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Writing the Way to Love A/S NC-17 Ats

Part Two.

TITLE: Writing the Way to Love
AUTHORS: Pet and Salustra
PAIRING: Angel/Spike (w/ references to
SUMMARY: Future-fic. About 30 plus years
after Season 5 AtS, Angel goes to look up Spike,
who has written a book about their early years
SPOILERS: Through Season 5 AtS

The next morning came soon. Spike crawls out of
bed after a night spent with dreams of ancient
times tormenting him. He dresses in tight jeans
and a black silk dress shirt and heads down for
his morning blood and to cook breakfast for
He sips his blood and then starts making coffee,
frying bacon, making eggs, and popping toast into
the toaster.
Aurora yawns and walks in, with piggy tails,
pajama bottoms, and a Cheshire cat tank top on.
She sits and then lays her head down on the table
doing her morning whine. "Juice...need juice."
Angel opens his eyes slowly he feels like a ton of
bricks hit him he looks at the clock. Ahhh, that’s
why. Only about 4 hours of sleep tops. Climbing
out of bed he retrieves a pair of loose black slacks
and a white tank top-- his around the room wear--
and opens the door slowly. He walks down the
stairs and into the kitchen. He freezes when he
sees Spike but then spots Aurora and sits next to
Spike gets Aurora a glass of juice and turns to set
it in front of her. He pauses in mid-movement as
he sees Angel but then smoothly delivers the
juice. "There you go, OJ for my little girl." He
looks over at Angel. "What do you want? To
drink, I mean?"
Aurora notices this small exchange and lets it sit
for now. She takes her juice swallowing and
smiling at Spike. "Thank you, you savior you."
Angel smiles at Aurora. "Me I just need Blood
Spike bows with a small flourish towards Aurora.
And he goes to microwave a mug of blood for
Angel. As he does so, he put the finishing touches
on the bacon and eggs and starts serving up plates
for the three of them. "You don't have to eat, you
can always just hurt my feelings..." Spike says in
a mock nagging tone. He sits down with a mug of
blood and a cup of coffee and begins to eat.
Aurora notices this too and looks to the both of
them avoiding eyes and just acting out being civil
and bites into her bacon. "So guys-- you have two
choices. I tell you who I made out with in the bar
or you tell me how your get together went day
number one."
Angel chokes on his blood. He liked Aurora; she
went straight to the point and did it with grace
and humor. He wipes the corner of his mouth and
looks into his cup acting like it will give him
answers to great questions.
Spike gives a big evil grin. "I think you should
tell us who you made out with last night. I hope
he... or she... was cute."
Aurora narrows her eyes at this. She knows Spike
and this is telling. He never wants to hear about
her and anyone, male or female. So she puts her
fork down and looks to Angel looking in his cup
like it is gold. "So Angel how did it go last night?
I mean come on tell me."
Angel shifts and looks at Aurora and coughs. "It
was all right. We touched base and talked about
Aurora looks to Spike. "And was it fun rehashing
old times?"
"Yes and no." Spike says and eats a big mouthful
of eggs and bacon.
Aurora blows a breath of agitation. She throws
her fork at Spike and pinches Angel in the side.
"Okay, that’s it! Start talking. I have a weekend to
start-- beach and fun party galore-- and if I can't
leave you two alone ‘cause your acting all toddler
with each other I swear to god I will stake you
Spike rolls his eyes. "You take entirely too much
after your mother. Okay, it was rough. We haven't
seen each other in a while, and you know the
stories. We don't exactly have a smooth
relationship with each other. There! Happy?"
Aurora looks to Angel. "Is that true?"
Angel nods and looks guilty. "I got a little too
much into our history acted a bit too much like
the past I'm sorry." Angel realizes he has nothing
to apologize to her for, but he was saying it to
Spike through her.
Aurora nods, stands up, leans over, and whispers
in a hiss. "I may be like my mother William. If
she were here right now, she would’ve slapped
you, told you to get a life. Now I have a feeling
you shut him out at every turn, ‘cause that’s what
you do. I love you but if you blow the chance you
prayed for I swear I will never forgive you."
Spike looks shocked. "I take it you feel strongly
about this, then. And what makes you think I
prayed for this?" And what he wanted to scream
out to Angel is that he wanted him to *keep*
acting a little more like the past. To just take him
and not brood so damn much.
Aurora leans further over the table and whispers
in Spikes ear. "Will, don't treat me like I'm dumb
or I will go get the mountain of poems written all
within the last three months, or your diary. Or I
will just tell him what I hear you pant while in
quiet time Now I have a shower to take and a
beach house to get to. Please don't fuck this up, or
I may just have to be disappointed in you for the
first time ever in my life." She stands up and
leans over to whisper in Angels ear, "He is strong
don't ever think he isn't but if you hurt him in any
way I will show you what Summers blood has
done for me." Smiling she stands, kisses each of
their cheeks, and walks out.
Angel eyes widen and he watches her go.
Spike chuckles a little nervously. "She scares me
sometimes. And really, really listens at the door
and goes through my stuff too much, apparently."
Angel nods slowly and turns to Spike. “She has
the blood of two strong women and you raised
her. I would bet she is the most dangerous girl on
the planet bar none." He tries to grin.
"Yeah, probably is." Spike cleans up from
breakfast and he and Angel pass the time in
comparative silence. He goes up to his office and
starts trying to type on the new book.
Angel remains at the table then gets up. He
washes the dishes to distract himself then when
those are done he walks around the house giving
himself a tour. When that is done he sighs and
walks to Spike’s office peeking in then walking
away. A few minutes alter he peeks again.
