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Truth or Consequences A/S NC-17

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TITLE: Truth or Consequences
AUTHORS: Pet and Salustra
SUMMARY: An answer to GhostForge’s Anniversary Challenge #4, which starts: When Angel is poisoned; only blood from his Lineage can cure him...
PAIRING: Angel/Spike

Spike closes his eyes to avoid crying again. "Yeah. I'm stubborn that way. You can hate me for that all you want. Been watching your face for the past hour though and I'm not sorry I did it." He voice is still soft but a little tremulous.
Angel chuckles but it has no mirth. He takes the mug out when the microwave beeps and he brings the mug to Spike, holding it out. "Yeah, the one with the angelic face. Have to say not so fond of that anymore. Here drink."
Spike reaches out and takes the mug, somehow knowing where Angel's hands are without looking. He sips the warm blood. "Yeah, well call me a bloody nancy-boy if you like but I wouldna missed it."
Angel pulls a plush chair forward close to the coffee table, separating him from Spike on the couch. He sits leaning back and propping his feet up on the coffee table. He doesn't lounge often if at all, but he will for this. Better to be as relaxed as possible for what he knows will be his finest story of just how much a bastard-- as Spike likes to call him-- he is. "So where to begin?" Angel sighs and continues. "I guess the beginning is best. The first...the start. Do you remember the first time you saw me?"
Spike's eyes open finally. "The day I was turned. When I bumped into you and yelled at you."
Angel nods and looks intently into Spike’s eyes. "Yes, good. Now, the real question here. The one you really need to ask yourself, is when did I first see you?"
Now Spike sits up, alert, inquisitive. "When?"
"A long time before that day, Will. Two hundred and seventy seven years and I know exactly the day the month, the year. But trust me I knew you, before Drusilla even laid her eyes upon you I knew you."
Spike breathes out noisily. "Why? How?"
"Why? You know why, Will. How...clearly by accident. You were with your Mother and Father at a function. Darla, Drusilla, and I were hunting like usual. We were at a function across the street. The chances of that were rare at best. A party across from a party, but everything with you and I since that day—well, you know how that goes. I had fed and dropped my victim as I did then-- hunting was becoming tedious and boring. I longed to move and I had implored Darla for weeks just for that thing. I'm glad she didn't or else I wouldn't of saw the dirty blonde-haired boy sitting by a window with his glasses, looking meek and shy and all alone. I wouldn't have been sucked into your vacuum. I would’ve never admitted to that then. That, that was what happened. But, I can now. Then I chalked it up to being devilishly curious and extremely addicted to innocence and purity," Angel says, talking sure and slow, taking great care.
Spike's eyes widen. "If Father was still alive...then...four years, at least. I was eighteen when he died."
Angel nods and looks away towards the window. "Yeah about that. Do you remember how he died?"
Spike nods. "Yeah…beaten to death. The police figured it was a mugging gone bad, must've fought back."
Angel looks back and shakes his head a bit, saying softly, "No, actually-- he didn't have a chance to."
Realization hits Spike. "Ohhh." He sits for a minute. "Did me a favor, I guess. He used to hit me mum. I hated him for it."
"I know, I knew everything. For all those years, if I couldn't watch I had someone watching. I knew you loved your Mom but I was soulless and driven and as long as he never touched you, I let him be for your sake. But...but when that minion ran to me and said there was trouble. Telling me his argument with you was going further and escalating to the point of one of your father’s arguments with your mother before he would hit her. I never ran so hard or so fast in my unlife to your home. I got there in time to see him hit you. He left shortly there after. He didn't get far. He went down a side street and I caught him off guard-- beat him until he died then beat him some more for clarity. I never saw a darker red than I did that night. All because he dared to hit you...ONCE...once was all it took."
Spike shivers. "I remember that argument. I was eighteen and I was going to be a man and stand up and get him to stop beating Mother. I thought it was divine intervention when he ended up dead the same night. Guess I was a manner of speaking. You always did say you were my only God." He swallows hard. "You were already that obsessed over me?"
Angel leans forward now and clasps his hands together, looking at them. "I was obsessed from the minute I saw first saw you in a window. It grew steadily each and every day. Will, you have no idea. That’s why I say that. That you have no idea just how much I did to have you."
"So give me a bloody idea. You've most certainly gotten my attention with that little opener," Spike says.
Angel stands now, walking over to the liquor stand, pouring himself a glass of whiskey, tipping it back, then pouring himself another, and then he comes back and sits. He takes unneeded breath, then begins. "Well, you know about how far back it was, four years. You know about your father’s death. Did you ever wonder about the mysterious money or gifts you and your Mother received-- the clothes, the furniture, the wads of bills that just appeared disguised as charity?"
Spike shakes his head. "No. I was a bloody useless poet spending my time mooning over a girl who couldn't have cared less about me. Just took it as providence providing for us. Thought maybe it was some of Mum's relatives propping her up without wanting to take credit for it."
Angel shakes his head. "No, wasn't them-- say hello to your provider." Angel tips the whiskey glass in Spike’s direction, then slams it back. "And then there’s that, of course."
"There's what?" Spike asks, puzzled.
Angel leans back again, propping his feet back on the coffee table. "Well, Cecily of course, Will. How do you think she knew about you? About how you felt everything, your poems, your love for her?"
