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Weakness A/S NC-17 Ats

Old Fic one of those rare Angelus/Spike deals. But don't get me wrong I do anjoy a ev0l Angelus.

TITLE: Weakness
AUTHORS: Pet and Salustra
PAIRING: Angelus/Spike; Angel/Spike
SUMMARY: Angelus plays with Spike while he is
SPOILERS: Through Season 2 BtVS

AUTHORS: Pet and Salustra
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TITLE: Weakness
PAIRING: Angelus/Spike; Angel/Spike
SUMMARY: Angelus plays with Spike while he is
SPOILERS: Through Season 2 BtVS
WARNINGS: Torture, violence, non-consensual
DISCLAIMER: We don’t own any of these characters;
they belong to Joss and ME. We really wish we could
borrow Spike and Angel for a little while though.
FEEDBACK: Yes please.

Spike sat alone in his wheelchair, drinking from a bottle
of whiskey. He could hear Dru and Angelus rutting
like animals in the next room. Angelus had handcuffed
the chair to a pole and Spike couldn't even get away
from the noise.

A few hours later a naked and bloodied Angelus comes
walking into the room rubbing his belly and looking
pleased. "Good to see you haven't moved, Willie boy."

Spike is a little drunk. "What the fuck else did you
expect, cuffing the wheelchair?"

Angelus feigns shock and covers his mouth. "Who me?
Never!! I would never hurt my Will. I am shocked you
would even suggest...Oh fuck it! Shut up Spike. I'll do
as I please. Now tell me who gave you ...” Angelus
takes the bottle and sucks the rest down, “this?"

"It was within reach. I sure as hell wasn't going to
listen to you two fuck while I was sober." Spike sets
his jaw defiantly. "And if you want me to shut up...
make me!"

Angelus growls slightly and backhands Spike with the
bottle. Then he tosses it away, the bottle breaking
when it hits the wall. He drops to his knees before
Spike and rubs his face in Spike’s crotch.

Spike grunts as the bottle strikes his face. A little blood
trickles out of the corner of his mouth. Against his will
he moans as Angelus rubs his crotch

Angelus lifts up, rubs the blood at the corner of Spike’s
mouth and whispers, 'Why do you make me hurt you?
You know not to talk to me that way."

"I am what you made me. And I'm not your little slave
anymore. Been my own vampire for over 100 years."

Angelus lifts and wrenches Spike’s neck back and says
lowly in Spike’s ear, "You’re mine, you worthless little
whore! That’s it, that’s all! Do not ever forget that."
Angelus lifts Spike, flips him over his shoulder, and
heads to the bathroom. He walks in, kicking the door
shut behind him, then sets Spike down in front of the

Spike shivers as Angelus whispers in his ear. He hasn't
heard that voice in so long but it makes him want to
grovel and beg forgiveness. But dammit he won't! "So
what now? A nice little enema for Spike?"

Angelus ignores Spike and turns on the tub. He goes
around setting things neatly and perfectly then he
checks the water. Talking calmly again, he says while
pouring in scented oils, “Take off what you can, and I'll
do the rest in a minute."

*Oh, what the hell, he's being nice. I'll play along.*
Spike begins taking off his shirt and then unbuttoning
his pants.

Angelus fills the tub and shuts it off. He turns around
and wait for Spike to do what he can then stands up and
lifts him up, tugging off the rest. He carries him to the
tub and sets him down. He picks up a rag and dabs at
the bloody spot in the corner of his mouth. "After I'm
done with you, I am gonna get in. You can get my
back. The bitch fought me this time around-- said she
was tired of me tainting her with my dirty jealous
thoughts...crazy bitch."

"Yes sir." He loves the feel of Angelus hands on him.
He wonders idly how long this little spell of calm will

Angelus sighs, "Spike, stop with the yes sir and no sir
shit it's fucking annoying when I'm not in the mood.
Sire or Angelus for now-- got it?" Angleus picks up a
cup, fills it with water, and dumps it over Spike’s head,
wetting it. Then he runs his hand through Spike’s hair
and gets this pensive look on his face. "Why did you
cut your hair anyway? Was it to spite me?"

"No, Angelus. It was the style. Plus it was less likely
to get grabbed in a fight." *I dare not mention that Dru
didn't like it long. Might get me a beating.*

"Oh, well. And let me just say this color...” Angelus
pulls at a few strands, “makes you look like a tramp."
Angelus sets the cup down, grabs the shampoo, and
begins washing Spike’s hair. He keeps up his-- for
now-- idle chatter. "Dru said she had to talk you into
fucking her. She said it took like three months for you
to do it without argument."

Spike relaxes into Angelus' touch. "Yeah. Don't know
why she'd still go on about it, but it just wasn't right."

Angelus rinses out Spike’s hair, then holds his face
firmly. “What wasn't, Will? The fact she wanted you
to, or the fact she complained about it?”

"The fact that she wanted me to. It was one thing when
we fought over wanted me to fuck her. But
with you gone...."

Angelus’ eyes sparkle dangerously. "I never wanted
you to fuck her! Not once, not ever..." Angelus sits up
and sits in the tub in front of Spike. He hands him the
cup. "I don't wanna talk about it right now. Just
fucking wash. I had madness for the last four hours. I
want peace for a fucking bit. Is that too much to ask?"

Spike is abashed. "Sorry, Sire." He takes the cloth and
the cup and starts pouring water over Angelus' injured
back. He really wishes he could lick the wounds. He
takes the cloth and gently starts to wash, taking special
care as he passes over the injuries.

Angelus examines his nails while being washed, and all
is quiet for a bit till he mutters one word. "Darla."

"Sire? What about her?" Spike asks. He is finished
soaping, now he starts to gently rinse.

Angelus growls then mutters more. "She made me let
Drusilla fuck you. That’s what, now drop it."

*Really. Always thought he wanted me to.* "Yes,
Sire." He has finished rinsing Angelus' back and
decides on a bold move. He soaps up the washcloth
and reaches around and starts to soap up Angelus'
wonderful cock.

Angelus looks over his shoulder. "Don't play, Will."

Spike regretfully moves the cloth up to Angelus'
stomach and starts washing.

Angelus growls and turns around quickly. He lifts
Spike up and thrusts up into his hole harshly and
cruelly. "Fine." He wraps Spike’s legs around his waist,
then leans back to hold them there. His eyes are
flashing amber, then back again. "Wash now."

Spike shivers and moans as he is impaled on Angelus'
enormous cock. He struggles to bring his concentration
back to the task at hand and wash Angelus. The sheer
helplessness of his position only makes him wild with
desire. He soaps up his stomach and the works up
towards his chest.

Angelus lifts his hips slightly and smirks evilly,
"Having trouble, Will my boy?”