Spike can feel Angel each time he peeks in. He
types the same few sentences repeatedly and
finally gives up in frustration. He goes over to the
bar, gets out a bottle of Jack Daniels, and starts
When Angel peeks again he sees Spike drinking.
* Well this is never good * he thinks. Walking in
he grabs the bottle out of his hand. "Spike please
Spike grabs the bottle back. "It's my house, mate.
I can bloody well drink if I feel like it. And right
now I definitely fucking feel like it." He chugs a
considerable amount out of the bottle.
Angel wants to spit and growl at Spikes deviance
but that’s Angelus. So he just throws up his hands
and walks out. He goes to the living room, plops
in the chair by the fire, and broods.
It's sometime later in the evening. Aurora has left
for her beach weekend. Spike has finished two
bottles of Jack. He comes toddling into the living
room where Angel sits by the fire. He comes and
reaches over the back of the chair and hugs
Angel's neck and kisses him on the cheek.
"You're a very handsome bloke, d'ya know that,
Angel baby? Really, really striking. And
fuckable. So what the *fuck* are you fucking
doing here exhuming the dead?" Spike tries to
make it to the couch but loses his balance and
lands hard on the floor next to the chair, back to
the fire, facing Angel. "I mean, I have to be dead
to you, don't I, after all this fucking time? After
all the things we said and did to each other?"
Angel doesn't spare a glance to Spike. He ignores
the handsome comments. He was waiting for this,
biding his time, and just waiting for Spike to
come. He shakes his head and keeps his voice
even. "No, you’re not dead to me Spike. We did
those things cause we were scared and we didn't
know how to get back to good."
Spike's eyes mist. His voice shakes. "And now?
What's fucking different now?"
Angel looks to Spike and whispers. "I'm not
scared anymore I see everything so clearly now."
"I don't, Angel. I don't. Tell me what you see." He
grabs Angel's hand. "Tell me."
Angel smiles softly and grabs Spike. He pulls him
between his legs and strokes his cheeks. "I see
you. That’s all I need to see I read what you felt
and it all became crystal clear. You’re trying too
hard Will-- just let it all go and look at me. Look
at me like you used too and just see me. That’s all
you need to do."
Spike looks up at Angel. He gets up onto his
knees, and pulls Angel's face down to his. He
kisses him hard. "This seems familiar. Except I'm
usually naked. And sucking your cock."
Angel laughs softly. He picks up Spike, sets him
on his lap, and strokes his hair. "I'll give you this,
you’re goal-orientated. But now’s not the time,
Will. Not when you’re like this. You'll only feel
regret in the morning if you’re not sure how you
Angel kisses Spike’s head. "But soon we can do
familiar all you please. Baby, I promise this time
will be good."
Spike buries his head in Angel's neck. He licks
and sucks. "Angel, I want to...I want to..."
Angel tries to restrain himself when Spike licks
and sucks at his neck. "What do you want Will
tell me..."
"I want to be with you. I want to pull you around
me like a blanket and live inside you." He licks
the hollow of Angel's neck and nibbles along his
Angel shivers at Spike’s words and pulls him
closer. "You can, Will. We just have to do it
proper. But, you and me can lay here until you’re
tired. Then I can carry you to bed-- even sleep
with you if you want."
"Yeah...sleep with me..." Spike nuzzles a little
more, then passes out against Angel's chest.
Angel smiles softly. This is like old times. He
stands up carefully with Spike in his arms and
carries him upstairs to his room. He lays him
down and strips him of his clothes. Then he strips
off his. Climbing in bed, he pulls Spike up against
him and pulls the covers up around them. He
kisses Spike’s head and whispers. "I love you
William Matthew Banner." Then lays his head on
the pillow by Spikes head. He falls asleep almost
instantly-- having this familiarity and his boy,
he’s home.
Spike wakes up in the morning. His mouth feels
like something furry slept in it. His head hurt.
*Too much damn booze, Willie my boy.* He
looks down and he is naked. Then he becomes
aware of a weight around his waist. He looks over
and sees it is an arm...Angel's arm in fact. He can
feel a very naked Angel spooned in behind him.
He remembers being in Angel's lap, but after
that... *Oh god. What did we do?* He grabs
Angel's arm and tries to move it.
Angel tightens his hand, feeling a bit proud he
didn't give in last night. ‘Cause he was right about
what morning would bring and he whispers,
"Nothing happened, Will. You asked me to sleep
with you and that’s all that happened-- sleep."
Spike struggles a bit more to get up. "Is that all I
asked for? I seem to remember some other
Angel pulls Spike completely against him,
refusing to give up this time. He keeps his voice
soft and continues whispering just like Spike
likes. "No, Will, you’re right. You asked for
more. You said you wanted to wrap me around
you like a blanket." Angel stretches his leg over
Spike’s and tilts his chest over Spike’s until he is
practically surrounding him. "Done. And you said
you want to be with me. You are now here.
You’re with me." Angel smirks. "Something
about my cock was mentioned but we can let that
Spike is now pleasantly smooshed into the bed,
surrounded by cool flesh. His own cock twitches,
remembering the position he was in last night,
and what he said. "No, I think we need to get
back around to that one sooner or later. That one
was important. But for now," Spike squirms and
struggles just to rub against the firmness of the
muscles holding him. "This will do."