"From my poems, of course. Couldn't have been any plainer or more obvious about it." Spike sits and looks over at Angel. "You had a hand in that too?"
Angel’s eyes flared now with a fire that if Spike looked close enough, he would know was the very fire of jealousy. That was what used to stoke in Angelus’ eyes every time young William transformed into a new version just to spite him once things began to sour once Darla had found out. And this new creature Spike would parade and mock and do anything to cause Angelus to roar his anger to the rafters-- which more often than not were shows of rubbing and flirting with men or women to get his very deepest demons seething. "Yes I did. You fell in love with a stupid, ugly, uptight girl who would never love you, never treat you with the tiniest amount of respect. She thought she was so much better than you were. She would’ve rather spit in your face than speak kind words. So one night I had come upon her walking with some friends on the way home from a function and I had used my wiles on her. Then I had showed her one of your many poems about her. I had told her how you loved her so she would confront you and finally speak her mind about how she felt about you. She did as predicted at that party. I was ready for you then anyway. It was time, I laid the pieces, and she did her part I had already set the stage with Drusilla putting her mind just where I needed it to be. When you left crying and weeping you fell into my trap-- right into me. She saw you just as I knew she would and she remembered my words just as I knew she would. Then there’s the end. Do you want to hear the end?"
Spike nods, his voice a mixture of awe and amazement as he says, "Yes. I very much bloody would."
Angel taps the side of his glass as he speaks the last of the tale. "Okay, then the end it is. As you remember, Drusilla had followed you into that alley. She had spoke to you, did her little show, and promised you so many fine things. You remember her biting you, drinking-- but that’s where it ends for you. That’s how it was perfect for me. Because it was all orchestrated, Will. I had taken Darla to a prime feeding ground and as she toddled off to find her meal, I ran back down the road and into that alley. I made Drusilla stop. I had her cut her wrist I told her to wipe it on your lips and she did and I said viola lass-- you made a Childe. Now go on, find Darla, and I'll take care of dear William.' She had kissed me and clapped and talked about her soon-to-be Prince and ran to do as I bid her. As soon as she was gone, I bit into your neck, drank until you were almost dead, then I bit my wrist, and fed you and you died. My Childe-- as I planned, as I wanted. The rest you know."
Spike sits, absorbing, nodding. "Yeah. Yeah. All but the important question---the big one. Why didn't you tell me? Was I such a disappointment? Good enough to be a lover but never a Childe?" Spike's voice is raw with emotion and his eyes red-rimmed as he looks up at Angel.
"I didn't tell you for the same reason we hid our love affair from Darla, Will. If she had found, out I had made another childe. God, she probably would have staked me after she killed you horribly. I infuriated her wrath with Drusilla. I couldn't dare do that again but I did. I risked everything for you from start to finish. I did it all behind her back and it wasn't easy. Then eighteen years later I got a Soul and I didn't want to be near you because of the guilt-- so why would I tell you when I was disgusted with myself for doing everything I did to you to begin with. Then all this time passes and here we are hating each other and what was the use to spit it out?"
"You never got it, did you? Why I fight with you like this? Why I give you shit every single day? If I *hate* you so much what am I still doing here, in Los Angeles, spending every day with you?"
Angel stands and holds out his arms. "Like you said, Will. Revenge, punishment. You want me to pay for it, all of it. You having to be without me for so long. Me walking out on you without the why. When I popped back up how I ignored and treated you so poorly right before disappearing again. Then again-- by then you knew about the soul. Then there was the soulless period where you got the crazy psycho. So, I guess I figured just that. You’re making me pay for it, your pain. I get it, I understand it, and I deserve it. Now you have saved me from death to suffer just a bit more. It's poetic." Angel points to the boxes on the floor. "Those are things I collected when you were human. Clothes, poems your threw out. They belong to you." Angel sets the glass down, picks up the decanter of Whiskey, and starts to walk to his room. "There’s your story Will, as I promised, now take your things and get out."
"No. That's not why and you're going to listen to me at least once before I go. All I wanted...all I've ever wanted, my whole bloody for you to be proud of me. To think I was worthy. But, you always made it clear, with the little jibes, how unworthy you thought I was. 'Oh, you'll have to forgive William, he's a little dim.' 'Oh, you'll get the hang of fighting eventually, boy, even if you'll never be up to my standards.' Then when we met back in didn't even have enough respect for me to figure I'd smell your damn soul. I guess 'cause you fooled me on that sub. You musta busted a gut laughing over that one. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, it'll never be good enough. I *died* saving the world and your only response was, 'Come back when you've done it a few more times.' I've stayed here hoping I could somehow make you see, but you're never going to see me the way I want you to. I'm never going to be good enough for you. Finding out I was your Childe was just icing on the cake. It let me know to drop my illusions and stop hoping you might change your mind someday. Because you would rather have died than let me know." Hot angry tears pour down Spike's face as he speaks, and his vision blurs so much he can't even clearly see Angel anymore.
