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The Chase Ats A/S NC-17

I know what your thinking. CANON! OMG!! *snicker*
But yes it's true. Totally fun. I swear to you. Read on and enjoy.
*gasp* I'm even putting part of the header up. Who is this strange girl you say?

Title: The Chase
Authors: Pet & Foxhunt2blue
Summary: What happened after Gunn & Angel’s conversation at the end of Destiny. Well wouldn’t you like to know? *web*
Rated: NC-17
Pairing: Angel/Spike

Title: The Chase
Authors: Pet & Foxhunt2blue
Summary: What happened after Gunn & Angel’s conversation at the end of Destiny. Well wouldn’t you like to know? *web*
Rated: NC-17
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Disclaimer: That Mutant Monster owns them, not us. *pouts* We’d take much better care of them though!! Lots of hot man sex!! YEAH!!
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Standing outside Angel's office door Spike listened as Angel and Gunn talked softly. He did love Charlie to death, but the boy was about dense when it came to Mr. Broody Britches. All that 'Whoa is me' was getting stale. He'd seen that light in his sire's eyes earlier when he and the box of flashie had done their tango that was part of the reason he'd decided to do the tango with Harmony. Pissing Angel off had always been his fav past time and it never ceased to amuse him. Lighting up a smoke he strolled to the stairwell then threw a smirk over his shoulder.

"Well, pet, let's see how smart and fast your fat arse is still. Catch me if you can.” He vanished down the stairwell in a swirl of leather, his laughter echoing back.


Gunn glared at Angel, then snorted. "Angel come on I'm tellin' ya it don't mean nothin'. You’re bein' broody. Too broody. Jus' go out and get a drink like Spike right? Will do ya some damn good big guy."

He started to argue, but gave up. He knew Gunn wouldn't let him wallow. Fred or Wes maybe, but not Gunn. He had a tendency to make you feel better even if you didn't do it voluntarily.

With a nod, he walked to his friend, and patted him on the back. "Okay."

"Right on now…I gotta head out. I got a mad headache and a pile of work to do still. No rest for the wicked." Gunn replied heading out of Angel's office, one hand cradling his head.

Angel shook his head, lifting a hand to his face with a hiss. God damn it, he thought, Spike got some good shots in. However, he was wallowing, more than he was actually in pain. Yes, Spike beat him, but it could have been for real. He was proud of his childe honestly, when he really got down to it. He was proud and freaking horny.

From the moment, he’d opened the door; Spike had been touching him. All over his chest, feeling him up, and showing Angel without a doubt that Spike was a real boy again. It had brought all the addictions Angel found hard to fight back in full force. The smell of Spike, the feel of Spike, and the temptation to touch, kiss, lick, bite and yeah Angel got a rush---a rush that went straight for his groin. After all having him around fighting with him, spurring him on, but not being able to retaliate in anyway or rather in anyway he was used to with Spike in the past was starting to get to him.

He’d acted as if he didn't want Spike whole again to Eve to Fred, Wes, and Gunn, but really he hoped every night while in his bed ---hands under the covers---that Spike would somehow find a way back to flesh. To be honest it was because his hand was starting to cramp up. Grinning wickedly, he licked a smudge of blood from the corner of his mouth, picked up his jacket, and headed for the door. He had a vampire to find.


Spike lingered in the lobby downstairs until he caught the faint whiff of 'A La Angel'. He could smell his sire's cock bouncing to attention a mile away and he knew his ass was in for a wild ride tonight. Darting into the elevator he went down to the parking garage and snagged the keys to Angel's Porsche.

Singing softly to himself, he climbed in, then pulled out of the garage with a roar and a squeal of tires. Picking up the car phone he dialed Angel's cell and waited for the 'poof' to answer.


Just as Angel slid into the elevator, his cell phone began to ring. He reached into his pocket, taking it out, and grinned as he answered. "You took the Porsche didn’t you, you naughty little boy? Now I have to add pain to the pleasure especially if you scratch it."

"Oooo...'m sooo...scared." Spike snorted. "Look, luv, no insult but I kicked your fat arse once today don't wanna have to do it again."

Angel’s grin widened. "Yes, you did kick my ass cause you wanted it bad enough. Told you a long time ago if you wanted it bad enough you could have anything. So how are we going to play this out? You going to make me chase you till you run out of gas?"

Contemplating the scenario Spike grinned. "Naw...just gettin' a drink. Guess which bar." He laughed as he pulled up into the parking lot of the 'Peppermint Stick'. He hadn't had a chance yet to enjoy a decent drink and besides being a strip bar with naked girls would annoy Angel. "So Angel find the bar." Before Angel could answer he snapped the phone off and exited the car heading for the entrance


Smirking, an evil glint in his eyes, Angel walked out of the elevator and towards the Jaguar. It purred like a kitten and vibrated his best bits but he wouldn't ever tell anyone that's why he liked it. Sliding inside Angel immediately called the security desk.