Angel simply hmms and kisses into the nape of
Spike’s neck. He moans wistfully and whispers in
his ear. "You feel good...smell good...Better than
I remembered. I'm wondering…" Angel licks a
path from neck to ear and chuckles softly, "Yep,
still taste good too."
Spike hisses as Angel licks him. "Damn it, Angel.
You still know all the spots." He wiggles hard
until he turns around to partly face Angel. He
licks, nips, and sucks at Angel's nipple. If he was
going to be held down damn it he intended to be
Angel laughs and rolls on top of Spike, brings his
hands up, and holds them down. This time it
doesn't seem wrong but very right. "Naughty
Boy! Now be good. But I cover you this way too
I guess." Angel flexes his fingers around Spike’s
Spike squirms under Angel. Their cocks brush
lightly. Spike captures Angel's lips in a passionate
Angel gasps then brushes back against Spike
gently. He growls and nips at Spike’s bottom lip
and his eyes flash he whispers huskily. "Will, if
you don't want this I suggest you stop. I can't be
held accountable for what I do if you keep it up."
"You keep calling me Will. Am I Will? Am I
your darling boy again? And what are you going
to do to me if I keep doing *this*?" He squirms
again, forcing their hard cocks into contact, the
velvety flesh sparking.
Angel nods and kisses him lightly, hissing with
pleasure when Spike surges against him again. He
slips his legs between Spike’s. "Of course, you’re
my Will. Of course, you’re my darling boy,
you’re my beautiful breathtaking gorgeous boy
and I love you." Angel then trails his mouth to
Spike’s ear, brings on his brogue and thrusts a
tiny bit harder. "We know wha happens dear boy
when ya play wit me, when ya challenge me. Will
do na' test me."
"Oh, Angel, damn it. I love you too, you
handsome man. And I do know what will happen.
That's why I do it. I could never resist..." He
twists again, bringing their cocks together.
Angel growls harder at the spoken admission
from Spike’s lips and bites his wrist. He covers
the fingers of his free hand not letting Spike’s
wrists go. He trails his hand down and circles his
bloody fingers around Spike’s quivering hole. He
lets his eyes flash to gold and licks Spike’s lips
whispering against them. "Tell me Baby what you
want from me...tell me and I'll give you whatever
you wish Will."
Spike whispers back hoarsely, "Fuck me hard. Let
me feel your enormous cock inside me again. It's
been too damn long, Angel."
Angel nods and kisses Spike and pushes a finger
inside his willing silky hole penetrating and
thrusting back gently stretching with each
movement, being as gentle as he has probably
ever been. He trails his mouth to Spike’s neck
and kisses his bite mark over and over. He
remembers his secret. He rubs his face against it
now desperately wanting to tell his boy. He feels
the muscles loosen around his finger and adds
another while rubbing.
Spike moans, and then he gasps as the second
finger is added. He struggles, just a little; to enjoy
the sensation of his arms firmly pinned above his
head. "Angel...oh, god...that feels so good. So
damn long..."
Angel scrapes his teeth over the mark and then
looks in his boy’s eyes as he pumps a third finger
inside him. "I know Will, I know. Baby I have to
tell you something. You have to listen. Are you
listening?" He pumps slower but keeps his fingers
embedded and deep pleasuring his boy.
Spike mewls and purrs. "You picked a hell of a
time to talk but yes you have my un-fucking-
divided attention!"
Angel manages a tiny smile. He thrusts and
scrapes his fingers over Spikes prostate and
whispers in his ear, "You’re not Drusilla’s childe,
you’re’re mine Will."
"But...but...I remember her biting me. She bit me
and I woke up a vampire. She said she made me.
How... how am I your childe?"
Angel continues his thrusts and nods. He looks
into Spikes eyes his eyes slightly wet from
emotion. "She did, Will. I told her to. I always
had a way with her---you know that. She wanted
a toy and you came whooshing in. I saw you and
I felt your pain and your strength. I saw your
face, your eyes. I had to have you but Darla made
it perfectly clear. No more childer after Drusilla--
-not one. I had to come up with a plan, a way. So
I told Drusilla to talk to you and to bite you, just
enough to make you weak. She did as she was
told. As soon as you were weak enough to be
disoriented, I came out of the darkness. I
distracted Drusilla with a lie about a little girl in
pigtails and then fed from you. I slit my wrist and
gave you my blood. Drusilla came back and I had
her feed you some blood once you were already
gone. She was none the wiser. Same with Darla.
They just assumed, Will." Angel lays his head on
Spike’s chest and pumps slower now, angling his
fingers, hitting his nub each time.
Spike moans, and then says, "So I'm yours...just
Angel nods and kisses Spike’s nose removing his
fingers. He places his cock to Spike’s hole and
whispers. "Just Mine, Will. All mine. You ready,
"Oh god yes!" Spike quivers against Angel.
"Fuck me hard!"
Angel nods and bends down. He engulfs Spike’s
lips in a gentle sensual kiss. He pushes forward
burying himself to the hilt inside his boy,
moaning out loud at the contact, and rubbing his
thumbs over Spike’s cheekbones while waiting
for Spike to adjust. "Oh god, Will, I forgot. God,
Baby, I forgot how good you feel."
Spike moans into the kiss. He is in a state of
bliss---restrained, filled, and loved. He wraps his
legs around Angel's lower back, tilting his hips up
hard against Angel.
Angel tilts his hand back and grabs Spike’s
ankles. When his boy wants hard, he doesn't
compromise. So, Angel grabs them and then
thrusts forwards, angling his hips up, then pulling
out fast. He thrusts back hard at an angle, hitting
his prostate at every entry. He throws back his
head and grits his teeth against the sensations. It's
all too much, too good. He keeps up his pace
reining in as much as he can without coming
inside his boy now.