Spike whines and whimpers again. "You know I am,
Sire. I'm wanting just to buck and grind on you and I
can't move." He has reached the chest and is soaping
good, paying special attention to the nipples.

Angelus growls, “Fucking slayer...gonna rip her
goddamn heart out fucking with my thing. Hurting my
fucking boy. Stupid bitch." While he is saying this. he
is thrusting and heaving as hard as he can.

Spike is moaning and twitching as he rides on Angelus.
His own cock is fully erect, and he is so close to
coming. He keeps soaping and washing, moving onto
the shoulders, but it is very hard to do as he is
thoroughly impaled and tossed about.

Angelus grabs Spike’s face and starts to hit it off the
tub, but keeps thrusting as he screams out, getting
madder, "And it's your fault, stupid boy! All this is
your fault! Fucking Dru and worrying about Dru!
Blood for Dru, make Dru whole! God damn
fucking...ahh....boooyyyyyy" Angleus cums and
releases Spike, jumping out of the tub, pulling the plug,
and walking out of the bathroom, leaving Spike behind
for the time being.

Spike sits in the water, head hurting, his erection still
waiting. He reaches down and starts stroking himself,
recalling the feel of being impaled on Angelus' cock.

In the other room there is slamming and rattling. A few
minutes later Angelus comes back in and stands by the
door. "Did I say to do that? Did I give you permission

"No, Sire," Spike says. "Want to beat me up some

Angelus once again ignores him and grabs a towel. He
bends over the tub. "Shut up and grab me."

Spike wraps his arms around Angelus' neck. "Yes,
Sire." He loved the smell of Angelus always, but
especially fresh from the bath. He breathes in deep.

Angelus grabs Spike around the waist and wraps the
towel around him. Carrying him to the bed, he deposits
him on it, then looks around at the mess. "Fuck! I liked
that vase too. Dry off, Will. I am gonna go fucking
eat. I will bring you back something as always, you
helpless piece of fodder."

Angelus stalks over, grabs leather pants and a black silk
shirt and gets dressed. He turns to Spike eyes glowing,
"No leaving, and no one in here. Do you understand?"

"I understand." *How the fuck does he think I'm going
to fucking chair is still in the living room.*
Spike tucks his hands behind his head. "I'll be a good

Angelus nods and throws a pair of silk pajama pants on
the bed. "Get dressed. Don't care how either-- just
better be dressed when I get back." With that, Angelus
swoops out, shutting the door behind him.

Spike pulls himself slowly to a sitting position and
grabs the pajama pants. He is pulling up a leg and
trying to push it into the pants when Dru comes dancing
in. "Hello my pretty Spoike. Daddy's gone and left us
all alone and I thought I'd come and play."

Spike looks up, startled. "Dru, get out of here! He said
no one in here and he meant it!"

Dru looks over. "Bad dog. Don't bark. Daddy didn't
tell me anything, so I'm not leaving. Dru wants to play
with her Spoike."

Dru comes over to embrace Spike and he pushes her
away. "I mean it, Dru! Get out of here. I've already
been beaten once tonight and I'd prefer not to repeat the

Dru narrows her eyes. "I want to PLAY!" And with
that she pulls Spike's legs out from under him and
Spike lands on his back. She straddles him and they
struggle. A few moments later she has managed to lock
both his hands in manacled cuffs that dangle from the
bedposts. "Good. Doggy is all chained." And she
begins to stroke all over his chest with her nails. She
digs in deep and causes a small moon-shaped cut,
which she sucks from. "Oh, such a tasty treat!"
Despite himself, the pain and the drinking arouses him,
especially as he had no relief from earlier. Dru notices.
"Oh, fun. Little Spoike has come to play." She pulls
and pinches on his nipples as she lowers onto him and
begins riding him.

"Dru, god, please stop!" Spike pleads. Dru slaps him
hard and continues to pump up and down on him until
they have both come.

"All done. I'm bored now. I'll go find Miss Edith."
Dru gets off him and prepares to leave.

"Dru...untie me so I can at least clean up before he
comes back." But Dru doesn't seem to hear him as she
heads out of the room.

Spike lays where he is is, bound, dreading Angelus'

Angelus comes back two hours later, dragging a scared
blonde teenage girl, and throws her in the room. He
goes to speak, but he smells the sex. He growls loud
and opens the door. "Minions! Hello, lowly stupid
minions! Fucking come get the girl. Lock her up till
later." A few minions come and take the girl away.
Angelus starts peeling off clothes piece by piece, not

"Angelus....Dru came in. I tried to fight her off but she
cuffed me. She wouldn't leave. I told her what you

Angelus hums and turns his back to Spike, opening a
chest and taking out a long knife with a curved sharp
blade. He speaks his voice low and calm. "I'm sure
you did, Will. I'm sure you fought real hard to not be
inside her again, after I didn’t make you cum. I believe

"Well, fuck you then. I'm telling you the fucking
truth!" Spike's stomach does flops. He knows he's in
for a really bad night. Might as well be hung for a lion
as for a lamb.

Angelus turns around, face calm, walks to the bed, and
sits down. "Where all did she touch you?"

"She pulled my legs out from under me, she cuffed me,
she cut my chest and slapped me...and she rode me."
He answers truthfully, even though he is pretty sure
what his answers mean. Angelus would tell if he
hedged...he could smell.

Angelus nods. "Well, at least she saved me the trouble
of cuffing you." Angelus opens the nightstand, brings
out a ball gag, and straps it to Spike’s face, making sure
it is firmly in place. Then he holds the knife up and
sighs. "And I had such a good time hunting too."
Angelus smirks and brings the knife down, cutting off
strips off skin where Dru's gouge marks are.

Spike screams into the ballgag as the knife cuts into his
skin. He flexes his arm but tries to hold his torso still,
knowing movement will only make it worse.

Angelus smirks wider. "But this is fun too." He begins
cutting every part that Spike described Dru touching,
ripping the skin off-- til he reaches his cock. He gives
it a few minutes contemplation then says out loud,
"What you think I should do here, huh? I mean if I cut
off all the skin it would be mighty painful, and you
have so many pretty boo-boo's already. So what do you

Spike looks at Angelus pleadingly, tears streaking down
his bruised and bleeding face.

Angelus tsk's and shakes his head. "I'm sorry Will but
you should’ve fought much harder. You’re mine and
you just let her touch you. I cannot ABIDE her
touching you. Or anyone else touching you, for that
matter." Angelus lowers the knife and begins slowly
scraping Spike’s cock. The top layer begins oozing.
He drops the knife on the table and stands up blood
soaked. He wipes his hands on himself, spreading it
around, then lick his fingers.

Spike lies there, weeping, perilously close to blacking
out. Blood is seeping slowly from him into the bed.
Unless Angelus feeds him soon, he will lose
consciousness. Maybe that would be best...just drift
away and not wake up.