"Wolfram and Hart Security---pass code please." A bored voice rattled off.

Angel gave his pass code and the voice on the other end immediately perked up.

"Oh Mr. Angel how can I help?”

“I need you to use the navigation tracking system for the cars. Find the Porsche."

"Right away Mr. Angel, sir."

Angel could hear loud frantic tapping, a swear word or two, and then the boy came back. "The Porsche was located at a bar named the Peppermint Stick, sir---it's a strip club. Did someone steal it, sir? Do I need to call the cops?"

"No need,” Angel chuckled to himself, “…I got it in hand." He snapped his cell shut and pulled out of the underground parking lot, heading towards the bar.


Strolling into the bar Spike whistled to himself as he plopped down at the table nearest the stage. A tall curvy waitress dressed like a reject from the 'Dukes of Hazzard' Daisy Duke search leaned over the table filling Spike's vision with a huge set of knockers.

"Hey honey can I get you a drink?"

Spike grinned from ear to ear. "Whiskey, pet...straight up."

She batted her long lashes and turned with a salacious smile. "Anything you want honey."

As she started to walk away, Spike reached out smacking her ass. "Yeah now that's what I keep telling Angel. Anything ‘I’ want."


Angel zoomed along the streets straight for the ‘Peppermint Stick’. He’d heard of the club before and he knew Spike had gone there a few times. He hadn’t been checking up on him or anything---really. You just had to know where your heroes were when you need them.

He sighed, what was he kidding himself for no one was in the car with him. Fidgeting in his seat Angel coughed and tried not to think about anything until he got to where he was going. If he didn’t two things could happen. One his pants would get so tight that he would have to let out seams in order for his cock to breathe or two he would get jealous. He always hated feeling that or worse yet admitting it.

He did get jealous over Spike a lot. The girls at the strip club he probably just flirted with, but HARMONY! Spike had picked her over himself to go screw. That one really bit his ass. Harmony for God’s sake, Angel could never understand how Spike could fuck her. Then again, she had a nice set of---oh, no he just wasn't going there. Pressing harder on the gas pedal Angel rounded another corner thinking it wouldn’t be long now.


Frankly, Spike was having the best time of his life at the moment. He'd had a few whiskeys and now Daisy Duke Jr. was giving him one of the best lap dances he'd ever had. She grabbed his head and the next thing he knew his face was buried between two mounds of warm creamy flesh. This was just too damn wonderful, he thought, as she ground down against his denim-covered cock.

"Sooo..." Angel breathed into Spike's ear softly. "Should I wait for you to finish or are you just going to ignore me all night for curves and a pair of breasts?"

Spike was up so fast that both the chair and the stripper hit the floor. Tossing a handful of bills at the cursing stripper Spike flashed her a quick grin. "Sorry, pet, but I got to get the bloody hell out of here!"

Darting between the tables, Spike made a beeline for the front door amidst the protests of a number of customers and waitresses. Angel appeared as if by magic ahead of Spike before he got to the door. His face was calm and serene.

"Tsk, tsk Spikey now where do you think you’re going? I drove all this way and had to witness you being molested by Bessy. The least you can do is stay for a drink."

"Fuckity fuck!" Spike turned on a dime and headed back through the bar. "Angel give it up!" He yelled over his shoulder as he ducked down the narrow hall to the dressing rooms. "Ain't HAPPENING!!"

Laughing he slipped beneath a security guard's arm and into a rack of costumes---feathers and sequins flying.

Sighing, Angel casually headed the way Spike had run. He picked Bessy up from the floor and gave her a kind, yet very fake smile before moving on to the security guard. He leaned over whispering in his ear and the guard was soon smiling as Angel slipped something into his hand. The guard moved out of the way then back to guard the door.

Angel stalked down the hall, his voice soft. "Spike, Spike, Spike where oh where are you?" He grazed his fingers along the clothes, the hangers rattling.

Spike knew he was about to be screwed both literally and figuratively, but he didn't have to make it easy. Crouching back, deeper into the racks, he watched as Angel's shoes passed by. A long feather boa slipped down, its feathers tickling his nose, and he tried to move away, but it seemed to follow him. Biting his lip, he tried to swallow back the sneeze that was welling up.

When the sneeze exploded, Angel walked backwards a few steps, then leaned over. His chocolate eyes staring straight into a pair of clear ocean blue ones. "There you are baby." He murmured. "Come to Daddy."