Angel stops turns and looks at Spike. He knows that because of Spike’s tears he can’t see him, so he reverts to his brogue. "Will, no matter where ye have been or what I've said, lad, I have always felt the same as the first moment I laid eyes on ye. That ye are perfect beyond measure---beautiful, strong, and true. No one was ever above ye. I had never loved, obsessed, or wanted to possess anything like I did ye. I was proud of ye, I was so proud. Your were my Favored Childe Will. Just because the world never knew didn't matter. I did, Will...I did. I wanted to die because there is no solution to this-- what I kept from you. There’s no fixing it and there’s no forgiving it. Everything I ever said to hurt ye it was only a cover so no one would find out and hurt ye. I never even cared about my dying." Angel grabs the doorknob. His brogue drops and it's his normal voice again "But if you need to know and hear it once more I have no trouble saying it. I'm proud of you Will. Everything you've done, everything you went through and been. You are worthy---you've always been worthy. It was never a question." With that, Angel goes into his room, closing the door behind him. The sounds of the shower being started can be heard.
Spike wipes away the tears, breathing deeply in and out, struggling to come to terms with everything that has passed in this room today. Then he pulls the boxes over to him and starts looking through them. Clothes. Old journals. Carefully smoothed bits of paper he had discarded with rough drafts of poems. Finally, the reconstructed bits of the book of poems he was destroying in the alleyway the day he was turned. He just sits there, staring at, picturing Angelus grubbing in the dirt of that alleyway collecting bits of paper. Then Angel...carefully repackaging and carrying these boxes with him everywhere he has wandered. He sets the book down and stands. He walks carefully and quietly into the bathroom and strips off his shirt. Then his boots, then his jeans. Then he quietly slips into the bathroom. Then into the shower, wrapping his arms around Angel from behind and kissing his tattoo.
The soap slips from Angel’s fingers and he freezes. "What are you doing?"
"Forgiving you. You know me, man of action. Figured this would be more persuasive than a lot of words."
"Kissing my tattoo would be more persuasive?" Angel asks, knowing what a dumb stupid question it is, but not daring think anything else.
"For starters." Spike kisses it again and licks it, knowing what that does to him. "There was more to the plan than that, of course. I have a lot of forgiving to do. Probably take hours."
Angel shivers, smiles and chuckles-- then the guilt sets in with the voices. Spike is only doing this because you’re a hero and your friends will be sad if you turn into yourself and become useless. This is nothing more than pity. Angel takes the arms off his waist and turns, looking at Spike, his eyes blank. "No, you don't have to do this and I'm not going to let you. This isn't the old days and you don't owe me anything. We don't have to fight anymore, we can be friends but not this Spike, not this." Angel turns off the shower, grabs a towel, and starts to towel off.
"So those boxes were just nostalgia, then?" Spike says, swallowing hard. "You've really stopped loving me?" Spike steps out of the shower. "Stupid me. Guess I really *am* a moron." He starts to walk back into the bedroom to get his clothes, not stopping to dry himself.
Angel runs out and grabs his arm, turning him around to look at him. "Why do you do that? I never said that did I. I never said I didn't lov..." Angel trails off, grabs Spike’s other arm, and pulls him a bit closer, resuming. "I never said you were a moron, I kept those things because I wanted them. They are more than nostalgia."
"Are they? I walked in here because I thought... maybe... maybe that you'd kept them for so long because you still had feeling for me. That maybe we could make everything right again and stop hurting each other. So I walk in and lay my fucking heart out, like a fool, and you tell me it's not possible. That we can't be that way again? I may be stubborn Angel but even *I am* not that stubborn. I mean, a bloke walks in naked and throws himself at you and you tell him to get out, that pretty much means you don't want him."
Angel growls and pulls Spike closer. "Why does everything have to be about you? What Spike feels, what Spike wants, how Spike was wronged? Did you ever stop to think that I might be afraid? That it has nothing to do with how much I want you. Because trust me Will I want you. I want you all the time; it’s a catalyst to most of our arguments nowadays so I can cover. I do still have feelings for you, endless goddamn feelings, and I’m just fucking scared. I've done it all wrong, everything and I'll do this wrong too. I've told you everything-- spilled my guts out-- and I could spill my heart out just as easily with three words. Then you have all the power, and when you decide you don't love me anymore-- if you even do, or you’re going to finally really pay me back. I have nothing and I'm truly dead. So yeah, the mighty Angelus is scared. You happy?"
"No. No I'm not," Spike says softly. "So how can I prove it to you? That I love you…that I never stopped loving you, not for one damn minute. That I dreamed about you every damn night after you left. That I still dream about you. How can I prove it? Tell me and I'll do it."
"You don't have to prove it to me and even if you did I don't know how. At least you can say it. Me-- I've always felt it and I've never said it." Angel sighs and moves to the bed. Sitting on it, he runs his hand through his hair. "And all I want to do is say it. Proof is minor for god sakes-- when humans need proof they marry for god’s sake. Vampires-- we mate...Angel trails off.
Spike moves in then, wet, naked, smiling, eyes glistening. "So *that* would be proof, then? Mating?"
Angel swallows and looks up at Spike and squeaks out, "Maybe."
Spike climbs onto Angel's lap, straddling him, wrapping his arms around his neck. He moves his mouth up to kiss Angel gently and then whispers against his lips. "Maybe. So are you saying *that* is what you want?"
Angel shudders with the feel of Spike’s skin against his, and he whispers, "You’re trying to distract me with skin and touches. Maybe...maybe that means there's a definite way to prove it...but...but do you want to I mean...everything we've been through. This is a big step, Will."
"Let me ask you some more questions first and we'll see. I've already told you I never stopped loving you. Is there *any* time that you didn't want to be with me?"