Angelus unchains Spike and yanks his head back. "Stay
awake, Will. I'm nowhere near done. I got a present for
you, looky." Angelus shoves Spike down to look at his
erect and fully hard cock.

Even as far gone as he is, Spike finds the sight
beautiful. He knew the brutality would arouse Angelus.
Maybe he can die, then, with Angelus inside him. He
murmurs into the ball gag, "Magnificent."

Angelus throws him back and then yanks off the ball
gag. He climbs on the bed and in-between Spike’s legs,
spreading them. He looks down. "What was that again?
I didn't hear you."

"Magnificent," he croaks. "Like a Michaelangelo. He
should have sculpted you." Let this be one of his last
thoughts, his last sights, that magnificent body...

Angelus shakes his head sadly and trails his hand down
her face slowly. "Will, Will, Will I just tortured you,
cut your skin off. Listen to you...loving me and
admiring me just the should hate me." He
pushes a pillow under Spike’s hips.

"Can't help you..." He can feel himself sinking
fast. "Love you..."

Angelus's eyes flash and he thrusts in hard and grunts
and pumps with no mercy, climbing towards release.

The pain of the friction on his scraped cock and chest
wake him up. He stares into Angelus' eyes as he is
being fucked. Despite everything, his cock grows hard.
It is the most incredible pain and pleasure he has ever
had together at one time...and he passes out and slumps
limply back onto the bed.

Angelus cums with a wail, slumps into Spike and
whispers into his ear breathlessly, "I hate how you
make me feel. I hate it, Will. I can't let you. I can't."
Climbing off, he goes into the bathroom to shower.
Then he changes clothes once again. He leaves the
room to retrieve the girl for later and check on the
status of the minions.

Spike was slowly going away. The world he was in
was cold and getting colder. It was dark. But it was so
peaceful. He was just floating on water...

Angelus comes in minutes later and throws the girl
down on the bed. He cuts her neck with the knife and
opens Spike’s jaw while holding the girl down. He
works one finger on Spike’s throat. "Drink, Will. Let’s
go! Kick in, natural instincts, or I let you damn well

A warmth hits Spike as he floats...he can smell and
taste warmfoodlife... and he begins to swallow. His
eyes flutter open and he latches onto the girl's neck.

Angelus lets the girl go and lets Spike feed himself. He
settles in a corner and watches.

Spike holds onto her as she struggles and drinks. With
the new energy surging all the pain came back but his
strength kicked in. He would need all the blood he
could get from her to help himself heal. He drinks until
he can get no more from her and then drops her,
pushing her away. He looks over at Angelus.

Angelus has his fingers steepled in front of his face and
quirks a eyebrow slightly. "Yes?"

"Thank you. For that. For everything." His healing
was starting to kick in some, stauching the flow of
blood, but his skin was still slick with it, and the bed
around him a crimson stain. "I meant it, you know.
What I said."

Angelus leans back ignores the thank you and lowers
his hands. "Meant what?"

"That you're magnificent. That I love you." Spike
stares at him intently.

Angelus look away then, down at his nails. "I heard and
that’s nice Spike. Hope your misplaced love and
adoration gets you far."

Spike lays back down on the bed. He sighs deeply.
Damn Angelus to hell anyway. He closes his eyes as he
feels the itching that always accompanies healing such
extensive wounds.

Angelus is silent for a few minutes then pipes up. "I
couldn't find Dru while I was contemplating letting you
die, so that will have to wait. Hunting was good. I
killed a flock of cheerleaders coming home from
practice and left the outfits on Buffy’s porch. Do you
think that shows a poetic irony?"

Spike chuckles. "So you mean there's a pile of naked
cheerleaders somewhere. Bloody fuckin' brilliant. But
you know it's just going to piss her off. Why don't you
just *kill* her?"

Angelus huffs. "Because it’s boring, Spike, and that’s
not the plan. And I spelled out my name with their
bodies on the football that was fun."

Despite himself, Spike chuckles again. "Wow, must
have been a lot of cheerleaders. But exactly what *is*
the plan?"

Angelus growls low. Spike knows he hates to be
questioned. "I stalk her, make her miserable, leave her
smartly designed presents to creep her out, make her
love-infested teenybopper ass bawl and
know, general partaking of evil of which I will enjoy
greatly… then kill her."

"Oh. Good plan." He says sarcastically. There is a
noise in the hallway and the sound of Dru's insane and
childish singing.

Angelus stands up and walks out and into the room Dru
is in. He signals all the minions to leave and they
scatter. "Dru-Silla....Come to Daddy."

Drusilla comes skipping and hops up and kisses
Angelus on the nose. "Daddy's come back to play!
Princess was all lonely."

Angelus hisses and grabs Dru's arm harshly bringing
her close to him. "I'll play with you, you stupid whore.
What did I say about Will?"

"Owww Daddy that hurts. You said to stay away from
Will you didn't say anything about Spoike."

Angelus grabs her other arm and drags her into the
room with Spike. He
points to him. "Who’s that, Drusilla?"

"That's Spoike. And he was a bad dog too. Had to be
chained up and everything. Grrrrr."

Angelus slaps her face hard and asks again, "Who is
that Drusilla?"

"That's Spoike, Daddy, you know it is."

Angelus shows fang and says in a low voice. "What
else does he go by Drusilla?"

"He's Spoike. William has brown hair and is a lovely
sweet poet. Spoike's all blonde and leather and

Angelus throws Drusilla on the bed and backhands her.
"Goddamn it! You crazy lunatic! He is fucking Will!
He is what I say and that is Will! It was your
harebrained idea to encourage him, then it was your
idea to fuck him. I'm sure it was you helping to make
him bleach his hair and wear those fucking clothes." He
yanks her hair back. "Now one a-fucking-gain who is

"He's Will...Daddy you're hurting Drusilla...." she says,

Angelus comes closer and whispers into her ear
harshly, "That’s the fucking point. Now, I have a little
treat for Will. Be a good girl for Daddy and scream
really fucking loud." Angelus flips Dru over and rips
up her dress, letting his aching hard cock out of his
pants. He shoves it harshly into Drusilla, yanking her
hair back. He is looking straight at Will and talking to
Drusilla. "What did I say not to do with Will, Dru?"

"You said not to touch Will Dad..DY!" She screams as
he yanks particularly hard. Spike looks away.

Angelus growls hard. "Will, turn back now. So, tell
me Dru. Why did you disobey me?"

Spike forces himself to look back. Dru whimpers, "I
was lonely and I forgot...I forgot he was Will."

Angelus pumps harder and yanks her head back as far
as it can go. "Will you ever forget again?"

"OWWWWW! DADDY!!!! I promise I won't forget.
Spoike is Will. Don't touch Will." Dru screams,
sobbing. Spike cringes but forces himself to keep
watching. The smell of their sex and the animal grunts
from Angelus are making him ill.