Spike's features shift. It is all too fantastic...the
feelings overwhelm him. He growls at each deep
stroke and shoves back as hard as he can in his
position. Impaled, back arched, he wants Angel
as deep inside as he can manage. His own cock is
being rubbed between their bellies. "God! Fuck!
Annnnnnggggggeeeeeellllllll!" He comes himself,
spurting between their bellies, unable to restrain
Angel comes when his boy does, Spike’s internal
muscles squeezing him of every drop. He wails,
trembles, and finally drops on top of Spike,
panting although he doesn't need to. "That was
incredible Will."
"God, yes, Angel. How did it take us so fucking
long to come back to this?
His hands finally free, he strokes Angel's face,
feeling the contours, stroking along the strong
jaw. "I love you, Angel."
Angel sets up, smiles brilliantly, and kisses Spike
softly. "I love you too, Will. And it doesn't matter
‘cause we are together now, me and you, and we
have forever-- as long as you want it, that is."
Angel brushes some of Spike’s hair out of his
Spike kisses Angel back and then licks along his
jaw line and down onto his neck. "Forever sounds
good. What about W&H?"
Angel shrugs and leans into Spike’s kisses. "I can
quit or I can just run it from here I like it here. Fly
back when they need me. It's just a job, Spike. I
have enough money to last me lifetimes. I do it
‘cause it keeps my foot in the door but I don't
have to, I just like to."
Spike snuggles into Angel. "Good. I can't leave
Aurora. I'm glad she likes the idea of us together.
And it seems like you two will get along. She's an
amazing young woman, Angel."
Angel rolls off Spike and pulls him close
threading his fingers in Spikes hair. "I wouldn't
want you to leave her. She loves you very much, I
can tell, and I will get along with her just fine. I
can't help looking at her and seeing a Summers
girl. She is marvelous and I think you’re a big
reason for that. Wait until we tell her, she will die
with glee. I think she seemed so upset when she
found out we fought."
Spike leans his head into Angel's hand and purrs.
"I think you are right. So, should we go get some
blood now?"
Angel nods but then rolls back over on top of
Spike. "Yeah, just wait though for a little bit. I'm
hungry for something else first." Angel smirks
and then starts to kiss down Spike’s body, licking
and sucking on certain spots. He reaches Spike’s
hipbones where he licks sensually in long slow
strips, looking up at Spike, his eyes sparkling,
hoping Spike will catch on to what he intends to
do. Angel has a plan. He will make this coming
back together like no other, and he is starting
Spike reaches down and buries his hands in
Angel's hair. He couldn't believe this was about to
happen. In all the times with Angelus, he had
never.... Spike moaned and his cock sprang to
attention. His eyelids flutter and then he forces
them open, looking directly at Angel. He wants to
experience this, to see Angel and to let Angel see
him while this happens.
When Angel is sure he has Spike’s full attention,
he trails his tongue over. He licks from root to tip
slowly, then back down and starts over, just
savoring everything from taste to feel. Once he
has done that for a couple minutes, Spike’s eyes
are fully dilated but more fixed on him. He opens
his mouth slowly and engulfs just the head,
sucking it slowly in his mouth, licking the slit
back and forth just tasting.
Spike mewls and whimpers as Angel works on
his oh-so-sensitive head. "Oh, Angel...I never
Angel lets his eyes soften to express a emotion
without words, as if to say 'I know baby
everything is different now I want this I want
you.' Then he stretches his throat muscles and
starts to slide down Spike’s erection, licking on
his way down, and letting himself adjust. When
he has taken it all, he bobs back up fast then
slides back down slow, swirling his tongue on
each upstroke.
It's sheer heaven, the feel of Angel's mouth
wrapped around his cock, the tongue working on
his shaft. Spike moans, purrs, and his hips twitch.
He curls his hands in Angel's hair.
With this encouragement, Angel sucks harder and
faster, bobbing at a steady pace. He adds his hand
to the base gripping and jacking slowly back and
Spike begins to pant and whimper. The sensations
are exquisite. He begins to buck his hips to meet
Angel, to thrust into his mouth. He could never
have imagined this.
"Ugh...yes...god...Angel...god...Angel...oh, god
...Angel ...oh, god ...bloody ...hell ...
yessssssssssssssss!" as he loses control and
empties into Angel's mouth.
Angel swallows every drop. He kisses Spike’s
tummy, and then he jumps up and kisses his lips.
He throws on pajama pants and a black tank top
and runs out of the room screaming happily, "I'm
just gonna go have some blood! Now hurry up
and join me."
Spike chuckles at the enthusiasm of his sire and
he climbs out of bed. He just pulls on some
boxers and heads down to the kitchen.
Angel brings his cup out of the microwave and
slides Spike’s in then turns to the running faucet
where he is washing dishes.
"Well, aren't you just Holly Homemaker today?
That's usually my job." Spike says as he sits down
at the table.
Angel just shrugs. The microwave beeps and he
slides Spike’s cup to him, taking a sip of his, and
whispers, "I was thinking about stuff and I like
helping and with the stuff I was thinking I
thought I should show you I meant it."
Spike takes a sip out of his cup. "Good on you.
You've been considering this then? Thinking
about being domestic?"
Angel shrugs his broad shoulders again, dries his
hands, and turns around with a serious
expression. "Yeah...Domestic...and something
else.... Submissive...I've been thinking about roles
and the type of relationship I want to have
and...and..." Angel turns back to the dishes.
