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FIC:His Pet, Part Three (14/?) A:ts Angel-Spike NC-17

TITLE: His Pet
AUTHORS: pet_23(Pet) as Angel, soulless_lover(emily) as Spike
RATING: NC-17 overall
WARNINGS: slavery, torture, daddy!kink, kitty!kink, belt!kink, noncon
LAME DISCLAIMER: not ours, blah blah, put the lawsuit down, Joss.
A/N: AU - Destiny occurred before Life of the Party (so Spike was corporeal during LotP), and Mr. Pee Pee (Archduke Sebassis' slave demon) was killed instead of Arthold.
SUMMARY: How far will Angel go to make Sebassis think they're on the same side?

Click here for His Pet, Part Three (14/?)

previous parts are here.

all fanart for His Pet can be found here.

And we want to thank the readers who have nominated us in Six. Different. Categories at the SunnyDAwards we love you and thank you. It means so much to us I can't even say. *smooch*
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