Angelus sinks his fangs into her neck looking right at
Will and cumming hard inside her. Then he pulls out
and throws her off the bed, stepping back and leaning
against the wall, licking his blood stained lips.

Dru lays sobbing on the floor. Spike looks over at
Angelus. "Have fun?"

Angelus chuckles evilly. "Tons, my boy, you know
that. Drusilla, quit your damn sobbing and get the fuck
out now. I think I made my point childe."

Drusilla slowly pulls herself up and flees out of the
room. Her wailing can be heard from across the hall.

"What the fuck good was that? She'll just forget again
and come in again and I'll get tortured again."

Angelus rolls his eyes. “ 'Cause it's fun! Jesus, Will,
100 years and more and still you don't get me. I grow
tried of repeating.”

Spike huffs and rolls over. The bed stinks of blood but
he's tired. He closes his eyes. "What- ever."

Angelus takes off his clothes slowly, then goes over and
picks Will up. He sits him on a chair and strips the bed.
Walking over to the door, he calls out to the minions.
He hands the blood-soaked sheets over and tells them to
get more and make the bed, then he closes the door. He
turns, picks Spike up, wraps his legs around his waist,
goes into the bathroom, and turns on the shower.

Spike luxuriates in the warm water as it cascades over
him, and then hisses as the water washes enough blood
off that it hits his open wounds.

Angelus soaps up a rag and begins washing gently. "I
will not sleep in a blood soaked bed or with a blood
soaked body, so just grin and bear it."

"Yes, Sire." He winces and gasps but muffles it as
much as possible. His poor brutalized cock still
manages to get hard just from this treatment.

Angelus notices the wincing and finishes wiping
Spike’s back. He then turns him into the water and
slices his neck with his finger. "Drink, Will. I have
plans for you and I do not wish to have you injured for

Spike drinks deeply of his Sire's blood. Almost
instantly he starts to heal. It was potent and wonderful.
He doesn't want to stop.

Angelus pulls Will away and looks him over. "Better.
How do you feel?"

"Much better, thank you Sire." He tries not to shiver
thinking about what Angelus' plans for him are.

Angelus nods, then soaps up his hand and traces around
Will’s ass. "Look at me."

Spike looks at Angel, concentrating on his eyes. "Yes,

Angelus finds himself getting lost in those eyes and he
digs his fingers into Spike’s ass cheeks a bit harder,
spreading them. "Who am I?"

"Angelus, my Sire." Spike says as he moans a bit. He
hardens more.

Angelus’ eyes sparkle and he turns off the water. He
gets out. He doesn't dry them off-- just walks to the bed
room, lays Spike on the floor gently, and lays over him
continuing, "Am I your everything?"

Spike risks it and puts his hands on Angelus' face,
stroking gently. "Yes, Sire, You are my everything. "

Angelus’ eyes flicker yellow and he nuzzles into his
hand. "Do you love me?"

"Yes, I love you." And he meant it, torment and
everything...he couldn't help but love him.

Angelus growls low, and licks down Will’s arm, to his
chest, up to his neck, suckling on where his pulse point
would be. Then he licks to his ear and whispers, "You
make me weak. How do you do that? I can't stand it,

"I'm sorry, Sire. I don't mean to." There is an edge of
fear in his voice.

Angelus shushes him. "None of that. Calm down. I'm
in no mood for your fear. You say you don't mean it.
But you do it anyway, with your eyes,” he kisses
Spike’s eyelids, “and your lips,” he kisses his lips,
“and your pretty tight ass." Angelus trails his wet
finger down and traces little circles around Spike’s

Spike relaxes and moans. He had been afraid that
Angelus was headed for a violent outburst because he
felt weak. But instead he was being playful and doting.
And sexy, as always. "I am what you made me," Spike

Angelus slides one finger inside Spike slowly. "And
what’s that?" He pumps the finger back and forth.

"Your slave. Your whore. Your property. I'm branded
by you." Spike whimpers as the finger enters him.

Angelus slides another finger in at the feel of his boy’s
muscles sucking him in and his voice lowers. "Where?
Show me where you’re branded."

Spike places his hand over his heart. "Here."

Angelus growls loudly and lowers his head, biting
down gently into Spike’s chest where Spike placed his
hand. Then he lifts it, licks, and whispers in his chest
while picking up the pace and adding another finger.
"Weak, Weak, Weak. Can't stand it. I hate it so much!
You make me so weak."

“I don't mean to." He moans and wriggles against the
invading fingers as best he can. He is hard and erect

Angelus removes his fingers and ignores the whimpers
placing himself against Spike’s ready and stretched
hole. He sinks in very slowly, inch by inch, and he
closes his eyes. He twines his fingers in Spike’s hair.
"Push back...push back against me slow."

As best he can, Spike swivels his hips and pushes back
against Angel's enormous invading cock. "Yes, Sire."

Angelus slides all the way in, and stops for a second,
breathing harshly. He runs his hands up Spike’s arms
and grabs the wrists. "Fight me."

He dares not hold back. He struggles and twists and
pushes with all his strength against the arms holding
him. It's hopeless, of course, and this will only excite
Angelus more.

Angelus’ eyes flash and he starts pumping into Spike
now in slow hard thrusts. "Beg me. Tell me to stop."

"Please, stop, Sire....I beg you, have mercy, please
stop," he whines as he continues to struggle.

Angelus thrusts harder and faster, holding Spike’s
wrists tighter. "You’re mine! You belong to me—to
me, no one else. Mine to fuck, to hurt, to bruise and
beat. Mine, boy! Fight harder, Will! Try to get away
from me."

Spike jerks, hard, from side to side, twisting desperately
in Angelus' grip. "Fuck....Sire....ohgod....please...." He
pushes with all his might against him.

Growling his voice reverberates. "No....MINE...all
fucking MINE!" Angelus then lunges and bites into
Spike’s throat, pumping as hard and deep as he can go
and cumming fast, filling Spike’s ass, swallowing his
delicious blood.

Spike trembles as Angelus claims him. He goes over
the edge himself, cumming onto their stomachs.

Angelus lay panting on Spike-- just laying there, his
demons only increased with each touch, each caress.
But he couldn't resist Will any more than he could stand
someone else touching him. Slamming his fists into the
floor, he rolls over on his stomach, turning away from

Spike lay there, shuddering. He is frightened and
joyous at the same time. Angelus all but claimed him...
but then he cursed him for causing weakness. Right
now Spike is utterly at the mercy of this monster that he

Angelus turns his head back to Spike. "Do you know
how messed up it is to hate and want someone in equal
measure? Do you?"

Spike nods. "I think I do. Just a little."