"Bite me!" Spike snapped dropping to his knees and crawling through the racks. Damn it he was so screwed. At that thought, he ran right into the wall, thumping his already bruised head.

"Awww..." Angel breathed out softly, grabbing one of Spike's ankles, and pulling him from behind the racks unceremoniously. "Now don't make this harder. You don't want to make a scene do you?"

Kicking wildly at Angel with his free foot Spike grunted as his head thumped across the floor. "Don't care! Peaches you better let me go or so help me God I'll scream rape!"

"Scream it. Go ahead…the music is pumping and I just paid the guard a nice sum of money if he would stand guard and not pay attention to what I was doing to my tweaked out best friend." Angel smiled an almost Angelus-like smile.

Pulling back his leg Spike kicked Angel in the stomach, then screamed. "RAPE!!!"

Angel bent double, coughing as he held his stomach. Reaching out he grabbed both ankles and pulled Spike towards him. "Come on don't be mean. I just want to talk."

Spike dug his fingers into the floor, halting his ass scoot across the floor, and looked up at Angel with a raised brow. "Talk? Since when do you 'the great sire' & 'the mega-poofster' just want to talk?"

"You beat me Spike fair and square my childe. I think that deserves a word or two---maybe a speech even. Now stop being a brat and get up."

Rolling his eyes, Spike pushed himself up off the floor and sidestepped around Angel with a leery expression. "Maybe we should check to see if you have a fever. You're gotta be soddin' sick."

"No…I'm not sick." Angel commented then wrapped his arm around Spike's waist hoisting him over his shoulder. Turning he headed back down the hall. "You’re just a sucker." He wrapped his arm around the back of Spike's knees so he couldn't kick too wildly, then whistling a happy tune he started searching for a place to hide them away.

"You bleedin' bastard!" Spike squirmed and pounded his fists against Angel's back. "HELP!!! KIDNAP!!!FIRE!!!RAPE!!!"

Angel mocked Spike as he opened door after door looking for somewhere larger than a bathroom or office to stash Spike. "Help me…oh help me…the big bad vampire is going to hurt me. Oh, no I'm such a pansy…help." Snickering he opened the next door and smirked. "This will do." Going inside he dropped Spike on his ass then turned locking the door. "Dressing room---good a place as any."

Eyes going wide as saucers Spike jumped to his feet and began circling the room looking for some means of escape. "Don't know what you think you're going to do, mate, but it ain't me. You're a horny bastard and I ain't your bitch last time I checked!"

Angel leaned against the door, crossing his ankles, and just watched as Spike played out his little game. Angel knew him to well and Spike knew Angel and where exactly this would lead.

After running around the room like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs for a good ten minutes finally Spike stopped. Sighing he dropped his duster, then his jeans and bent over the back of one of the chairs.

"Fine..." he pouted, " win 'daddy'." Wiggling his pale butt at Angel, he let out an annoyed sigh.

"Not like that. If I wanted that I would have just taken that as soon as we got in here." Angel said softly. Pushing off the door, he walked over to Spike, his large palm settling on the back of Spike's neck, playing with the hair at the nape. "Come on stand up."

Another sigh escaped Spike as he straightened up, tugging his jeans up. Turning to face Angel, he frowned. "What kinda' game you playin' Angel? Just thought you wanted a shag."

"When did I say that? Hum? I didn't say anything like that." Angel held out his hand. "Now let's look for a nice spot---shall we?"

Flashing Angel another leery look, Spike zipped himself up and grabbed his duster. "Didn't have to say anything could smell you a mile away. And can I ask a nice spot for what exactly, pet?"

Angel flashed him a naughty grin. "I never said I didn't want to shag I just said that ‘wasn't’ all I wanted." His gaze finally settled on a large couch. "That will do." He shifted his shoulders, sliding the sleeves of his jacket down and off his arms then he held out a hand for Spike's duster.

Handing Angel his duster, Spike just stood looking first at the sofa, then back at his sire. "Games?" He questioned with narrow eyes. "So you wanna shag, but that's not all. What else you want?"

"More." Angel answered, setting their jackets over a chair. Turning to Spike he tucked his fingers under the hem of his shirt and lifted it. "More than just that."

Spike took a step back his tee shirt stretching out in Angel's grip. "More? Don't know if I like the sound of that Angel." A shiver traveled down his spine as he contemplated what more meant.

Angel pulled on the tee shirt, Spike coming back to him in a fast stumble. He lifted the shirt up and off tossing it with the jackets, then lifted Spike's hands to his shirt. "Your turn."

