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just_a_girl_fic's Journal

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Welcome to pet_23's home for her fanfiction. It's all Spangel pretty much. There's a few naughty things I have to own up to but all in all it's all Spangel here.

Also? I don't write alone. Ever. Well I have a few drabbles and one story I'm writing by myself for over a year now. Blah. But all my fics are written with either the talented jenshih_blue or soulless_lover.

All my fics with jenshih_blue will be posted here behind cuts. All my fic with soulless_lover I'll link to because she has a fic comm already and it's unlocked so, hey, handy that.

I also have fic with my ex co-writer that I'll post up so everyone will get to see my entire writing history. Doesn't that sound exciting folks? Aw, yeah. That's it, enjoy!