*God, just that word, submissive* "And....what?"
Angel whispers almost too low for Spike to hear.
"I want you to fuck me."
Spike gets up and moves across the room, nearly
touching Angel. "You want me to fuck you? Did
you actually say that?"
Angel coughs and rubs the back of his neck and
whispers even lower. "Yes I said I want you to
fuck me."
Spike chugs down his mug of blood and sets it
aside. He runs his hands up under Angel's tank
top and plays with his nipples. "Oh, god, Angel,
you just keep surprising me. Any particular time
you had in mind for this?"
Angel shakes in a good way at his nipples being
played with He rinses off the dishes and shakes
his head talking a bit normal now. "No, Will, I
thought it could be how you wanted. But I
thought if I was gonna suggest..." Angel leans
back into Spikes body. "I was gonna suggest that
you do it how you want to. I won't fight. Anyway
you want, anywhere you want..."
Spike thinks for a minute. "I *think* I know how
and where I want it. Luckily you're strong and
fairly flexible...the tai chi and all." Spike grins
He leans forward and whispers into Angel's ear.
Angel's eyes get wide but he nods.
When Spike leans back with a gleam in his eyes
Angel can't help but smirk. He gulps his blood
and walks into the living room. He stands in front
of the fire, letting the light play off his form. He
waits for Spike. As Angelus he loved to direct so
he want to give Spike every chance to do just
Spike moves into the living room and over to
Angel. He pulls Angel's tank top over his head,
and then undoes his pants and pulls them down.
"Step out of them." Spike says. He runs his hands
up and down Angel's naked body. Then he drops
his own boxers and steps out of them, and rubs
their bodies together. "Goddamn, I love the sight
of you naked. You're like some fantastic
Renaissance statue. Put your arms behind your
back and clasp your hands and keep them there."
Angel nods and clasps his hands together behind
his back. Looking at Spike for the next move, he
has to admit this is a bit exciting.
Spike starts by playing again with Angel's
nipples, pulling and pinching. Then he runs his
hands slowly down Angel's chest and then his
stomach, and then onto Angel's cock. He strokes
gently with his fingers up and down the cock.
"Just stand there nice and still, like a good boy.
Does this feel good?"
Angel nods and keeps himself still. He was a
master of torture---he can handle this. Well, at
least for now he can. "Yes."
“Spread your legs now...that's good." He reaches
under and begins to fondle Angel's balls. He
extends one finger to stroke the perineum.
Angels eyes glow softly and he digs his toes into
the carpet just a smidgen to keep still.
Spike trails his hands down to the hipbones and
then moves around slowly behind Angel. "You
have such a magnificent ass." Spike says. He
strokes, fondles, and digs his finger in. Then he
lifts one hand up and bites shallowly into his
wrist. He lets the blood flow down onto his
fingers, and then licks the wound. He smears
some around Angel's pucker, and then starts
working one finger into his ass. "Oh, how tight.
This is going to feel so gooooood when I work
my cock up into you."
Angel gasps softly, digs his feet further, and
whispers out. " one else ever."
Spike smiles and chuckles. "So I get to take your
virginity then? How incredibly sweet." He snakes
a finger from his other hand to touch the
perineum again. Then he works another finger
into Angel's ass. "How does that feel? I want to
know everything."
Angel wrings his hands around his wrists and
struggles for words at each thrust Spike makes.
"Yes, you get mine just like I had yours. It feels
good. I feel full. It's doesn't hurt that bad—it’s a
good hurt."
"I want it to feel good for very good."
Spike moves his fingers so that he gently strokes
the prostate as he moves in and out...and then he
works in a third finger.
Angel throws his head back when Spike hits his
prostate and moans, "Do that again, Will. Please
do that again."
"With pleasure." Spike starts slowly moving the
fingers in and out, this time rubbing the prostate
as he does so. He keeps it up for a little while,
then slowly removes his fingers. He licks them
clean. Then he goes to sit in the high-backed
chair. "Come here, Angel, and stand in front of
Angel regains a bit of composure and stands in
front of Spike sprawled sexily in the chair.
Spike smiles, running his hands up and down
Angel's thighs. "God I love this. I want you to
straddle the chair arms with your legs. You can
use your arms to grip the chair for balance."
Angel shudders and grabs back of the chair above
Spike’s head. Then he straddles the arms of the
chair and keeps himself just above Spike’s crotch.
He keeps steadily looking into Spike’s eyes.
Spike moves his head forward and licks on
Angel's abs. "You taste good. Now for the
moment just, hold still. Shouldn't be too difficult
with those big muscles of yours." Spike grabs
hold of Angel's hips and shifts his hips upward,
slowly penetrating Angel's ass with his erect
cock. He pushes the head in and hold still, letting
Angel's virgin ass slowly adjust. "How is that?"
Angel’s eyes dilate and his arms shake and he
manages out breathlessly, "It's amazing. Don't
stop, Will. Take me! Make me totally yours."
"Ohhhhhh....god. Angel...I'm going to work my
way all the way in. But I'm going to do it slow, so
you feel it. Every... fucking ...inch." Spike keeps
working his cock into Angel. It was nowhere near
as thick as Angel's was, but it was slightly longer.
He could feel the tight muscles of Angel's ass
milking him, but he was determined to hold out,
to make this as good for Angel as it was for him.
Angel grips the chair harder and it creaks slightly.