Angel tilts his head and looks into Spike’s eyes. "When I got my soul I made myself believe I didn't want to be with you. It was a lie---just like all the hate I've professed to having, all the disdain. I made myself believe I did, but I didn't truly mean it. But this question runs deeper doesn't it?"
"Yeah...go with me. Ever have long as a week pass without thinking about me?"
Angel's eyebrow quirks* "No, I always think about you in some way or another-- always."
"Okay, so let's sum things up-- you think I'm perfect, you said it…beautiful, strong and true. No one was above me. I'm your favorite childe. You never loved, obsessed, or wanted to possess anything like me. You've always wanted to be with me. You've never stopped thinking about me. I've always loved you, worshipped you, respected and craved your respect above all others, dreamed about you, thought about you, and wanted you. So the question is less should we get mated than why the bloody hell aren't we mated already?" Spike grins, his eyes dancing.
Angel smiles. "Stupidity maybe?"
Spike laughs aloud. "Or stubbornness. So yes. Yes, bloody buggering hell yes I want to mate with you. There, I said it. So now, it's up to you. Do *you* want to mate with me?"
Angel straightens, takes a deep unneeded breath, and looks at Spike lovingly. "Something else first, okay?"
Spike nods. "Okay. Shoot."
Angel nods and lifts his hands to cup Spike’s face. "I love you." Then he leans over, kisses Spike softly, then chants against his lips. "I love you, I love you, I love you Will."
Spike purrs happily and looks into Angel's eyes. "Been waiting over 120 years to hear that. It was worth the sodding wait. I love you, Angel."
"Okay now I can answer that question yes, yes Spike I want to Mate with you. I want you to be completely mine in all ways finally as it should be."
Spike shivers and his eyes glow as he looks at Angel. "If I still had a heart it would probably give out from everything that has happened today---from the pits of despair to the pinnacle of ecstasy. So when do you want to do it?"
Angel looks at the invisible watch on his wrist. "What are you doing in five seconds?"
Spike laughs and grins. "Apparently getting mated."
Angel laughs hard, flips Spike to the bed, and grins down at him. "Sounds like a plan to me." He calms, reaches out, and strokes down Spike’s face. "I love you, my beautiful boy."
Spike sighs happily and touches the side of Angel's face and replies with a voice full of love, "And I love you, my Sire."
Angel rolls his eyes dramatically, but the warm smile never leaves his face. "You’re so sappy." Then Angel is on the bed; the towel thrown aside, his body hovering over Spike as he looks into his eyes. "Say it again for me."
"I love you, my Sire," Spike says, purring hard.
Angel grins, purrs and rubs his face along Spike’s. He reaches over to the nightstand, opens the drawer, and takes out the bottle of lube. He opens it and covers his fingers as he whispers in Spike’s ear, "Spread your legs for me, Will."
Spike spreads his legs apart and strokes on Angel's chest. His already half-erect cock is hardening fast. "Still Will? Still your beautiful boy?"
Angel nods and kisses Will’s ear, then his nose, then his lips, as his fingers reach down and start tracing around his hole. "Still Will, still my beautiful boy, always my beautiful boy."
Spike moans and his hands continue to stroke down Angel's body, finally brushing across his cock.
Angel's eyes flutter and he presses his finger against Spike’s hole and starts to push it inside gently.
Spike hisses in pleasure. "Mmmm...too damn long since I felt that. Entirely too damn long." He wraps the fingers of one hand around Angel's cock and strokes across the head with the other.
Angel moans now as he joins another finger with the first inside Spike. He thrusts and stretches them as he looks into Spike’s eyes. " control already wavering."
Spike groans and shivers. "Want me to stop?"
Angel shakes his head firmly. "Don't you dare. It's just how much I want you. Please don't stop."
Spike nods. "Didn't really want to stop. Feels so good to touch you again." His hand starts stroking up and down Angel's cock, slowly, and gently.
"I can relate, trust me." Angel says as he pushes a third finger inside Spike and brushes them over his prostate.
Spike cries out and arches against Angel. "Yes!"
"God I missed that, do it again for me." Angel says as he rubs his fingers slowly over Spike’s prostate now.
Spike arches hard against Angel. "Angel!" he cries out. "Damn. Almost forgot how good it was when you did that."
Angel hums, kisses Spike, and removes his fingers, lining up slowly, pushing inside Spike after so long, and panting needlessly as he revels in the ecstasy of it. "Oh god, Will."
Spike clings to Angel now, kissing and licking his neck, his hard cock rubbing against Angel's stomach. "Home. You came home."
Angel whispers, his eyes clear and open as he starts to move slowly back and forth, "I came home baby boy...I came home."
Spike wraps his legs around Angel's hips, hooking his ankles together at the small of Angel's back. He pulls against Angel, wanting him deeper, wanting him as far inside as he can possibly be. "Only yours. Never was anyone else. When a god touches you-- you don't go back to mortals."
Angel's eyes glisten and he moves harder, deeper wanting as well what Spike wants, the words spurring him, making his heart sing. He reaches between them and grasps Spike’s cock in his fist and he starts to pump in time. "And when you touched me I never loved anyone else, no matter what-- I never really loved anyone like you. You’re everything to me...forever. You’re my forever."
Spike nods, whispering almost reverently, "Always and forever."
