boy, I can kill you slow if need be."

Wes tightens his hand over the ruby. "Do what you have to and I'll do what I have to."

Spike advances behind Angelus. Only at the last moment does Wes see the heavy microscope Spike has picked up from a nearby table as Spike brings it down on the back of Angelus' neck. Angelus crumples like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

Gunn exhales a breath of relief and grabs the tranq gun and shoots one into Angelus. "There that should keep him down for a bit. Damn Spike you freaked me the hell out."

Spike shifts out of game face. "Yeah. Freaked myself out a bit too."

Wes turns around to Meyer. "And now I say we wake Mr.Shotz up and 'convince' him to reverse his little spell."

SOMETIME LATER: Angel's soul is safely restored. Meyer explains that he extracted it by breaking the curse. The soul as restored is no longer bound by it. So Angel is free and Angelus forever caged. Wes and Gunn are happy. Fred is a little bittersweet. Spike is miserable.

Fred takes him aside and hands him several DVD's. "A memento," she says, "of quarantine.

The surveillance video. This is the only copy, I've wiped all the others."

Spike takes it in silence, nodding and kissing Fred on the cheek.

Spike heads off to his room with two bottles of Jack Daniels and the piles of DVD's.

Angel groans and opens his eyes and brings his hand to the back of his neck.

Fred is staring down at him. "Angel? Are you okay?"

Angel looks up and looks guilty. "Hey Fred. Yeah I'm okay ...look I'm sorry about what happened."

Fred shakes her head. "No, Angel, it wasn't you. And nobody got hurt, and the curse is all broken now. You're free."

Angel nods and then looks at Fred, slowly absorbing what she said. "Did you just say free? As in no happiness clause? As in me and happy are now a ok thing to merge?"

Fred nods. "Yep. All happiness merge-y is ok. And Wes double-checked with all his mystical stuff. The curse is completely gone."

Angel stands up and rubs his face with a _expression of total disbelief. "Are you sure, sure I mean I can't take chances not like I have anyone to take them wiiiith...oh my god." Angel turns around and looks at Fred with an _expression of fear and nervousness.

"Yes, I'm sure. And what?"

Angel leans against the desk and sighs and rubs his face continuously. "Then no one saw. If no one saw I don't have to talk about it...god damn Angelus anyway..god damn it!!"

"Oh....that." Fred blushes. "Well, there was a surveillance camera. And someone had to watch to make sure Spike didn't get hurt."

Angels back freezes and he peeks between his hands and whispers, "Fred did you see?"

"Y-y-y-yeah, I did. And heard. And I think Gunn got a quick peek." Fred is beet-red now.

Angel growls and picks up a beaker and throws it against a wall. "God damn it ...fuck ..fuck .. fuck..." He holds up his hands and paces. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry it's just I don't know..Fred do you need me or can I go?"

Fred winces a little as he breaks the beaker. "Sure go ahead. I just wanted to make sure you were okay and that you knew what happened."

Angel nods. "I know believe me I do....ok thanks. If you need me let me know."

Angel storms out and gets in his elevator and punches the wall two times. He cannot believe Angelus did all that. He fucked Spike over and over and over so many ways...fuck. He needed a shower...damn it. He needed to think. The doors open and he peels off the pants, walks into

the shower. Turning it on the hottest setting, he stands underneath the spray letting it wash over him, setting his head against the wall.

Spike was drunk. He was very, very drunk. And he had been watching the DVD's for hours. And he had finally worked up the courage to go talk to the wanker. He walks into the penthouse using the card key he stole. He hears the shower running. *Perfect. All I need is the vision of him naked to make this a complete soul-scarring painful mess.* He stands outside the shower and waits for Angel to notice his presence.

Angel grabs the washcloth and washes his face. When he feels him he knew this was coming he was just hoping not so soon. He un-tenses his back and says casually, "Go away Spike."

"Fuck you, ponce. Do you have any fucking idea how much I fucking gave up so you could have your lousy fucking stinking soul back?"

Angel snorts and keep his back to Spike, "No but why do I feel like your gonna tell me anyway."

"You're a rat bastard, Angel. You remember what he did, what he said, what I said. I fucking gave up love for you. And he told me you love me too, that you dream about me, wank off to thoughts of me. Is it true?"

Angel tosses the rag to the corner of the stall and says coldly, "No, Spike, it isn't. Now go away." And then he turns off the water and grabs a towel.

Spike shrugs off his duster he is naked beneath it. "Do you mean if I came over and touched you now your cock wouldn't twitch? Could you look me in the eyes and tell me that it was all lies, what he said?" Spike moves to within arm's reach of Angel.

Angel growls low and still keeps his back to Spike. "I'm not playing with you Spike. Leave me the fuck alone, I'm not in the mood." He steps around Spike and starts to leave the bathroom.