He lays his head on Spike’s shoulder whispering
in a sultry voice in Spike’s ear. "I feel you ...oh
god Will I feel you make love to me. Baby, you
feel so goood I feel so full only you...only you."
Spike shuddered. He fucking loved it when Angel
whispered in his ear like that. He finally sank in
all the way, and now he started to move in and
out. "Meet me, Angel. Move your hips."
Angel, shaking and purring, intently starts to meet
Spike’s thrusts back and forth, angling his hips,
driving Spike in further, adjusting to the feeling,
reveling in it.
Spike runs his hands over Angel's chest. He
tweaks his nipples. He starts pushing in harder
and faster, excited by Angel's movements.
"Yes...oh, yes... your ass feels so good..."
Then he moves his hands down to Angel's cock,
wrapping his fingers around and starting to stroke
and pump on his huge erection.
Angel begins to pant and moan. He thrusts back
harder, grinding his hips against Spike’s which
thrusts his cock through Spike’s fingers faster
too. "Oh god Will...I...I...Fuck...god."
Spike is pumping faster and harder, and he knows
he can't last much longer. "I'm going to come
soon, Angel. I want you to come with me. Come
for me, my dearest."
Angel jacks himself a bit harder and faster, and at
Spike’s words, he freezes and comes hard and
fast spilling on Spikes chest. "Oh, Will, oh I love
Spike comes, emptying himself into Angel. "Oh,
my love...oh yes!" He shudders hard, gripping
deep into Angel's hips as he spasms. Then he
slowly lowers himself down, slipping out of
Angel. "That was the most incredible thing..."
Angel lifts his legs from the arms slowly and
nods, burying his face in Spike’s neck, panting.
"Yes, yes it it always like that I man does
it always feel that good?"
"Probably even better for me...your enormous
cock," Spike smiles. "But always feels that
Angel kisses Spike, slides down, and lays his
head on Spike’s lap. He thinks to himself *I'm
home and I'm happy things can only get better.*
And Angel was right. Two years down the road
everything was great. Spike wrote another two
books with Angel’s help and those two were top
sellers. Spike was asked to do a new series but he
wasn't sure Angel was all for it-- told Spike they
could create a world of their own. Angel still ran
W&H and flew in as was needed and did his
work from home when he wasn't. He cut down on
traveling to kill demons unless he was needed.
Aurora graduated and was now a teacher in a
local school, grade one, and she loved every
minute. Not to mention she was engaged and
three months pregnant. This caused Angel to
think or as Spike would say brood about their life.
So much was better, but they still hadn't taken a
major step for vampires-- the claiming, to make
them totally one, mated. So here, Angel was
hanging with Aurora at their usual lunch break.
Aurora rubs her tiny growing belly and takes a sip
of her drink. "So Zach thinks I am being all
power trippy over cribs, but Angel, he wants to
buy one with footballs painted on it! I told him I
know it's a girl. I just feel it. And he is being all
too stubborn. Stupid man! If Spike didn't adore
the ground he walked on I would so have kicked
him out by now." She pouts theatrically.
Angel laughs and kisses her head. "Aurora
sweetie, I swear you need to learn to compromise.
You’re too much like Will as it is, and then you
picked up some of my habits, not to mention the
Summers blood. Poor Zach doesn't even know
which side to stand on most days. Please be
patient with him. He just wants you happy."
Aurora mock scowls. "Traitor! Oh, fine, don't
give me the 'I know better so listen to the
centuries old vampire' brow...I will lay off. So is
he hauled up writing again or are you having a
Angel smirks. Two years and she still was the
same wonderful girl. "Writing, Aurora. We came
up with an idea last night. He likes the whole
writing a female vampire’s point of view idea so
he has run with that. I will go get him."
Angel stands up, leans over, and kisses her
forehead. He walks to Spike’s office knocking.
"Will can I come in?"
"Come in." Spike looks around. "I just got off the
phone with Harmony. Had to ask her some
technical questions." He crosses over to kiss
Angel. "What do you need, handsome man?"
Angel kisses Spike’s nose. "Aurora’s here. She
came flashing in on a tizzy of pregnancy and
Summers blood with a touch of Spike temper.
And of course, she needed surrogate advice. Zach
made the slight error of liking a Madden-themed
crib!" Angel smirks.
"What was he thinking? Sure, I'll come down."
Spike gets up and goes downstairs with Angel.
"Aurora!" He goes over and carefully hugs her.
Aurora hugs back and starts raving. She knows
Angel is always civil. But although Spike likes
Zach, if she sounds wounded enough Spike gets a
tick in his jaw and she feels validated. "Will, it
was horrible! It had footballs and the mattress
was like a fiiieeellld. Can you kill him? Please
say yes--please?"
"I don't kill anymore, luv. Promised your mother.
But I could maim him if you like. Torture him a
Aurora sticks out her lips, drops in her chair, and
looks sullen. "Never mind. You will just wrestle
him to the ground and make him wail like you’re
torturing him. And I am so tired of that trick by
now. But seriously Will it was hideous and he
just he just...grrr...Men!!"
Angel bends down and takes Aurora’s hands.
"Where is he, sweetness? Maybe we can talk to
him about plain and simple instead of themed
Aurora points outside. "Outside, by the door. I
told him to stay there and think about what he
Angel laughs and heads to the door and whispers
to Will. "You stay here and tell our girl how men
are not dogs and I will get Zach." And he walks
out of the room.
Aurora rubs her tummy.
"You heard are not dogs. Pigs are
more like it. Angel doesn't realize you're allowed
to beat up on him because you are pregnant." He
looks up as Zach comes back into the room.
