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Spangel Drabble for hellsbells

Ok so I wrote a drabble and this is also the first solo writing attempt I ever did. I did it for hellsbells who wanted Spangel smut. So since I adore her and I adore Spangel smut I gave it a drabble go. But I need a title I so can't think up one so if you read and can think up something witty and cool throw it my way please.

ETA: 11-26-05 Changed a bit from the original. Have a read.

Their hands combine and their bodies meld and you would never know from the sight before me, that just five minutes ago they argued about each others worth, purpose here.

The moans bring a quiet gasp from my throat but the begging makes me clutch the papers in my hand, adjusting my glasses.

Did they think they wouldn't get caught? Do they even care I wonder? I don't know but I know this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever saw.

I see Angel whispering something in Spikes ear then I see Spike shiver, scream and buck his spine bowing as he cums onto the table below him.

Angel follows soon after with a wordless scream, but he doesn't pull out of Spike he clings tighter to him panting then cooing or talking. I can't really hear behind this glass.

I see Spike tilt his head kissing Angel with a softness I have never seen him express. Then Angel returning it in kind.

This isn't the same two Vampires from five minutes ago. But then I gather it's all just a show. Personally, I like these versions better.

"Wesley are we going to eat?"

"Oh yes Fred. I'm very sorry lets go."
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