Angelus huffs and pulls back, grabbing a chair and
breaking a leg off. And poising it above Spikes heart.
"I could fucking kill you for doing this to me. I could.
You have no idea how I feel. Fuck I'm not even
supposed to do that" Angelus pushes down slightly. "I
could kill you."

Spike relaxes, letting all the tension flow out of him.
He looks at Angelus with clear blue eyes. "I'm yours.
Do with me what you will."

Angelus pushes down harder but Spike doesn't flinch
and this only pisses him off more. Growling he throws
the leg against the wall and leans his head back against
the bed.

Spike collapses in on himself and the tears flow. He
stays silent, not wanting to provoke Angelus.

Angelus leans up and sees the tears. He drags Spike up
his chest and he slaps Spike’s face. "Stop it. I will kill
you if you start that. What the hell do you want from

"I want to be yours...your playtoy, your pet, your boy.
And I don't want you to hate me."

Angelus feels himself soften, leaning over and kissing
Spike. When he once again realizes his weakness, he
picks Spike up and throws him on the bed. Spike hits
his head on the headboard. Angelus screams, "Fuck!
Stop it! Dammit don't! You’re not any damn different
than anyone else, you piece of shit! You’re a whore!
Why do I let you…" Opening the door Angelus storms
out and comes back seconds later with a random male
minion. He slams the door shut and pushes the minion
to his knees. "I’ll show you, Will, how you’re no
different than any of the rest." Angelus looks down and
backhands the minion saying in deep voice, "Suck my
fucking dick." And the minion quickly complies,
taking the soft member into his mouth, working to get
Angelus hard. Angelus looks up at Spike, eyes hard as

Spike lies on the bed. His head is bleeding some from
the vicious crack against the headboard. He waits
patiently to see the outcome of this little experiment.

Angelus smells the blood and he is grateful. That
makes his dick able to harden a fraction. He pulls the
minion further into his groin. "Harder damn it." And
the minion goes to work sucking harder and going
deeper. Angelus finds himself staring at Spike’s body,
studying the curves, and his dick grows more. That
pisses him off, so he starts to slam into the minion’s
throat, closing his eyes so as to not be tempted. After a
few minutes and no visual, Angelus begins to soften
and he digs his fingers into his palms.

Spike watches. He knows the moods on that face
almost as well as he knows his own and he can see that
Angelus is not being satisfied. He allows himself a
small moment of triumph. He *is* special.

Angelus allow the bad, frenzied blow job to continue
for a few minutes. Then he reaches down slowly and
wrenches the minion’s head off his dick. Looking
down he grabs the minion’s head, snapping it off, dust
flying in every direction. He looks up his face
screaming every angry, nasty, vengeance laden thing it
ever has. "What’s the worst thing I could do to you?"

"Leave me." Spike says simply and quietly.

Angelus steps closer. "You’re right! That, and letting
every damn minion in this mansion from the shoe
lickers to the grunts fuck you. I'm tired and damn well
sick of this thing inside me that insists that you’re worth
a damn to me." Angelus throws on clothes and walks
over to Spike. He tilts his head back harshly and sniffs
his throat, then shoves him back down to the bed. "I'm
fucking going out. I swear if I even come back and I
smell a rat in here you'll pay." He storms out angrily.

Spike sighs. He props up on his arms and starts
pushing with them to get to the pillows, when all of a
sudden his legs start pushing as well. He stops,
shocked. He starts flexing and moving his legs. *It's
not a fluke. Spinal cord must've finally healed.* He is
playing with moving his legs when he hears footsteps
coming to the door. He stops moving and lies back

Dru opens the door and stands there. "Not coming in,
Daddy says no. But he didn't say I couldn't talk to you.
Had a vision, I did. Shiny goldfish soul. Nasty demon
named Jernys can put it back in Daddy. Should I tell
him, Spoike my love, so he can kill him?"

Spike considers. "I'll tell him, Dru. Don't worry your
pretty head about it. Go and play with your dolls."

Dru claps her hands. "Goody! I hate having to give
Daddy bad news. And he doesn't seem to like playing
with me anymore. Miss Edith is very cross at him."
And she closes the door and goes skipping off.

*Something to consider. Angelus is getting madder by
the day. I may not be left with a choice-- get him a soul
or let him kill me. Running's no option. He'd find me.*
He works on exercising his legs while he waits for his
Sire to return.

A few hours later...he can hear stumbling steps
approaching, and he feel Angelus' presence. He lies
down and waits for him to enter.

Angelus opens the door and fumbles with closing it, his
hand slipping off the knob. He giggles and waves his
whiskey bottle in the air, screaming back at the noisy
minions. "I said everybody go find something to do. I
do not wish my mood to be ruined."

"Hello, Sire," Spike says. *Drunk. This will either be
really good or really bad.*

Angelus smiles and wiggles the bottle finally getting
the door closed. "Hello,Will."

"You had a good evening?" Spike asks.

Capping the bottle and throwing it on the bed, Angelus
starts peeling off his jacket, fumbling at the buttons,
and laughing harder each time he misses. "Killed
things, got drunk, killed more things, thought about

"That's good. C'mere. I'll help with the buttons." He
pulls himself to a sitting position, being careful to use
only his arms.

Angelus walks over. "Be careful,like this jacket."

"I can see why. It's a great jacket." He carefully
unbuttons the jacket. *Whew. Smells like a brewery.
He drank a lot.*

Angelus watches him unbutton his jacket and says
totally out of the blue. "Five."

"Five what?" Spike asks.

"I killed five boys and not ‘cause they looked like you
but cause they dared to even slightly resemble you.
Why did I do that?"

A shiver goes through Spike. Angelus had officially
gotten scary crazy. Keeping his voice neutral, Spike
replies. "I don't know. Why do you *think* you did

Angelus traces his hand slightly around Spike’s face but
doesn't touch him. " ‘Cause there is only one you, and
they dared to violate that. That’s one thing I remember.
Then I remember that I was angry at you, so I hurt them
even more cause of that." Angelus lets the jacket slip
from his arms and it pulls to the floor.

Spike holds still. He's not sure how to react. It was one
of those moments with the potential for great violence.
He just looks at Angelus, hoping not to be beaten.

Angelus sighs and claps his hands gently around
Spike’s face, leaning forward and kissing him softly.
He pulls back and points to his shirt. Then grabs his
bottle of whiskey and opens it, taking a swig. "Shirt.
Help me with that, too."

Spike moves his hands to start unbuttoning Angelus'
shirt. "Of course, Sire."

"One had glasses like you used to. What happened to
the pretty glasses Will?"

"Still have them in my duster. I need them sometimes.
You liked the glasses? Really?"

Angelus nods. "I loved them. I didn't think you still had
them. I thought they made you look intelligent and
handsome. Still handsome, mind, but I had many a
daydream of fucking you with them on."

Spike smiles. "Hand me my duster and I'll put them on
for you."