"Zach! Good to see you!"
Zach---who, strangely, bears an odd and very
close resemblance to Oz---walks in and smiles at
Spike. He walks carefully to Aurora, bending
down and kissing her cheek. "Hey, Honey, I am
so sorry. But look! Angel gave me a card to an
antique shop. Maybe we can find something
perfect there."
Aurora looks at the card and then smiles at Zach
and hugs him tightly. "I am so sorry Zachie
wacky. I just I couldn't stomach that crib."
Zach smiles and helps Aurora up. "It's okay,
Honey. Let’s go. We have time. We will find the
perfect thing now kiss everyone bye."
Aurora kisses Spike and then Angel’s cheek.
Zach sighs and pats Angel and Spike on the back.
"When this baby is born I am gonna shout to the
heavens in joy. Thanks, guys."
Angel laughs and nods.
Spike pulls Zach into a hug, and then hugs
Aurora again. "Good luck, you two. Come over
for dinner Friday if you can."
Aurora and Zach nod and walk out. Angel closes
the door and looks a bit off. He walks to the
living room and pours a drink.
Spike follows in behind him. "Something wrong,
Angel shakes his head minimally. "I'm not sure,
not really. Not with them at least, if that’s what
you’re thinking. I just… each time she comes in
here all sunshine and light and hormones, I just
remember that will never happen for us. For one,
we’re both male and two vampires immortal-- no
reproduction for us. Fine. I have dealt with that.
But I think that's about the one way we can be
truly one---and the fact that for two years every
time I think about it, I let it go. I am afraid to ask
the one man I love to let me claim him and mate
with him ‘cause I am afraid of his answer. I am a
Master damn vampire, the head of the Scourge of
freaking Europe, and I'm a pansy about this."
Spike strokes the side of Angel's face. "No more
than me. God, Angel, I've been terrified to go
further. I didn't want to disturb what we've had. I
can still hardly believe you are here." Spike holds
his face and pulls him into a kiss.
Angel kisses him back softly, then looks in his
eyes. "But do you want it? I do. So, do you, I
mean, want to be mine? To totally link us
together in every way?"
"Yes. With the full damn ancient ritual and
everything. Hell, if it were legal in this country I'd
ask you to marry me too." Spike chuckles, then
looks deep into Angel's chocolate brown eyes
with his deep blue ones.
Angel pulls Spike up against him tightly and
kisses his hair, speaking huskily. "Good, good
when...I mean I could do it right now. We could
clear off the desk, get three fourths of the ritual
done right now. But it's up to you."
"You're not getting away with that, Angel. The
full ceremony ...candles and incense and
everything." Spike looks at him. "If I'm getting
mated then I'm doing it properly. And we need to
let Aurora know, and set up some sort of party for
Angel pouts. "I could always use my authority
over you. You know, I am the Sire."
Spike stops and looks up at him with big, blue
eyes. "You don't want to mate properly?"
Angel nods and pouts further. "Yes. I just don't
want to wait. I'm fine Will. Go ahead, call
Aurora, then we can talk more."
"I love you," and Spike kisses Angel. He picks up
the phone and dials Aurora's number. *Ring ring*
Aurora picks up. "Hello."
"Angel and I are getting hitched." Spike says.
Aurora squeals. "Oh, thank god! What the hell
took you two so long? You’re like bitter
divorcees, afraid to move on. So, party! Do we
get to watch? Details, come on, spill."
"No, you can't watch...the ceremony takes place
nude and there is sex involved. But, we can have
a party afterwards. And it took us so long because
we are both too damn insecure to think the other
one would say yes, that's why, young lady, so
why didn't you bring it up before? You're not
usually shy about such things..."
Aurora is silent for a minute, then says kind of
shyly, "Well, me and Angel chat about it every
now and then. But, he swore me to secrecy, Will!
He just was so scared. He wanted it from the
minute you and him were officially official, you
know. I promised I wouldn't be me and butt in.
But yay to party and yay to this I am so happy."
"Good. I'll plan a party for Friday. Talk to you
later." Spike hangs up. "Okay, Mr.'ve been talking to Aurora about this
for two years? I'll have the candles and incense
delivered and we can do it tonight. Tonight, I
promise. The party can wait til Friday. Okay?"
Angel looks guilty but nods. Then he actually
hops when he hears that they can do it tonight.
"Okay...ok,ok,ok...sounds good perfect... you’re
perfect. I love you Will."
Spike laughs. "I love you too, Angel. Now I've
got calls to make and a bedroom to clean and
organize. I've got black satin sheets I bought just
for the occasion. Yes, I bought sheets before I
asked you, so there."
Angel rushes over and kisses Spike hard. He
smiles and then runs out, then back in and
gestures wildly. "Shower-- just gonna shower--
.and the sheets had better be silk" Then he runs
A few hours later, the bedroom is cleaned, and
decked out with hundreds of candles. The spicy,
rich smell of incense fills the air. The bed is made
with black silk sheets. Spike and Angel stand on
either side of the bed, and crawl across the bed
towards each other. They kneel in front of each
other, knees touching, and clasp hands.
Angel takes an unnecessary breath, so he doesn't
cry, looks into Spike’s eyes, and begins the ritual.
"I claim you William Matthew Banner as my
mate and companion now and forever, so long as
I feed, so long as I walk upon the earth, I claim
you as my mate and my companion. I shall cleave
to no other. I signify this as of old with the bite
and the exchange of precious blood, and with the
meeting of bodies."