Licking his lips nervously Spike gave Angel a glance then stroked his hands over the front of his shirt. Slowly he reached out and began unbuttoning Angel's shirt and as each inch of flesh appeared, he bit harder on his lower lip. When the final button was popped he slid his hands carefully beneath the black silk and pushed it up and off Angel's shoulders.

"Like this, sire?" His voice grew husky as he met Angel's dark gaze.

"Exactly like that." Angel whispered as he reached out to Spike's tight pants, unbuttoning the fly, and slipping his hands inside. His fingers curled softly in the hair his fingertips met. "Why did you do it?" He found himself asking.

"Do what?" Spike looked up at Angel with wide, innocent eyes.

Angel snorted and pulled at a few strands of the hair his fingers were curled in. "You know what. You headed straight for my door hit it then fell down when I came out you stood and touched me I was the first thing you touched and your fingers lingered but you ran off with Harmony. Harmony for Christ’s sake Spike and I want to know why."

"Don't right know? Suppose I wanted to get laid. You try being a ghost for a few weeks and see how you like." Spike's lower lip pushed out in a pout as he glanced up through his lashes. "Can't blame a mate."

Sighing Angel extracted his fingers and crossed his arms over his chest. "Yes, yes I can. She collects unicorns for and loves pink, plus she has the intelligence of a goldfish. I think I can take offense you couldn't wait till the day was out and come to me."

Snorting Spike turned his back on Angel. "How was I suppose to know you'd even want me? Sure Harm might be less intelligent than a ball of earwax, but at least I know she'll want me. Never can tell with you."

"When have I never wanted you? Huh? I always do and you know hell I'm surprised you haven't let the secret out to everyone by now. Buffy, the Scoobies, my team random demons on the street who hate me." Angel replies then does his best impression of Spike. "Oi ya know how I call Angel peaches? It's cause he's gay. Oh, ya me sire is a big ass-loving girlie man. I mean come on look at his suits tell me ya didn't know."

Spinning on his heel Spike glared at Angel with a hurt expression in his eyes. "Don't think much of me do ya?" He rolled his eyes.


"Cause you great bloomin' onion head I could have done all that! I could have let slayer girl know the only reason you fucked her was cause you saw a nice body and blonde hair and needed a Spike substitute! Course the bint would have laughed me arse out of Sunnydale. Even if I told her about that little mole right next to your bleedin' balls she wouldn't have believed me!"

Angel glared. "I didn't make love to Buffy because she remind---" He stopped speaking then huffed then walked towards his shirt and jacket. "You know what? You’re right this is a bad idea. Didn't know what I was thinking." He paused as he lifted his shirt his voice meaningful. "You won today fair and square. You've waited your entire unlife to get one up on me make me look at you from the floor your boot in my face for once. You succeeded. You could have taken everything from me today and it would have been fair. No seconds no thirds no riding my shirt tails you did it all on your own. You wanted it bad enough. I'm proud of you.” He turned his head looking into Spike's eyes letting him see that everything he just said was true sliding the shirt onto his arms.

Spike shivered as he stared into Angel's dark eyes, then he moved across the room. His hand lifted and caressed Angel's jaw slowly his gaze never leaving Angel's. "You really meant it---didn't ya?" He whispered. "You would have wanted me for more than a shag?" His lower lip quivered as he cleared his throat.

"Yes." Angel says simply there's no need to say anything else no reason to lie.

Spike's hand drifted down along Angel's throat until his hand rested, palm flat, on his chest. "Never thought you cared much for me. Just always thought it was Angelus' way of keeping me arse in line." He glanced up at Angel his eyes clear as the ocean. "You want to...I mean..." suddenly Spike was gone and William the sweet innocent poet was standing there stuttering.

"Make love to you?" Angel finished for him, tilting his head up, and looking into those beautiful eyes. "Yes." Then he looked around the room. "Okay, maybe this wasn't the best place to do this or to tell you this." He’d just realized that suddenly.

"I don't know..." Spike's lips curled in a smirk, erasing the innocence once more. "A bit kinky...I mean doin' it in a place called the 'Peppermint Stick'." He waggled his brows suggestively.

Angel mirrored Spike's smirk, letting his shirt go the material sliding off his arm onto the floor as he pulled Spike back to him once again his fingers sliding back under his boys waistband into the soft dark blonde curls that didn't match the radioactive Spike sported in the least. "Such a innocent name for a strip club don't you think?" He asks as his finger drags lower, fingernails raking over Spike's groin. "Peppermint…" he murmured dirty and full of suggestion, his hand closing around Spike's cock, "…Stick."

A moan escaped Spike's lips as Angel's fingers closed around his semi-erect cock. "Yeah...innocent...just a piece of candy you lick."