Angel's movements begin to become erratic and he whispers, "Soon baby boy, soon, we have to do this soon. At the same time we bite each other okay?"
Spike nods. "Yes." He shifts into gameface and waits.
Angel shifts into gameface. "Now."
Angel and Spike slide their fangs into each other throats at the same time, moving perfectly together. They can feel the teeth penetrate as they begin to drink the blood of the other, Sire and Childe. At the same time, they come, exploding in bliss, moving together as one, and the bond between them has never been stronger or more glorious. The moment seems to last forever until finally their orgasms are done and they pull out their fangs together, quickly licking the wounds closed.
Angel just lays on top of Spike then, wrapping his arms around as much of him as he can and he whispers, completing the bond, "Mine."
Spike nods. "Yours." Then he looks more deeply into Angel's eyes. "Mine."
Angel nods. "Yours."
Spike kisses Angel then, softly, tenderly, and passionately. He doesn't do anything but kiss him for a long, long time. He finally pulls back. "Mated now. Happy?"
"Yeah, really *intensely* happy." Angel looks up then and grins, saying mockingly, "Should I be scared?" Then he looks outside and acts scared. "Don't think it will rain, do you?"
"Better not. I'd hate to have to stake you," Spike grins.
Angel gets a look in his eyes as they start to sparkle he sits up and covers his mouth halfway, looking back and forth. "Oh no, oh no we must prevent this. Quick, give me the lube." Angel holds out his hand and shakes it frantically, his face filled with amusement.
Spike raises an eyebrow and hands him the lube. "Here you go. Planning to fuck me some more to prevent it?"
Angel opens the lube; his face now getting that 'I'm about to do a evil deed’ look. He pours it onto Spike’s cock and starts to stroke. Once Spike’s cock starts to grow hard Angel levers himself over him, guides Spike's cock to his hole and starts to push down, panting out as he lowers. "No, I plan for you to stake me to prevent it."
Spike's eyes get wide. "Sire. You know. You Sire. Me childe. Uhhh... isn't this sort of thing against all sorts of bloody Lore and rules and everything?"
Angel keeps moving until Spike is completely seated inside him and he rolls his eyes playfully. "You’re inside me and this is what you think about? We’re mated, equals in everything. Now are you going to take advantage or ape speak me some more? Let me worry about lore."
Spike closes his eyes and swallows hard. "Okay, mate. Just a little much to wrap my mind around all at once. It's not like my cock is disagreeing." He starts moving in and out of Angel, starting slowly, moaning in bliss. "Fuck... so fucking tight. This is some secret plan, right, mate with me, then kill me with your sweet tight ass."
Angel laughs and moans all at once as he wraps his arms around Spike’s shoulders. "Damn no, but that’s a good one-- wished I would’ve thought of it."
Spike chuckles. "Okay. I've definitely performed a miracle now. I'm fucking you *and* made you laugh, all at the same time." He presses harder and faster, working deeper so that he hits the prostate.
Angel’s arms tighten and he jerks, screaming, "FUCK ME!!"
Spike can't help it. He laughs. "Pretty much thought that was what I *was* doing." He thrusts up hard again, repeatedly, hitting the prostate repeatedly.
Angel slaps Spike’s head as he sets his own on Spike’s shoulder, panting out, "Idgit...oh god…oh my god...harder...harder Will."
Spike pulls his knees up to get more leverage as he thrusts harder and deeper still, starting to slam into Angel's ass. He chuckles internally. I'm fucking...he's still in charge. As it should be.
Angel cries out in ecstasy and he threads his hand in Spike’s hair, pulling and flexing his fingers in it.
Spike arches his neck and then moves his hand down between them, gripping Angel's cock. He starts to stroke, knowing he himself won't manage to last much longer in Angel's tight ass at this pace.
"Oh no...oh...oh Will...too good need to...oh god come. Come now...with me...with me!" Angel screams as he bucks, his internal muscles tightening as he comes hard.
Spike comes at the same time, shooting deep into Angel, his eyes rolling back in sheer pleasure. "Angel...!"
Angel slumps into Spike and he starts to laugh again.
"What's so funny?" Spike asks.
Angel says between giggles* "Who knew staking could be so fun."
Spike loses it then, dissolving into fits of giggles, not stopping until he finally yawns.
Angel laughs with him, never feeling so happy and able to laugh like this since he was human. When Spike yawns, he moves off him, groaning a bit at the loss. He rolls onto his side and holds out his arms. "Come here, Childe. Come to your Sire."
Spike scoots over into Angel's arms. "This is familiar." He purrs as he settles against him.
Angel hums as he covers them up with a blanket. He throws his arm over Spike’s waist, pulling him tight against him and nuzzling his face into Spike’s hair. "It is...sleep now, Will. I love you."
"I love you," Spike says sleepily as he nestles in, licking Angel's neck. He slowly drifts off to sleep, still purring.
Angel falls asleep close behind, lulled by Spike’s purring.
Spike wakes up the next morning, held tightly against Angel. He grins and purrs. Some things never change. It was definitely a good thing that he didn't need to breathe. He decides to wake Angel up the old-fashioned way and starts licking his neck.
Angel hums and smiles as he opens his eyes. "Good morning you. Sleep good?"
"Better than I have in ages. Never did learn to sleep well alone." Spike purrs and rubs his head against Angel's chest.