Angelus swigs some more of his whiskey and stumbles
to Spike’s duster, lifting it over his shoulder. Then he
stumbles back to the bed, falling over his feet and
landing on the bed. He lifts the duster. "Glasses, find,
on for me please?"

Spike wants to chuckle at Angelus' childlike expression
but he merely smiles, and digs into the duster's inside
pockets til he finds the glasses. He takes them out and
puts them on. "You like?" he asks.

Angelus sighs happily. "Yeah, come here."

Spike leans forward on his arms and pulls forward,
closer to Angelus. "Here?"

Angelus snickers and wiggles his fingers. "Bit closer, I
promise I won't bite."

Spike scoots closer. "No biting? That takes all the fun
out of it."

Angelus grabs Spike’s forearms and brings him on top
of him, Spike’s naked body sliding along Angelus’
leather pants. He nips lightly at Spikes jugular and
laughs. "There! Bit you."

Spike can't help it. He chuckles. Then he moves his
head and kisses Angelus passionately.

Angleus kisses back with just as much passion,
reaching into Spike’s hair, running his hands it through

Spike sighs happily and snuggles closer. He kisses on
Angelus' neck.

Angelus starts to purr, but then goes to sit up. "I let one
go. He had the cheekbones. I think I need to chase him
down, you know, maybe staple a puppy to his door."

Spike puts his arms around Angelus' neck and holds on.
"You can always find him later. It's getting close to
light now."

Angelus fidgets, then nods. He leans over and begins to
rub his nose on Spike’s cheekbones. "I want to be
inside you, but you have to keep the glasses on. Can

Spike strokes the side of Angelus' face. "Of course you
can, and of course I will."

Angelus hums his approval and trails his hand down
Spike’s body rubbing and caressing. "Mine."

Spike purrs. "Yours. Always yours."

Angleus sighs and grabs Spike’s cock slowly pumping.
"Love me?"

Spike moans. "Yes, I love you." He strokes Angelus'

He grabs Spike’s hand and places it on his leather-
covered erection. "Want me?"

Spike rubs against the massive hard-on. "Oh god yes, I
want you. I want you so bad."

Angelus lays down. "Take off my pants Will."

Spike starts undoing the tight leather pants. As he
unzips them, Angelus' monstrous cock is freed from its
confinement. Spike stops just a moment to stroke it
before he starts pulling the pants down. He scoots
back, pulls some more, scoots back, pulls some more,
until he has finally pried them off and he is at the foot
of the bed. He starts pulling himself back up towards

Angelus reaches down and drags Spike on top of him.
"I really hate that you’re still not better. I can't stand
seeing you like this. I left a box full of blood-covered
donuts on her door but I wasn't really trying. I was
pissed and I figured making fun of her eating habits and
the blood would be amusing."

"That's a good one. And I won't be like this forever. It
will heal, I promise." *Already has, but hell if I'm
going to let you know that.*

Angelus rubs down Spike’s back and swigs the last of
the bottle, tossing it to the other side of the room. "Can
you rub against me?"

Spike grabs his shoulders and rubs his body up and
down against Angelus. "Yes. Like this?"

Angelus sighs. "Yeah, keep going. Surprise me if you
want like you used to. I just wanna look at you with
your pretty glasses, my beautiful boy."

*Surprise? Great. My ability to surprise is kinda
limited in this position.* Spike moves himself further
back down Angelus' body, until their cocks rub
together. Then he moves himself up and down, back
and forth, making them collide and slide over and over

Angelus purrs louder and runs his fingertips up back as
if his touch alone will heal his boy, just reveling in the
feel of Spike sliding over him. The hatred that normally
follows these feelings is buried under currents of

Spike slides down more and places his mouth on the
head of Angelus' dick. He swirls his tongue around,
and looks back at Angelus.

Angelus smiles down at Spike and caresses his cheek.
"Take your pleasure, Will."

Spike smiles. "Oh...if you really want me to take my
pleasure..." Spike pulls himself back up Angelus' body,
then reaches back and guides Angelus' cock into him.
He pushes back, slowly sinking the cock deeper and
deeper into him.

Angelus arches his head back and grabs onto Spike’s
hips. "Oh, fuck Will...still..good...with..the...surprises."

Spike begins licking and sucking and biting on
Angelus' neck. "So glad you approve."

He fans out his hands on Spike’s cheeks, spreading and
kneading them, rocking his hips back and forth.
"Always approve, always want, always need, always,
always, always!!"

Spike's hands start playing with Angelus' nipples and he
bites down harder with blunt teeth on his neck.
"Always for me too."

Angelus groans and digs his fingers deeper into Spike’s
ass cheeks and starts to jack his hips harder. "Good,
fuck Will....feel so good, so fucking tight, so good."

*He's in a good mood.* Spike presses back faster.
Spike's cock is being rubbed hard between them and the
sensations are intense. "Ohgod ...Sire ...need you
...harder ...deeper ... in me...."

Angleus moans at Spike’s voice. He loves hearing the
want in it. He flips them over, being careful not to
shake Spike too hard. He keeps inside him and wraps
Spike’s legs around his hips, keeping them steady. He
picks up the pace and the thrusts. "Like this, my
beautiful boy? Like this?"

"Yes...ohgod...yes..." It is all Spike can do to keep his
legs slack. He wants to use them and fuck back hard
against his Sire. It feels so good.

"Oh, fuck...yeah...god fuck, damn it...I want you so
much." Angelus moans out, pumping his hips further
and faster, lifting his hand to Spike’s bobbing cock,
taking a firm hold, and pumping up and down.

Spike can't last long now. Angelus' huge hands have
always had that effect on him. He comes, screaming,
"ANGELUS!" and spurting all over his stomach.

"Oh, fuck yeah....." *Angelus sighs out as he cums his
hips lazily tipping back and forth as he cums and cums
inside Spike tight squeezing hole. He lowers himself
slowly breathing unconsciously.

Spike is now almost buried under Angelus. He strokes
his Sire's hair, and licks at his throat. "I love you, Sire."
he says.

Angelus, drunk and only seconds away from passing
out in his drunken stupor, whispers out fondly, "I love
you, too, Will. I love you too." And then he falls

*Oh god, he didn't say that, he didn't say that. I have
got to get out of here before he wakes up again. He'll
kill me for even hearing him say that.* He waits for a
while, and eventually Angelus shifts in his sleep,
moving enough so that Spike can wriggle out from
underneath. He moves quickly, grabbing his clothing
and getting dressed, watching all the while to make sure
Angelus doesn't wake up. He grabs a thick blanket and
heads out the door, opening and closing it as quietly as
he can. The minions are asleep for the day and so
Spike is able to slip out, blanket drawn over him to
protect him from the sun. He finds an access to the
sewers and drops down inside, safe from the sun. He
knows the sewers, and heads as quickly as he can for
the exit to Willie's. It's always open to let in vamps
during the day. He soon finds himself in the bar.

