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Spangel Drabble for itsabigrock

Ok a bit ago itsabigrock asked for love in the form of drabbles sooooooooo I gave her some. And this is it. Again another work solely by me. So it's horrible and you may want to bypass it. But it's funny. Also it's untitled I think I have title issues with Drabbles.


"No what?"


"Angel you can't say no now. You asked me what I wanted for Christmas. You told me whatever it was I could have. So I told you I would tell you on Christmas. Well now it's Christmas and I told you and your going to tell me no? I don't think so."


Spike begins to curl out his lower lip.


Spike pushes out said lower lip.

"No." Angel says a bit shaky that time.

Spike starts to sniff and a lone tear starts to form.

"FINE, give it here."

Spike hands over the outfit and grins.

"Thank you."

Angel grumbles but leaves to change while Spike hops around like a crazy Vampire waiting.

Angel returns a few minutes later sighs and sits on the big high back chair in the center of their living room.

"Alright lets get this over and done with."

Spike whoops hops on Angel's lap and curls his fingers into the white beard seated on Angel's face.

"I always wanted to meet you Santa tell me about the Reindeer and the Elf's."

With a sigh Angel smile's sits back to accommodate his big rounded pillow stuffed belly and with a fake jolly chuckle he proceeds to humor his childe with fake tales of Santa.

After all he really did look the part with his big red suit, hair, beard, and belly. That will teach him to tell Spike anything for Christmas every again.
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