Angel kisses the top of Spike’s head. "Me too, having you against me, listening to you purr. I didn't know how much I missed it til I had it again."
Spike smiles. "Guess I need to move out of my little apartment soon then. ‘ Cause I don't intend to sleep alone again if I can bloody well help it."
Angel tightens his arms around Spike, his voice firm. "We’re mated and together again. You will not live in the rat hole. I'll help you move today after work. Which reminds me-- we have to shower and dress. The guys will be waiting for a meeting soon."
Spike nods. "Totally there with you. But you'll kinda have to let me go first before we can shower and dress." He grins and kisses Angel.
Angel sighs and lets go of Spike. "Well if I have to okay."
Spike smiles and cocks an eyebrow wickedly. "There's always showering together. Save time that way." He chuckles.
Angel chuckles evilly. "You’re wicked, William."
"I am. So is that a yes or a no?"
Angel's voice reverts to his brogue. "Are ye suddenly forgetting who I am lad?"
Spike giggles. "Right." He gets up and starts sauntering to the bathroom, shaking his ass provocatively.
Angel laughs. "There now, lad, you’re getting it." He gets up and follows.
Spike plays with all the knobs, getting the temperature just right as Angel slides in behind him. "Now *this* is right decadent, mate. Six shower-heads and fortunately, plenty of room."
Angel hands go right to Spike’s ass cheeks, squeezing gently. "You know me. I must have the best of everything. I never settle for less."
Spike moans and he shivers at Angel's touch. "That include me?"
"You better believe it." *Angel says as he collects soap from Spike’s hands into his own, bringing them back to soap his cock and line himself up. "Ready to remind me just how fine a choice I made?"
Spike purrs and nods, leaning forward and bracing against the wall of the shower. "Ohhh...most definitely ready."
Angel leans over to Spike’s ear and whispers as he starts to push inside him, "That’s what I like to hear."
Spike shivers. "Fuck, never get used to that sexy whisper. Does it to me every time." He pushes back against Angel, feeling his massive cock sink deeper and deeper into him.
Angel shudders and grips Spike’s hips. "God, it's good to be reminded."
Spike nods. "Ohhh...fucking yes. Too damn good." He cries out as Angel hits his prostate, his own cock going harder.
Angel grips Spike’s cock and starts a punishing pace. "Love when you make those sounds for me, god I love it. I love you...only you do this to me Will, only you."
Spike moans, whimpers, and pushes back harder against Angel. "And only you do this to me. Damn want you all the way inside me, so deep you can't come out again. Bloody hell I want you so damn much, need you, love you, crave you all the time."
Angel uses his vampire strength now, trying to give Spike what he wants. His cock drives deeper, farther, the excitement spurring him on, the muscles gripping him like a vise as he jerks Spike’s cock hard in his fist. "So good, so tight, mine, all mine."
Spike pushes back with his strength. It is the first time he has been able to truly let go in far too long. "Yours, all yours, oh fuck can't last long like this, too good, too good, so big, hands so good, all this too much..."
"Cum for me Will, cum for me my Childe." Angel whispers, standing on his own precipice.
Spike throws back his head, screaming, "SIRE!" as he comes hard against the tiles, his brain exploding with stars of bliss.
Angel comes with him; his head buried in the center of Spikes back and he shutters and jerks his climax.
After the violence of his climax it takes Spike a while to come back to himself, Angel clinging tightly to him. "Ohhh...hell of a bloody wake-up that was. Feel all ready to face the day now."
Angel nods not trusting his voice just yet as he releases Spike to fall back to his ass. He runs his hands through his hair and finally speaks, his voice scratchy, "Haven't done that in a long time. Need to eat before we leave now. Can't have scratchy animal voice. They'll think I'm soulless."
Spike turns around, eyes flashing. "You could snack off me."
Angel holds out his hand. "Come here then."
Spike moves forward and takes Angel's hand.
Angel pulls Spike down to kneel in front of him. "Tilt your neck."
Spike tilts his neck and purrs in sheer pleasure. "Yours," he whispers.
Angel kneels up and runs his hand over his mark, and he nods, speaking softly, "Yes you are." He then changes to his gameface, moving forward to sniff up the side of Spike’s neck and lick over the mark. His whisper is animalistic now that he is changed, "Mine."
Spike moans and licks his lips. He had no idea how sensitive the marks would be. How just touching them would send jolts of sheer electric bliss through him. "Yours. Yes, fuck, god, yours and only yours." His hands fumble a bit, then his fingers find his mark on Angel's neck, and he strokes gently across it.
Angel purrs, then opens his mouth, and slowly lowers his fangs into Spike’s throat, taking his time, drinking very slowly from Spike’s veins. The slow partaking of blood lets Spike feel everything-- for a human it might be painful, but for another vampire, it's erotic, this slow sucking.
Spike gasps and shivers as Angel drinks from him oh so slowly. "Ohhh...fuck, Angel. Angel my love. Oh this...this...this...yesss." His one hand strokes Angel's mark repeatedly and the other moves back to caress his tattoo. They are both arousing the other almost beyond bearing.
Angel keeps taking until he knows he has to stop. He extracts his fangs and pulls Spike into his lap, lowering him onto his hard cock. He morphs back into his human face and guides Spike to his throat. "Now you drink, baby boy. Just let me be inside you while you do."