Chuckling Angel started to stroke Spike's cock his knuckles brushing over the denim as he slid his hand slowly up and down. Thrusting his hips into Angel's strokes Spike's head fell back.

"Just candy..." he moaned, "...sweet and hard. Nothing more innocent than that."

Eye dilating with lust Angel stepped forward his tongue sliding up the side of Spike's throat. "Just like candy." He whispered then started to pump his fist a little harder. "You’re so sweet and hard. But you've never really been innocent have you baby? Not deep down."

Groaning Spike's eyes rolled back in his head as Angel worked his tongue over his throat and whispered those evil words in his ear. "Was...innocent..." he gasped as Angel's hand sped up. "Can't be...for you...always a nasty little whore."

Angel smiled against his childe’s ear. "You could be but not right now maybe later in my bed." He rubbed his thumb over the head of Spike's cock smearing the pre-cum around the sensitive head.

Spike's entire body quivered with that one touch. "You teasing me, luv? Cause don't know if I can take it."

"Sorry just can't help myself." Angel purred as he let go of Spike's cock, sliding his other hand into Spike's pants. Sliding them both around to Spike’s ass, cupping the firm rounded cheeks in his big palms. "You’re just so tasty." He backed up his statement with another long lick up Spike's throat. "Could never resist you."

"Me either..." Spike whimpered as Angel squeezed his ass cheeks. "You always were so bleedin' hot. Stormin' about and bossin' me around. Can't help but want you to bend me over..." he groaned, his eyes fluttering as Angel continued licking him like he was the ultimate peppermint stick.

Walking backwards till his knees hit the back of the couch Angel lowered himself to sitting position and pulling Spike between his knees. His hands still beneath his jeans, cupping and stroking those tight firm cheeks. "Look at me."

Lowering his gaze Spike bit his lower lip trying to imagine what he looked like to Angel right now in the moment. His eyes met Angel's and he sighed suddenly feeling far too vulnerable. "Yes?"

"I want to see your eyes, your face. I want to watch you, see what I do to you." Angel scratched his nails over the firm soft skin bringing his hands back to Spike's front once again grazing his hand over his boys cock then sliding both hands up his chest to his childe's nipples flicking at them.

A soft gasp exploded from Spike's lips. "Love it when you play with me body. Please..." he moaned, "...don't stop. Please, sire." His eyes dilated until they were black ringed by ocean blue.

"I have no intention of stopping anything." Angel brought his mouth to Spike's stomach kissing it gently, his lips ghosting around his boy’s belly button, and then downward. He slowly tasted every spot he could get his lips on or flick his tongue against as his fingers kept up their delicious torture on his boy’s peaking nipples.

Spike whimpered softly as he lifted his hands, threading his fingers in Angel's thick soft hair. The feel of his wicked tongue dipping into and around the hollow of his belly button coupled with Angel's fingers teasing and torturing his nipples was exquisite. "God...sire..." he cried out, panting with need his cock straining to completely escape his jeans.

Purring deep in his chest, Angel's mouth lowered further, his fingers ceasing their assault on his boy’s nipples to wrap behind him. Grabbing the waistband of Spike’s jeans, he slid them down inch my inch, as his lips move towards their goal. His mouth opened, his tongue rasping over the glistening head.

A choked cry rippled through him as Angel licked across the purpled head of his leaking cock. Angel had never done that before he thought and he fights the desire to close his eyes. "Angel...please..." he whimpers knowing he's far to close to the edge for much more than a plea. He had wanted this for so long. He'd missed being here in his sire's arms.

Swallowing the droplet of pre-cum he’d collected on his tongue, Angel pulled back and looked up into Spike's lust filled eyes. "Just wanted to taste you. Always wanted to but never did." He leaned forward, taking another long slow lick, and then pulled Spike's pants down the rest of the way. Nudging his feet, he indicated for him to lift and step out as he pulled back licking his bottom lip.

Using his heels to kick off his boots and step from his jeans, he shivered. "You did?" He whispered his voice husky as he met Angel's dark eyes. "Never thought you wanted too. Thought I wasn't good enough..." an expression of sadness flickered in his eyes.

A slap landed on Spike's ass as Angel flashed him a lopsided grin. "No brooding." He grabbed Spike's hands pulling him towards him. "I've wanted to do lots of things with you I couldn't."

Spike rubbed the red handprint on his ass as he glared down at Angel. "That hurt you poof! And since you got a list you better get busy ain't got all night, luv." Spike stuck out his tongue delivering a loud razzberry at his sire.