"Willie, c'mere."

Willie's eyes widen. "Spike? I thought you were...I
mean they said...right away boss." He comes over with
a glass of blood. "Just like you like it."

Spike grabs Willie's collar. "Need information, Willie.
Looking for a demon named Jernys."

Willie smiles, nervously. "Good. Thought you were
gonna ask something difficult. He's the shaggy one
over there in the corner behind you."

"Nice working with you, Willie." Spike lets Willie go,
grabs his drink, and turns around. There is indeed a
large shaggy demon sitting in the corner. He looks
vaguely cuddly, with large shining eyes. Spike moves
towards him.

The demon looks up. He speaks in a mellifluous deep
voice. "Your name is Spike, and you have come as a
seeker. I welcome seekers. Please join me." He
gestures to a chair.

Spike sits down. "I'm impressed. Either you've done
your homework or you can see things. One way or the
other, I'm impressed. I have it on the authority of a
seer--a crazy one, no doubt, but a seer- that you can put
a soul back into a vampire. Is my source correct?"

Spike hears a voice in his head. *I will not speak of
such things aloud. But yes, I can. It is not easy. I will
require a cup of blood from a Slayer, and a cup of blood
from a descendent of the line of the vampire to be so
restored. And money. I have need of $10,000. *

Spike nods. He concentrates, *Can you hear me
without words? *

*Quite easily. *

*I can transfer the money to any account you wish. I
will need time to get the blood of a Slayer. Where can I
reach you? *

Jernys pulls out a card and hands it to him. "Pleasure to
meet you, sorry I couldn't help." he says aloud.

Spike takes the card and shakes his hand. "Pleasure to
meet you too." He gets up, downs his blood, and heads
to the basement and back into the sewers. He heads to
the most remote spot he can find to wait until dark.

When dark comes, he is out and headed for the Slayer's
house. He arrives and knocks on the door.

Buffy opens the door and immediately goes to shut it.

"Buffy this is about Angel!" Spike shouts.

Buffy opens the door, her eyes narrowed. "What about
him? He's gone and you know that."

"It's possible to get him back. I know how but I need
your help."

Buffy crosses her hands over her chest. "Spike, tell me
why one-- I should trust you, and two-- why I don't
stake you for thinking I'm stupid enough to listen to you
and your lies."

"I...I don't know why you should trust me, Slayer, but
I'm desperate. He'll kill me, Slayer, he'll hunt me down
and kill me if I don't figure out how to stop him. He's
crazy...more than he ever was before. Being trapped
inside Angel all these years has pushed him
*completely* around the bend. You want him back and
I want to keep living." Spike's face is open and he is
vulnerable and defeated-looking.

Buffy is confused why would Angelus give a damn
about Dru's kid, childe, whatever, she don't care, but
she does want Angel back. "Fine, talk. But if I don't like
what you have to say, I stake you."

"Fair enough. It'd be a merciful end compared to what
Angelus would give me. There's this demon named
Jernys. He can do a spell to put the soul back...but it
requires the blood of a descendent- I can supply that -
and the blood of a slayer. Just a cup of each. And
some money, but I'll take care of that."

Buffy mulls this over, then walks to the kitchen. She
grabs a dagger on the table and a cup and walks back to
the door. "If this is some lame attempt to get my blood
so you can like play with it or do some spell on me-- I
swear Spike…"

"You can come with me if you want to." Spike looks
pathetically grateful.

Buffy rolls her eyes. Then she slits her hand, letting her
blood fill the cup. She rips a piece of her shirt off and
gestures for Spike to stand back. "I still don't trust this,
but it's not like I can't bring a army and find you if you
mess with me. Now, stand back." He does and she slips
the cup past the barrier. He bends down and picks it up.
Buffy finally asks what else is on her mind. "Spike?"

"What?" Spike replies.

"Why will Angelus kill you? I mean your like his
childe’s childe right? It doesn't make sense. What did
you do?"

Spike swallows hard. "I heard him say he loves me.
And love is one thing he cannot forgive."

Buffy huffs. "Ok, Spike, now you’re full of shit. He
doesn't love anything, as he has taken great pride in
showing me lately. But, whatever, live in your
apparently deluded lonely world. Tell me if this little
stunt works. I want to know the minute Angel is back."

Spike nods. "Believe what you will, Slayer. But yes, I
will tell you the minute Angel is back." He turns and
heads out into the night.

Not long after he arrives at the address on Jernys' card.
He goes to knock on the door but it opens as he
approaches. "Good, you have come, seeker. Enter and
be welcome."

Spike goes inside. It is a motley but comfortable-
looking place. Jernys starts walking down a hallway.
"Follow me, we'll go straight to my ritual space. No
time to lose. If we do not restore the soul soon he will
send minions to kill me. I have seen it."

Jernys leads him into an incense filled room. Candles
are already burning and a complicated diagram on the
floor. "Your blood now, and quickly," says Jernys,
handing Spike a dagger and a cup and taking the cup of
Buffy's blood. Spike fills the cup quickly. Jernys pours
both cups of blood into a bright crystal bowl, and steps
into the diagram and begins chanting. Incense clouds
begin to swirl about in cyclone patterns, and the flames
from the candles get higher and higher. The chanting
reaches a fever pitch and the room explodes in bright
golden light. The candles blow out, the incense is
dissipated, and Jernys collapses to the floor in a
boneless heap.

"It is done," he croaks. "Be a good vampire and put me
in my bed."

Spike lifts him with difficulty and carried him to the
bedroom. He puts him in the bed.

"There is one last thing to tell you. This is not a curse.
The vampire will have no happiness clause upon his
soul. Now go," says Jernys. I have protection spells on
the house, I will be fine now. Go and tell the Slayer."

Spike nods. He stumbles out the door and back towards
the Slayer's house. He is numb now, and best he do this
before the shock wears off. He arrives at Buffy's house,
and knocks on the door.

Buffy opens the door. "Ah, back so soon. What you
need now, my spit?"

"Slayer, it's done. According to Jernys, anyway. I
promised to let you know. He's in the mansion if you
want to go check. I'm not going near there myself...
either way he's not going to be happy to see me. Oh,
and there’s no happiness clause anymore."

Buffy flounders and looks at Spike like he asked for her
hand in marriage. She recovers, grabs her coat, and runs
past Spike toward the mansion.

She runs and runs until she reaches the mansion. When
she gets inside, she stops dead at what she sees. Angel,
naked, surrounded by dust. He is covered in it and it's
all around him. He sees her and backs up. She comes
forward some. "Angel is that you?"

Angel backs up more and holds up a hand, stumbling.
"Stay away from me...please just leave me alone."