Spike nods. He whispers, "I love you Angel." Then he shifts into gameface, sniffing, and licking, smelling his essence in the mark on Angel's throat. It was there, patently obvious to anyone with vampire senses. Proof that Angel belonged to him, the same as Angel's unmistakable scent in his own mark proved he belonged to Angel. "Mine," he purr-growls. Then he slowly sinks his teeth in, like Angel had done him, and starts slowly drinking, all the time impaled on Angel's hard cock.
Angel moans and runs his thumb up the underside of Spike’s cock slowly, "Yours."
Spike keeps sucking, slowly, whimpering in his throat as Angel touches his cock. His hands reach up, stroking Angel's face, his hair, touching tenderly.
"Ummm...I love you," *Angel whispers, keeping his touches sensual and slow, as Spike’s sucks are.
This is slow and sweet as the first joining of the morning was hard and frenzied. Spike’s excitement grows, slowly, and he knows that when he finally lifts out his fangs he will cum again. He strokes his fingers across Angel's lips as his other hand buries itself in his hair.
Angel feels himself growing close without a single tip of his hips inside Spike, and he whispers, his lips brushing Spike’s fingers, "Are you close Will? I'm so close, I want to see your eyes, baby boy-- let me see your eyes."
Spike is pushed that last little bit by Angel's words and he lifts his fangs out, licking quickly and lifting so Angel can see his eyes as he comes.
Angel cries out softly as he comes, right behind Spike, "God you’re so beautiful, I love you."
Spike strokes Angel's face. "You are my handsome, strong God. I love you." He sits there for a while, just touching Angel's face. Finally, he groans. "Damn. We still need to shower and dress and go see everyone, right? We can't just spend the day fucking each other silly?"
Angel shakes his head sadly. "No, we can't. I'm with you though-- it sucks. I promise though, once things have settled, you and I will take a vacation. How does that sound?"
“Heavenly." The two of them get up and shower and dress, stopping periodically to kiss and fondle each other. They can barely manage to keep their hands off each other long enough to get in the elevator to go down.
Gunn taps his fingers against the table. "So do you think they staked each other or maybe one staked the other and the guilty party won't come down to admit?"
Fred gasps and hits Gunn's arm lightly. "Charles don't say things like that."
Wes nods. "Yes, Gunn. I mean, I know they don't get along but I'm sure they just needed recuperation time and time to discuss things amicably. I mean, Spike just found out something Angel has been keeping from him for a long time. I imagine it will be ages until they manage to be comfortable with each other again."
Gunn nods and is about to grow quiet and start humming again when he sees them walking down and smiling. "Or not."
Fred smiles as well when she sees this. They walk in and she notices that on their necks are fresh bites marks and she smiles hugely at them saying softly, "You've found your way."
Spike can't help it. He grins back hugely and chuckles softly. "Got it in one, sunshine."
Wes looks over, confused. "Would someone care to enlighten me?"
Lorne smiles. "So when's the wedding?"
Fred starts to speak as well, but Angel kisses her head, placing his finger over her mouth, then looks to the group. "In Vampire terms it already happened last night. Spike and I have forgiven, forgotten, and moved on. He's my Childe, I’m his Sire, and we are mated. I do not want arguments or complaints or in not so nice terms I'll snap your necks---got it? I'm happy and Will’s happy and you’re going to have to deal with it."
Fred breathes out happily, "I think it's wonderful-- like a fairytale. I'm so happy for you two."
Gunn raises his hands. "Hey, not a word from the black man. Just maybe let me throw you a congrats party my style and I'm good."
Lorne beams. "Been pulling for you two. Glad to see you finally got around to it."
Wes sighs and shrugs. "No argument, no complaint. Congratulations." His face is carefully neutral.
Spike settles down in his usual seat down the other side of Fred.
Angel nods and moves to the head of the table. "Gunn-- you can throw us a party if you wish. Fred, Lorne-- thanks for your support. I knew I would have it. Wes-- why the face?”
Wes sighs again. "I don't wish to throw cold water on your happiness. You certain you wish to hear my opinion?"
Angel nods. "I asked didn't I?"
"You've both just been through an emotional roller-coaster, what with your near-death experience and this sudden revelation, and whatever passed between you two after. It's just that...what if this decision was purely an effect of those strong emotions and you regret it later? Vampire mating is a pretty serious step, as best I understand it, and I would hate to see...repercussions of a hasty decision."
Angel calms his readied nerves. He was ready to snap a neck as promised, friend or no friend, but this, this he can do. "Wes, my and Will’s history together has been nothing but a emotional roller-coster. Just because you just hopped on doesn't mean the world if going to cave from what we did. This actually is a good thing in a slew of bad things. There will be no regretting, no repercussions. I love Will and he loves me—there’s nothing that could go wrong."
Spike smiles over at Wesley. "Yeah, Percy, what he said, so no more worrying, eh?"
Wesley nods. "Well then, on to a somewhat related matter of business. Drusilla is waiting in my office. She came in this morning just before sunrise, demanding to see, and I quote, the remains of her Sire. She said she felt you die yesterday."
Angel's mouth drops and he looks at Wes like he's grown another head.
Gunn holds in a laugh and snaps his fingers in front of Angel’s face.
Fred looks at Wes and places her hand on top of his. "Wesley, maybe you should just bring her in here."