Spike turns and follows him, and runs a bit, gathering speed and momentum and knocks him down onto the bed. Spike is on top of him and caresses his nipples and captures his mouth in a rough and drunken kiss.

Angel bucks him off and flips him on the bed. He towers above him and punches him in the face. "Are you out of your fucking mind Spike? I said I wasn't in the fucking mood." He is panting and his eyes flicker.

Spike looks down at his towel, which covers a definite bulge. "Your friend says different. But if you'd prefer to fight, I can do that too." He punches Angel in the face and then pinches his nipples.

Angel snarls and holds down Spikes hands. "Knock it the fuck off, Will. I don't feel anything. I don't love you. Get over it and move the fuck on. You’re just a convenient fuck to Angelus-- that’s it, that’s all! I don't fucking give a damn about you."

Spike looks steadily at him. "You called me Will. You never call me Will. That's only from back then...from when I was his beautiful boy. I don't believe you, Angel. You won't even look me in the eye. You hold me down and your whole fucking body betrays how you feel." He semi-struggles, rubbing himself against Angel.

Angels growls loudly and grabs Spike face, looking right at him, pinning him down tight with his body. "Look you stupid insolent bastard! Look! What do you see? Do you see love? Do I love you?" Angel is breathing so hard even though he never does and he is shaking.

Spike looks at him, dropping his barriers, until his eyes are pure blue pools of naked soul. "Yes, I see love. And if you look you will see love too."

Angel looks into Spikes eyes and he sees the love. He shakes his head and whispers, "You love Angelus, not me, Will. That’s why you can look at me like that. ‘Cause you love him and I resemble him head to toe."

Spike shakes his head. "You forget, I've got a soul too. And the difference isn't as great as you pretend. You and he are part of each other; just like Will and Spike are part of each other in me. I've spent all these years hating you because I thought when you got the soul you stopped loving me. But when I got my own soul back...god, the love all came back too. Why the fuck do you think I've stayed here now that I have my own body back?"

Angel loosens his hold and shrugs his shoulder. "I don't know why...why?"

"Because I love you, you clueless ape. Because I keep hoping you'll wake up and realize you love me too. All our fighting and bickering and competing... we just are working to deny what we feel."

Angel takes a breath and rubs his fingers over Spikes lips. "I ........I.......Love you, Will. I have from the moment I laid my eyes onyou as Angelus. I adore you more than anything and anyone."

Spike looks up at him, and pulls himself up close. He whispers in Angel's ear. "I love you...always and forever." He moves down and licks over the bite mark on Angel's neck. "Mine." he says.

Angel shivers and holds Spike tightly and licks his mark on Spikes neck then nods. "Yours.......are you mine?"

"All yours. Just claim me. Say the word." Spike's body is taut and shivering.

Angel positions his mouth over his mark. "You claim me and I claim you together or not at all alright?"

Spike nods, and whispers, "Yes." He puts his mouth over his mark. "Together or not at all."

Angel pierces down at the same time Spike does and it's the most delicious feeling in the world. He sucks and sucks taking while at the same time giving to Spike. He grows so hard and begins to thrust slightly against Spikes hip. He retracts his fangs and licks his mark. "Mine."

Spike bites in, tasting the fantastic rich dark blood again. He swells and twitches against Angel's stomach. He pulls back and licks Angel's neck. "Mine."

Angel laughs. "Now that we got that out of the way… What do you suggest we do now?" Angel leans down and kisses Spike softly.

Spike kisses back, more passionately. "I think we should shag our brains out."

Angel humms and drops his legs between Spike’s, spreading his slightly. "Good idea I've thought about it shagging your brains out in my bed with you moaning my name beneath me but Angelus told you that already."

Angel trails his hand down and strokes Spikes perineum teasing down to his asshole then back up.

Spike moans, and then moves his mouth down to one of Angel's nipples and sucks and bites. His hands trail down to touch Angel's hard cock.

Angel moans when Spike does and he bites his wrist and collects some blood on his fingers; then pushes his wet fingers against Spikes quivering hole and pushes through gently. He moves them around and stretches slowly thrusting back and forth, moving deeper and deeper.

Spike gasps when the fingers invade him. He looks into Angel's eyes. "This is the first time...soul to soul... that we do this. I want it to be everything that you desire...everything you've dreamed of in the cold and lonely nights..." He continues to stroke and gently squeeze Angel's hard, huge dick.

Angel moans out loud and nods and whispers in Spikes ear. "It will be but I want you to be happy too...I just want you beneath me...I want to be inside you and look in your beautiful eyes. I want to make you crazy for me for a change. I want it to be my name you holler. I want to feel your

legs surrounding me. I just want you so bad." Angel continues to stretch Spike as he talks in his ear driving him crazy.