Buffy tries to walks closer again. Angel backs up
completely, and she stops. "Angel, please, I can help
you. I love you!"

Angel shakes his head. "No, I can't. I can't. I'm sorry."

Buffy starts to cry. "Angel, I helped. You’re back,
please. Me and Spike, our blood, we got you back."

Angel’s head shoots up. "Will, he helped you get me
back? Where’s Drusilla? What about her? She wasn't

Buffy shrugs, still sobbing. "I don't know where she is.
Yes, he helped. It doesn't matter. What matters is us. I
missed you so much."

Angel looks at Buffy, his eyes glittering. "Go away,
Buffy. I don't love you. I can't be with you. Thank you
for helping me, but I can't be with you ever again.
Please go."

Buffy cries more. "Angel, please!"

Angel turns his back, his voice stern. "Go away,

Buffy covers her mouth to keep from screaming out in
hurt and pain and runs out, leaving Angel alone.

Back at Buffy's house, Spike’s numbness starts to wear
off. *That's it, then. I've bloody well lost him forever.
Angel's back and he and Buffy can sodding well live
happily ever after. I need to get drunk. Very, very
drunk.* He moves off into the night in search of the
nearest bar.

A short while later, he's in a neighborhood bar. A nice,
dark place, with a live blues band and plenty of
cigarette smoke. Spike sits at the bar with a bottle. The
bottle is already almost empty.

Angel throws on some clothes and picks up a stake. He
wants to get out of this place and he needs to find
Spike. He figures Drusilla is long gone-- probably knew
this was coming and bolted. He checks everywhere. He
starts at the cemetery, dusting a few vamps who think
he is still Angelus. Then he checks Willie's. After
much shaking, Willie says he hasn't seen him in a few
hours and Angel leaves. He goes to a bar on the far, far,
far side of town and walks in. He looks around, through
the blue lights and smoke.

Spike looks up and sees ...Angel, or Angelus, who can
say? He starts laughing.

Angel hears the laugh and spots Spike. He walks over
and picks him up by the collar, whispering, "Come on."
And then he starts to drag him out of the bar.

Spike grabs the bottle as he is being dragged out. "Oh,
lovely. Got the Slayer waiting outside? A little staking
party for Spike? Or didn't it work, and I'm being
dragged back to the mansion for slow torture and

Angel doesn't say anything. He just drags Spike outside
into the alley, then throws him up against the wall.
"Shut up, I wanna know why you did it."

"Did what? You'll 'ave to be more specific, I've done a
lot of things."

Angel punches Spike in the face and touches his own
chest. "Why did you do this?"

"Answer me first- Angel or Angelus? Cause the way
you're acting and where you pointed would work for

Angel punches Spike again and wrenches his head
back. "Angel, you stupid idiot, you happy now? Now
quit fucking around and tell me why you help Buffy put
my soul back."

Spike lolls around limply, not fighting back. "Other
way around, mate. She helped me. I did it. All she did
was supply some blood. And don't you remember what
Angelus did before he went to sleep this morning?
Told me he loved me, is what. He would've killed me
when he woke up and realized. Had to do it. But
you're gonna kill me anyway, it seems. At least you
probably won't torture me first."

Angel lets Spike go and backs up. He seems to be
struggling with himself to remember what Spike has
said. He has just started to pace when Buffy walks into
the alley.

Buffy walks up to Angel and tries to touch him but he
curls away and back. Buffy turns to Spike brandishing
a stake. "Why is he acting like this? What did you do?"

"I knew it! You only pulled me out here so she could
kill me!" Spike yells to Angel. He looks back at Buffy.
"Didn't do a sodding thing to him...not to Angel. As for
Angelus...well, I told you that and you didn't believe
me. Want me to make something up, Slayer?"

Buffy walks forward. Angel is still in the corner. He
seems to be fighting hard now with himself, his eyes
closed, his body fitful. Buffy’s face goes into a grim
expression and she pushes Spike back, grabbing his
throat, pulling the stake back. "That’s so lame, Spike.
He doesn't love you! Why would he love you? You did
something to him. Look how he is acting now! Tell me
and I will stake you quick."

Spike slumps. "Go ahead. Not like I have anything to
sodding live for now. Why aren't you and Peaches off
somewhere snogging right now, anyway? No
happiness clause to stop you? You think you two
would be at it like bunnies."

Buffy looks at Angel and when she turns back she is
crying. "He doesn't love me! He said it. He told me to
go away. He said he couldn't be with me." Buffy
presses the stake against Spike’s chest. "What did you
do to make him like this?"

She whimpers then, and whispers. "It doesn't matter I'll
kill you anyway." She begins to press forward, when
suddenly the stake is stripped from her hand and she is
thrown back against the other wall. She looks up and
Angel is looking at her with the most intense and scary
expression, worse than any of Angelus's. She looks up
and tears flow down her face. "What are you doing?
What’s wrong with you?"

Angel walks up to her and yanks her up. He points her
towards the mouth of the alley. He leans down and
whispers, but not low enough-- Spike can hear him.
"Hurt him once shame on you, hurt him twice shame on
me. I don't love you, Buffy. Get a grip, stop acting like
a juvenile, and if you ever touch Will again I will kill
you-- soul or no soul-- understand?"

Buffy yanks her arm away and punches Angel in the
face. "Don't touch me. I don't know what wrong with
you, but you’re crazy. Stay away from me."
Buffy takes one last look at Angel and runs out of the

Spike collapses onto the ground. He looks up at Angel.
"So what the fuck was that all about? I thought you
loved her. I mean, you *are* Angel, right? This isn't
some elaborate torture prank of Angelus'?"

Angel walks over and drops to his knees in front of
Spike. He lifts his hand, rubbing his thumb over his
cheekbones, and whispers, "Hurt you so much. I'm not
Angelus, Will. Soul’s here and I don't love her. I only
love one person."

Spike flinches a bit at Angel's touch, then relaxes. He
looks at him intensely. "Don't say what you don't
mean. Don't say it out of pity or regret over what
Angelus did. You don't owe me."

Angel grips Spikes shoulder and shakes him. "I'm not
just sayin’ it.” Then he shakes him again. “I love you.”
Then again. “ I love you.” Again. “I love you.” He
crushes Spike to him, running his one hand through his
hair, and digging his fingers into Spike’s spine,
carefully caressing with the other. "I love you so much

"Ohgod...I love you too." He hugs Angel and buries his
face into his neck. Then he chuckles. "What the hell
should I call you, anyway?"

Angel kisses Spike’s head. "Anything you want, Will.
What do you want to call me?"

Spike pulls back, and looks into Angel's eyes. "Mine."

Angel laughs and kisses Spike softly. Then he whispers
against Spike’s lips. "Yours."
Tags: fic, nc-17, spangel, spangelus, stand alone
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