Laughing Angel pulled Spike into his lap; grabbing his hair and pulling him into a deep hard kiss, his fingers messing the hard gelled locks.

Parting his lips, his arms encircling Angel's neck, Spike moaned into his mouth. His tongue darted out flicking across Angel's soft lips, begging to be played with. Angel responded by sucking his tongue into his mouth, pushing his own against it, and then biting it gently. Scraping his teeth along it, his hands stroked down his boy’s back tracing the contours of his spine. Spike shivered as he allowed his tongue to dance with Angel's and reveled at his sire's fingers played along his spine. He whimpered and sighed as he sat there naked and vulnerable in Angel's lap. Beneath him, he could feel Angel's cock, hard as steel pressing against his ass.

Pulling back from the kiss, he gasped. "Please, sire..." he leaned his forehead against Angel's, "...please take me. Make me yours."

"You've always been mine baby. I just need to remind you is all." Angel whispered his hands settling on Spike's hips. "Undo my pants…slide me out."

Straddling Angel's lap Spike reached down popping the button at Angel's waist then glanced up at Angel licking his lips. Slowly he lowered Angel's zipper and reached inside with trembling fingers. Without looking away from those pitch-black eyes Spike slid the waistband of Angel's boxers down and freed his erection. Eyes fluttering shut for a heartbeat; they opened again as Angel slid down the couch, his hips pushing up as Spike's fingers ghosted over his cock.

Spike's brows rose in amusement as Angel's cock twitched in his palm. "You like it when I play with you, pet?" He squeezed the thickness, then pumped his fist, working Angel's foreskin back.

Groaning Angel nodding his head back and forth his eyes closed tightly shut as his hips kept rocking slightly back and forth.

"Want you to say it..." Spike purred as his other hand drifted down to cup Angel's balls. "Like to hear your voice when you’re all horny. It's husky and thick like molasses."

"Yes." Angel murmured his eyes opening to gaze into Spike's. "Yes, I like it." He dug his fingers into the skin of Spike's ass kneading the flesh.

Groaning Spike's squeezed Angel's balls, rolling them in his palm. "Gonna rip me arse cheeks off..." he grunted softly, his fist moving faster along Angel's cock, "...thought you liked me arse, but not that much." He smirked before his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Oh don't play coy you know I love your ass that much and so much more." Angel growled softly. Leaning forward to suck one of his boy’s nipples into his mouth, he bit it gently.

"Guh!" Spike swallowed back the yelp that had been rising. "Damn, pet, love it when you do that." His hand rose along Angel's length, his thumb sweeping over the leaking head. Releasing Angel's cock, he lifted his thumb to his mouth and sucked it between his lips, purring softly at the taste.

Growling louder now Angel caught Spike's mouth in a deep kiss hoping to capture the taste of himself and his childe and suck it into himself. He batted his tongue around inside, then licked across Spike's teeth. When he pulled back, his eyes were dilated almost completely. "Have to get something...need"

"Oh...just now?" Spike gasped for unneeded air. "Pocket of my jeans, luv." He nodded at the crumpled denim as he licked his lips savoring the taste of Angel that still lingered there.

Snorting Angel smacked Spike's ass and pointed to his jeans. "Well get it."

Growling beneath his breath, Spike rolled his eyes as he clambered off Angel. "You know you're right bossy mate." He reached in his pocket pulling out a tube of lube. "Think being the big cheese is going to your head." He tossed the lube at Angel, hitting him in the head.

"Oww." Angel rubbed his head and picked up the lube. "First of all I am the big cheese and have been long before Wolfram and Hart. You of all people should know this. Second of all, you know you like it when I'm bossy. Third of all, what are you doing with lube in your jacket? And fourth of all---come here."

Snorting Spike's eyes lit up with an evil gleam. "Never said I didn't like you being bossy, just said you were. And about the lube---like you don't keep a tube everywhere even your desk." He strolled across the room and crawled up Angel until he was nose to nose with him. "So I'm here now. What you gonna bloody well do about it?"

"I don...yeah okay I do...but how did you know I had a bottle everywhere?"

"Was a ghostie, pet. Could spy real well and that includes sticking my head in your..." he began ticking off on his fingers, "...medicine chest, nightstand---both of them, your desk, your file cabinet..."

Angel held up a hand and sighed. "Okay, okay...point driven home." Opening the bottle Angel coated his fingers and slid then down Spike's crease slowly swirling them around. "So what else did you snoop through?"

"I prefer..." Spike moaned softly, "...the term investigate. Has a nicer ring to it."

Pressing a slicked digit against Spike's hole Angel corrected himself. "Fine what else did you investigate?"