Spike's eyes are glittering as he says his vows. "I
claim you Liam Frances O'Conner as my mate
and companion now and forever, so long as I
feed, so long as I walk upon the earth, I claim you
as my mate and my companion. I shall cleave to
no other. I signify this as of old with the bite and
the exchange of precious blood, and with the
meeting of bodies."
Angel lets a tear go and clasps Spike’s face. He
kisses him, brings him tightly against him, then
he lays him down. He spreads his legs apart.
Biting his wrists, collecting blood, then licking it
closed, he trails his hand down, looking at Spike
the entire time. He lubes up the hole on the
outside, then pushes forward.
Spike shoves himself forward onto Angel's shaft.
He sighs. He wraps his legs around Angel's lower
Angel angles his hips and thrusts fast and hard,
hitting Spike’s nub every time, wanting
maximum pleasure and feeling this time is too
special for it to be messed up. He leans over and
kisses Spike passionately.
Spike kisses back, tangling tongues with him. He
runs his hands over Angel's chest and then
clenches his hands in Angel's hair. A purr rises
from his chest.
Angel feels himself growing closer. He grasps
Spike’s hair, angling his neck slightly to his
mark, and tilting his own neck as well. "Baby,
close, so close. Come with me...have to come
with me...and bite...have to bite same time.
Ready? So close."
"Ready..." Spike feels himself coming and he
comes with Angel. He sinks his teeth into Angel's
neck, drinking deeply of his sire's rich blood. He
pulls back after several sip his lips red. "Mine,"
he says.
Angel comes, sinking his teeth in at the same
time, drinking of his beautiful childe. He pulls
back after a few sips and repeats Spike’s word.
"Mine." And then he lays his head down on
Spike’s chest and holds him close. "It's done, my
beautiful boy. Nothing can separate us now."
"Nothing," says Spike, running his fingers
through Angel's hair. "We've always been family
but now we are truly mates."
"Yes, mates. Liam and William. Angel and Spike.
Mates. I'm happy, Will. I love you." Angel
cuddles in further, looks at the candles burning,
and feels his eyes drift.
Spike smiles. "I had something else installed
when I had the candles and incense delivered.
We've got a mini-fridge and a little microwave up
here. We don't have to go downstairs til Friday."
Angel chuckles. "So my dear Will did ya have
plans then ma' boy ta' seduce me and never let me
leave ta room then?"
“Exactly. I've got shackles and everything if you
want to make it official."
Angel lifts up and looks into Spikes eyes and
whispers, "I think you should do whatever you
please. Equal now. Do with me, as you will, little
one. I'm yours for eternity now."
"Good. Then we can take turns with the
shackles," Spike says, chuckling. "I do so love
being shackled." Then he gets a little serious.
"Don't forget I'm yours too. Your beautiful boy."
Angel looks at Spike with an expression of deep
clarity. "I know exactly who you are, Will.
You’re my little one, my beautiful boy, my
obsession, my’re my everything. I
won't ever forget who you are. You’re my
sunshine and light." Angel trails his hand over
Spike's face and caresses his cheeks and lips.
"From the time I laid eyes on you, to your last
living breath, till now, you have been the thing I
most desired and coveted. That will never change.
I love you."
"You've been so many things to me...grandsire,
sire, lover, torturer, rival, object of love, object of
hatred... but I have never passed a day that I have
not thought of you. And no matter how much we
are equals...there is always a part of me that
wants to kneel to you, my love, and my lord. Part
of me that is that boy, held in the arms of a strong
and handsome man, schooled in the ways of love.
Can you forgive me that?"
Angel rubs his face along Spike’s, then lets his
eyes glow and whispers along his lips. "Yes, of
course I can. As long as you can forgive the parts
of me that, want to hold you down, make you beg
and writhe for me. The part that wants you on
your knees before me like a willing sacrifice--
like my wanton whore." Angel averts his eyes--
afraid he gave too much away, dug too deep into
"Look at me!" Spike says, and waits for Angel's
eyes to meet his. "We can forgive each other, but
really, there is nothing to forgive. You wanted a
slave and I wanted a master; that is part of us and
we wouldn't have found our love otherwise.
Besides," Spike smiles as he says this, "I love the
way you say wanton whore. Makes my cock
Angel growls and bites into Spikes lip and flips
him on top of him, impaling him on his hard
cock. He lets his burning eyes glow unafraid and
his voice reverberates. "Then ride me like one. Be
my whore again. Pleasure me boy."
"Yes, Sir!" Spike responds, and begins to slide up
and down Angel's torso, milking him hard with
his muscles. He was going to see how quickly he
could make Angel come...he begins moving faster
and harder.
Angel growls again deeper and grabs Spike’s
hips, pummeling him as hard as he can up and
down. " slave
mine...fuck...fuck...oh fuck you beautiful fucking
boy ooooooohhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!" Angel tips
over, his back arching, pushing himself as deep as
he can go. Then he slumps, panting, his eyes
closed. "Oh god, Will."
Spike lays against Angel, nuzzling into his neck.
"I am ...your whore...your slave...your beautiful
boy. And you are my lord, my master...who
sometimes lets me fuck him and tie him up
because he indulges his boy. Don't ever let that
change. 'Cause I won't."
Angel pulls Spike up and buries his face in
Spike’s hair. "I won't let it change. But you’re my
love, too. One can't work without the other, you
remember that, and I'll remember that, and
everything else too. Now sleep. Tomorrow is a
new day and we have a party to plan and an
eternity to live. Nothing can ever tear us apart
now. Nothing."
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