Wesley nods. "I suppose you are right. I'll go retrieve her." He gets up and comes back with Drusilla. She comes in, eyes lowered, face a perfect mask of proper grieving, until she sees Angel. Then she hisses. "I felt you die!"
Angel closes his mouth and quirks an eyebrow, this throwing him a bit. "Sorry to disappoint you."
Drusilla thinks for a second. "Willie healed you. His essence must have covered yours. That's why I didn't feel you." Then her eyes and her senses take in the two of them. " Mated? But... he should hate you, you filthy liar!"
Angel crosses his hands over his chest. "I thought he would. But as usual, Will proved to be a better person again than you or I. But as you can see I'm still undead and kicking, Drusilla. And you don't seem the least bit happy about that and I'm starting to wonder if you had a hand in all this?"
Drusilla moves, snake quick, and grabs Wesley, pulling her to him, her hands ready to snap his neck. "Yes, dear deceitful Daddy, I did."
Spike leaps up. "Drusilla, why?"
Gunn reaches into his briefcase, grabbing a stake, and readies it. Angel holds out his hand and stills him.
Angel then walks forward and speaks softly, "Now Princess, no need for violence, just talk to me. Or at least talk to Will-- you like your Dark Prince."
"Not mine. Never mine. Yours---always yours. I finally figured that out, Daddy. Remembered how you called him William in the alleyway."
Angel curses as he realizes his slip so long ago. He looks to Spike pleadingly to try his hand at it.
Spike starts speaking to Drusilla. "Let Wesley go, Drusilla. He didn't do anything to you."
"NO! Daddy will kill me now, like he tried to do last time. He cares about his little toys. Gotta hold one so I can break it if he comes too close."
Angel walks forward again and holds his hand out. "Princess, please let Wesley go. I'm not going to hurt you, but if you leave me no choice, I will have, too. Give him to me."
"Swear. Swear on William!" Drusilla screams eyes wide. "He's the only thing you care about!"
“I swear, I swear on William, Drusilla. Now give Wesley to me," Angel says.
Drusilla lets him go and pushes him towards Angel, backing up and away. "Bad Daddy. Lying to Princess like that. Bad enough you take my Prince from me make him love you. But, he wasn't even mine. You lied. You used me to hide him from Grandmummy."
Angel looks at Wes. "You okay?"
Wes rubs his neck. "Yes. Sore neck, but I'm fine."
Drusilla stamps her foot. "Typical. Care about your little breakable toys more than Princess."
Angel flashes Drusilla a look, then nods at Wes. "Take Fred, Gunn, Lorne and yourself and take a break. Spike and I will talk to Drusilla."
Wes nods. "Excellent idea." The four of them file out of the office, carefully skirting around Drusilla.
Spike looks over at Drusilla, "Princess, don't be..."
Drusilla cuts him off. "*You* shut up! Traitor! You should hate him for what he did but NOOOOO you *mate* with him!"
Angel sits on the edge of the table and just looks at Dru. When he speaks, it's calm and collected. "Drusilla, none of it matters anymore. It's over and done and cannot be changed. Accept it or don't, but you won't change his mind or mine. I'm sorry you’re hurt, but I made my choice and so did Will. You tried to kill me and it didn't work. You won't get another chance. Forgive or don't your choice."
Drusilla stands, staring at Angel, hate in her eyes. "How did you do it, Daddy? How did you make him love you and not me?"
"I told him the truth. I stopped lying and holding back from him." Angel says simply.
"No. All those years ago when he came out of the ground he was a sweet little kitty, only hungry for my milk. Then you took him from me, Daddy. How did you do that? What nasty little tricks did you use? 'Cause I want to know. I want to be able to make me something all mine, like William was yours."
Angel looks at Spike. "I just loved him, above all things. He is everything to me. I never let him go for all that time and I never let him forget. So that when I was gone I was still inside him even then."
Spike looks back, eyes shining, and nods.
Drusilla cries out, "Damnation on you both. Bad, nasty, cruel men! Bad Daddy, bad Prince! I'll leave you to your nasty tricks, then!" She heads for the door.
Angel watches her go. Knowing this is not the time or century for her forgiveness. Once he can no longer see her he sighs, stands and looks at Spike. "Well-- that could’ve gone better."
Spike shakes his head. "Not really. We were together a century and I never mated with her. Never gave up on you. She has a lot of hate stored up, and her revenge went *about* as wrong as it could possibly have gone. I'm amazed there was no bloodshed."
"Glad there wasn't. Are you okay?" Angel asks.
"Yeah. More than okay. At least we know who did this now, and why. I'll feel better when we know how she managed to get the poison planted, but yeah. Tell you what, though. I really, really don't want to sit through some meetings right now."
Angel walks over and pulls Spike into a hug. "And I'm sure they won't mind if I take the rest of the day off. Lets go back to the penthouse and climb back into bed-- what do you say? Starting to think we should’ve never left it."
Spike kisses Angel hungrily. "Excellent idea, Sire." He grins as they walk back to the elevator. "Say, you think you might need staking again? Just to make sure, of course."
As they walk in and the elevator doors close Angel mock clutches his chest, a grin on his face. "Oh, oh there’s this desperate feeling...oh we must hurry. He may be trying to claw out...oh, oh my."
The sound of Spike's echoing laughter can be heard as the elevator closes.
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