Whimpering Spike squirmed. "Sorta know why you have all that lube. Shame I couldn't hold a camera...could've got some good...footage of you and Percy in those late night meetings. Could've made big bucks selling it on the Internet."

"WHAT?!!" Angel responded, both his eyebrows shooting up, his task momentarily forgotten in total and utter confusion. That along with total and utter agitation. "Are you on drugs? I never...I didn't... I don't even...he wouldn't do that type of...shut up Spike." He glared up at Spike.

Spike winked at Angel. "Got ya thinkin' about his tight English arse though didn't I?" He leaned in kissing Angel. "It's okay, pet. It'll be our little secret."

"It's not like the first time. See he wore these leather pants once..." Angel groaned. "Can we not talk about Wes?"

"Sure thing, luv." Spike spread his legs so he was straddling Angel. "Now put that lube to good use."

Nodding Angel pressed his slick fingers back to Spike's tight hole, slipping a finger inside slowly. "Like this?"

Whimpering Spike pushed back against Angel's finger. "God...yeah that's it..." his eyes fluttered as he panted softly. "More sire...please."

"Well since you asked so nicely." Angel whispered, pressing another finger inside him to join it with the first---entwining them together.

Slowly Spike started to rock against Angel's thrusting fingers. "Yeah...feels good..." he moaned. "More...I need more."

"Always were such a needy little thing." Pushing another finger through the tight muscle Angel curled them sliding them deeper and deeper, until he could graze his boy’s prostate. "Weren't you?"

Gasping Spike threw back his head as Angel's fingers reached deep inside him, stroking that one spot that sent streaks of fire straight to his already pulsing cock. "Yes...god yes...sire. Need you inside me...always needed you."

"God I never tire of hearing that." Angel moaned. Slipping his fingers out slowly, he lifted Spike up a bit, so that he could slip off his pants. Kicking them to the floor, he pulled Spike further into his lap gripping his hip with one hand and his cock with the other he lowered Spike down slowly. "You sure about this?"

Nodding breathlessly Spike met Angel's gaze, his eyes filled with desperate need. "Always sure...never wanted anyone, but you sire."

"Okay." That was Angel's simple answer as he pushed Spike down onto his cock the head popping through the tight ring of muscle. Angel halted completely for a second to breathe through his nose, even though it was unneeded, then started again being as careful and gentle as he could despite his need.

Whimpering Spike slowly pushed down into Angel's thrust. The feel of Angel's cock filling him slowly was driving him mad with want and desire. He'd wanted this for so long, he'd missed being with his sire. "Angel..." he groaned, "...please faster...want you to fuck me hard and fast..."

"God you were never patient never. Never just..." Angel hissed with lust as Spike slammed himself down onto his cock, taking him all in. Hands moving to the center of Spike's back Angel thrust up---deep and hard.

Spike threw back his head crying out, his back bowing. " full...god Angel move you're bleedin' cock. Want to be fucked hard." He leaned back his hands resting on Angel's thighs, his own cock flat against his trembling stomach.

Angel moaned at the sight of Spike, his back bowed and so gorgeous on top of him, and then gave him what he wished for. Angling his hips, he thrust harder and faster, his eyes rolling back at each inward thrust.

With each of Angel's thrusts, Spike moaned and twisted his hips, clenching his internal muscles. This felt perfect, he and Angel had been meant for this, their bodies fitting together like an erotic puzzle. His thighs trembled as he rode each of Angel's thrusts. He found himself breathing hard although he had no need for air. Angel's hands so big and strong rested above his ass, cradling his spine, and in the moment, he felt loved and safe like he hadn't in far to long.

"Wanted you so much today wanted to touch you even after everything wanted it more." Angel gritted out as he rode out his lust, his desire for his boy, his childe---Spike. "Every punch, every kick just made me want to bend you over something."

"Wanted you to, pet. Needed it so bad...thought if I made you mad enough you would take me..." Spike cried out as Angel's cock brushed his prostate sending another jolt to his leaking cock. "Thought you'd want me more if I was stronger...god Angel..."

Pulling Spike towards him so that their chests were pressed together, Angel jacked his hips upwards. "Always want you, just as you are just couldn't didn't know how to...god Spike I didn't know how to make it okay."

"Never had too, luv." Spike nipped at Angel's throat, whimpering at the pressure of his cock pressed between their bellies. His shaking hands lifted to thread in Angel's hair and he pulled back smiling. "It was always okay...always..."

Angel looked unsure for a few seconds, then licked at Spike's bottom lip, turning the lick into a kiss as he jerked his hips being sure to hit that spot inside every time. Moaning into the kiss, Spike's muscles clenched around Angel. He nipped at Angel's lip and then parted his own, running the tip of his tongue along Angel's lips.