Spike nods. "As you wish. Ooooo, I love saying that." He chuckles. He moves his hands from Angel's cock to put them around Angel's neck. He pulls his body tight against Angel and rubs himself up and down Angel's muscular torso. Their hard cocks touch each other and the contact is electric.

Angel rubs himself along Spike a couple more times, reveling in the feeling. Then he whispers desperately, "I need to be inside you Will. Please? I want you to guide me. Take me inside you please?"

Spike says nothing, but wraps one leg around the small of Angel's back and arches his hips. He reaches down and grabs Angel's cock and slowly guides it to his nether hole. He wiggles just a bit until the head is inside him. Then he wraps the other leg around Angel's back and slowly

impales himself, wriggling, onto Angel's immense dick. He purrs and moans as he does so.

Angel pants and stops movement for a second, just reveling in their first real union since they both received souls. He shakes and lays his head on Spike’s shoulder. His body wracks. It appears as if he is crying.

Spike holds Angel's face. He looks into his eyes and then slowly and carefully licks the tears from his face. "More precious than any blood. This moment is real, Angel. It can last as long as you desire, until you know it's not going away."

Angel nods and kisses Spike then proceeds to move. Slowly and carefully at first, but making sure to hit Spike’s prostate each time. "I know. I know it's real. It's better than anything I ever felt in my life. Will, I love you so much I just wanna make you happy. I wanna bring you so much

pleasure." Angel angles his hips and thrusts deeper.

Spike’s purring gets louder and he gasps as Angel strokes into him hard and deep. "Don't worry. I don't think that will be a problem." He pulls himself against Angel in time with his movements, so they are meeting hard. Spike's cock is rubbed between their stomachs.

Angel begins to feel his climax building at Spike’s words and he reaches down and takes Spike’s erection in his hands. He begins to tug with his strokes inside him, trying to bring off Spike with him. "I'm so close Baby so close cum with me."

Spike shudders at the feel of Angel's large hand on him. He begins to pant and moan as he comes closer and closer to coming. He locks eyes with Angel so that he can see every bit of love and pleasure echoing there. Spike wasn't used to getting the extra stimulation and couldn't hold out. He comes, spurting onto their stomachs and grinding hard against Angel. His eyes are full and dark blue with his bliss.

"That’s my Boy I love you so much." Angels tips over humping rapidly and groaning his pleasure. He is holding Spike so close that if he was human he would‘ve crushed him. Then he drops on tops of him panting and holding him.

Spike was happily surrounded by Angel flesh. *Good thing I don't need to breathe, though.* He continues to purr in deep contentment. He is under Angel's chest so he licks and sucks at one of Angel's nipples.

Angel laughs and rolls off Spike but gathers him close* "Don't Will too sensitive I feel like mush as it is...that was… well when I think up a word I'll let you know."

Spike chuckles. "Sorry, Angel. I'm grabby, I know. I like to touch and feel and suck and lick all the time."

He curls up against Angel, resting his head on Angel's chest. "I love how you smell, I love how you taste, I love how you feel.... I love you."

Angel kisses the top of Spikes head. "I love you too. I'm gonna have to tell everyone. Do you care that they know? Buffy is gonna find out someday."

Spike looks back defiantly. "No, I don't care. I take that back, I do care. I *want* everyone to know. And Buffy never really was in love with me anyway. It's you she's going to be upset about."

Angel holds up his hands in surrender. "Ok, ok…I just wanted to make sure you knew..and Buffy and me… I just know she and me were never built for the long run. I mean she’s not the one I was meant to spend my eternity with...I have that someone with me now."

Spike's blue eyes fair vibrate with intensity as he stares at Angel. "Eternity. You really mean it? Now and forever?"

Angel nods and grabs Spikes chin making him look at him. "From the moment I saw you, I risked my unlife to be with you. I knew from the second you looked at me from those glasses that my life, love and happiness lay in you...that hasn't changed. You’re still the one I cherish and adore, the one I worship and covet. You are my everything, William. You will always be my everything."

It is now Spike's turn to cry. Big tears begin to pour out of his eyes as he kisses Angel. "I never thought I would hear the words. You know my heart but I'll say it again anyway. You were my first real love, the man who made me crazy for him with just a glance. And that has never changed,

and will never change. I adore you, Angel, and I want you always and forever."

Angel hugs Spike and runs his fingers through his hair. "You have me and you'll never be with out me again. I'm yours and you’re mine...together or nothing for eternity" Angel cuddles down into the bed and pulls Spike close spooning him and bringing the covers over them. "Sleep now my beautiful boy tomorrow we start out our eternity together the right way."

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