"Never forget that 'm yours..." he slipped his tongue past Angel's lips teasing Angel's.

Hands clinging tighter to Spike, Angel put everything he had into that kiss, all he’d felt and held back as they thrust against each other. Their orgasms were drawing closer with every second they were joined together.

Spike pulled back his eyes dilated to the point of blackness, the blue barely visible. "Close," he gasped, " close sire...god wanna come sire."

"Come, come with me." Angel breathed softly, bucking one last time, his back arching as he spilled into Spike. As he did his hands never let go.

Between their bellies Spike's cock jerked and he cried out, his cum splattering across their chests. His ass tightened and he cried out again his body spasming in Angel's arms and his eyes rolling back in his head.

Panting needlessly Angel was about to say something when there was a knock at the door. "Hey buddy you and your 'best'..." The guard emphasized 'best', "…friend better hurry it up place is going to close soon don't want to be locked in." Looking up at Spike Angel smiled and tried to hold back his laughter.

"He actually expects us to get up and bloody well move after that?" Spike mumbled into Angel's sweat dampened chest. "Thinkin' me legs won't even hold up."

And with that Angel burst into a fit of chuckles that was very unlike him as he stroked Spike's back kissing into his hair. A soft purr vibrated through Spike as he snuggled closer to Angel.

"I like it when you laugh..." Spike whispered, "...makes me want you more. Sodding forehead and all."

"When I laugh? Why?" Angel asked, as he inhaled the scent of the hair his face was buried in, his fingers dancing up and down Spike's spine.

Glancing up from beneath his lashes Spike snorted. "Don't right know..." Spike chewed his lower lip thoughtfully for a moment. "Suppose cause that smile of yours is so rare. Kinda makes me understand why when you were human you never spent a night alone."

"What makes you think I smiled then?" Angel responded his eyebrow raising.

Another snort vibrated through Spike as he pushed up on his elbows. "Please..." his lips curled in a smirk, "...that's all you ever had to do back in the day. Brush a lock of hair behind your ear and smile, then the girls and the boys were throwing themselves at the great Angelus' feet. 'M pretty sure that smile wasn't from the demon though the demon did spice it up a bit more."

Snorting himself now, Angel sat up. "There were no boys when I was human. And yeah I smiled and it may have won me a space in a few beds. I was a bit smooth you know. The smile wasn't Angelus' it was all me. Just enhanced a bit is all."

"See now..." Spike playfully smacked Angel's shoulder, "...I do pay attention to some things." With a groan he sat up and stretched with a yawn. "Suppose we need to go even if I want to stay right here. Can't have security locking us up for the night---now can we?" Waggling his brows Spike slid off Angel, the lose of his cock causing him to hiss, and stood on wobbly legs.

Angel’s chocolate brown gaze moved over Spike's form. "You know I'm thinking that might not be so bad." He licked his lips then groaned as he looked down at himself his pants slightly wet. "Okay, on second thought. Home. Shower then we can continue this if you want."

Spike turned hopping as he tugged his jeans up. "That what you want? What about the others? Won't they be horrified to find out I was tellin' the truth all this time?" Spike grabbed his tee shirt tugging it over his head. "Kept tellin' them you were a poof."

Standing Angel grabbed his pants looking at them in disgust. "I'm never going to get that stain out. Next time remind me to actually take my pants off all the way as soon as we start getting too into it alright?" Trying to avoid the wet spot as best he could Angel slid on the pants buttoning then zipping them up.

"Lube is water based grumpy. You pay them dry cleaners enough they should be able to get that out." Spike rolled his eyes as he pulled on his boots.

"Listen just because you wear the same outfit twenty times doesn't mean I should get shit for taking care of my clothes." Angel snipped slipping on his shirt then his shoes

"Hey!" Spike pouted. "I'll have you know black is eternally in style and so is jeans and tees. That bloody suit of yours will be dated by Friday." Snorting Spike wandered over and grabbed his coat. "'Course I could be wrong...could be out of style by tomorrow."

Angel just shook his head and grabbed his own jacket slipping it on then looked down at himself making sure he looked decent. "Let's just get out of here this isn't anything to have a argument over."

Throwing back his head Spike laughed as he lit a cigarette. "Hate to break the news to ya Captain Broody Britches, but with us everything is up for grabs in the argument war. 'Sides, pet, arguing gets me hot!" Darting out the door Spike yelled over his shoulder. "Very hot, luv!!"

Sighing Angel shook his head walking past the guard. As soon as he was out of eyesight a wicked grin spread over his face and he murmured as he followed Spike's tail. "Me too, me too."
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