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Wanted S/X BtVS NC-17

Yes thats right folks I have at one point written something that was not Spangel. *holds you all at gun point* NO TELLING!!! No I'm kidding it's ok. Read, comment, it's going into archives it isn't new or anything like that. As always want to send feedback to the co-writer there should be a email. Onwards to the Spander.

TITLE: Wanted
AUTHORS: Pet and Salustra
PAIRING: Spike/ Xander
SUMMARY: Spike and Xander drink and
commiserate on Valentine’s Day.
SPOILERS: Through Season 2 BtVS: Bewitched,
Bothered, and Bewildered.

TITLE: Wanted
AUTHORS: Pet and Salustra
PAIRING: Spike/ Xander
SUMMARY: Spike and Xander drink and
commiserate on Valentine’s Day.
SPOILERS: Through Season 2 BtVS: Bewitched,
Bothered, and Bewildered.
DISCLAIMER: We don’t own any of these
characters; they belong to Joss and ME. We really
wish we could borrow Spike and Xander for a
little while though.
FEEDBACK: Yes please.

"Valentine's Day. What a bloody fucking crock!”
says Spike. "Willie, another double Jack.” Willie
serves up the drink to the wheelchair-bound
vampire without comment.

Spike's mood was dark. He'd come home to
Angelus and Dru making out. Angelus was plying
her with gifts and sleeping with her...just because
Spike was wheelchair bound. Damn it anyway.
He had waited all these years to get Angelus back
and now he loses out to Dru just because he can't

Xander walks into Willie and taps the bar.
"Devastated Teenager who wishes to wallow in
underage drinking, serve up Willie."

Willie raises a brow and opens his mouth to

Xander places his finger in front of Willie’s
"Think carefully, Willie my friend. Bad day, bad
...just help a Scoobie out."

Willie nods and places a beer in front of Xander.

Spike notices the young Scoobie as he walks into
the bar. Maybe I'm just drunk but he is looking
nummy. He ponders for a while, watching him, as
he sips his Jack. He makes up his mind and rolls
over beside Xander. "Willie, a shot of Jack for the
young man. Should drown his sorrows in
something decent, not that
American piss."

Xander takes a deep breathe, sighs, and thinks
great, more shit for my day, perfect Xander. "So,
Wheelie Vamp, why aren't chasing your Crazy
girlfriend’s flower trails?"

"Fucking useless bint is with Angelus. Women.
Tear your bleedin' 'eart out and stomp on it, they
do.” No sense in scaring the lad yet by telling him
it was Angelus he was upset over. "What about
you? Woman troubles too?"

Xander looks at Spike in disbelief at his attempt
at conversation. Believe it or not, but this is the
most attention one singular person has given him
lately so he speaks. "Something like that. Maybe
lack of Woman trouble is more like it. I did
something and it backfired-- caused me more
grief than good. For some reason though, I just
didn't connect the dots that Xander just equals
---funny that."

“Yeah, 'eard about the spell. Drusilla told me
about it after Angelus dragged her away from
you. Lucky for you she didn't 'ave a chance to
make you into her new prince.” Spike sighs.

Xander chuckles. "Believe or not, that was the
most intriguing part of my night."

"Wanting to become a vamp then, are you?”
Spike looks at Xander's eyes, deeply interested in
his answer. Xander shakes his head. "No,
Wheelie, I loved that someone looked at me like I
was worthy to be something other than Donut
Boy." Xander takes a sip of the Jack and look
back towards the bar. "Even if it wasn't real."

"Hey. Familiar with that sensation.” Spike says,
his thoughts drifting back to his own mortal life.

Xander snorts and looks at Spike. "Are you for
real? You’re the poster child for bad ass, Spike.
When were you ever a lackey or nerd?"

Spike sniffs. "I was a bloody useless ponce. A
mama's boy, a writer of bad poetry, and unable to
even attract the attention of a woman. All
changed when Drusilla bit me in an alleyway."

Xander sighs and nods his head. "Damn Angelus
for interrupting and I cannot believe I so even
said that. All right, I need to get drunk now."

Spike nods. "Got an idea, Harris. I can buy a
bottle and we can go to a house I have nearby. It's
not safe for a tasty little human like you to get
drunk here. Some nasty unprincipled vamp will
eat you for dinner."

Xander laughs and thinks to himself---tasty? But
he nods slowly. After all how much worse could
it get with a wheelchair-bound vampire? He could
run away if Spike tried anything.

Spike smiles. "Good! Bloody Brilliant!” He turns
back to the bar. "Willie! A bottle of Jack with the
seal still on-- no watered-down crap like to tried
to pawn off on me last time.” He collects the
bottle, pays Willie, and starts wheeling out.
"C'mon, Harris. Follow the cripple."

Xander salutes and follows. "Aye, Aye Cripple
away we go."

They travel several blocks away to a decent-
looking little house. Spike pulls a key out of his
duster and unlocks the door and wheels in.
"C'mon in and shut the door.” The house is
actually comfortable looking. The living room is
nicely furnished in overstuffed velvet-covered
furniture. Spike wheels over and sets the bottle on
the coffee table. "Harris, can I ask a favor?"

Xander comes in and shuts the door. He thinks
very hard before he answers, but this close to the
door he figures he's safe, so he nods. "Sure,

"Can you help lift me on the couch? I can do it
but it takes bloody forever. You look like a good
strong lad." Spike looks at him. A good strong
lad indeed with nice long swimmers muscles.

Xander nods but keeps himself wary. He slides
his jacket off, puts it on a chair, walks to Spike,
and waggles his finger at him. "No fangs-- I even
see you heading that way, I'll kick you in your
precious vampire jewels, got it?"

"Got it.” Spike nods firmly, smiling internally.
One step at a time, dear boy, he thinks, seduction
is just one step at a time.

Xander nods as he puts one arm under Spike’s
legs and the other around his waist. "Hold onto
my neck."

Spike slides his hands around Xander's neck,
gently and unobtrusively stroking the hairs at the
nape of his neck as he settles his hands. "Ready."

Xander lifts Spike amazed about the lightweight
of Spike’s body, sets him on the couch gently
then pulls back and sits on the chair. "There you
go. You comfy?"

"Yeah. Damn wheelchair is hard as a board.
Thanks." He looks at Xander. "You planning to
walk all the way over here every time you take a

Xander looks at the space left on the couch and
sighs, but gets up and sits a bit stiffly by Spike.
"Okay, here I am."

Spike nods. "Better.” He reaches over and
retrieves the bottle, twisting it open and taking a
sip, then handing it to Xander. Xander takes the
bottle, takes a sip, and then hands it back to
Spike. "I have to say this isn't what I originally
planned for my night."

"Yeah, I bet. What were your original plans?”
Spike says, sipping again and passing the bottle

Xander takes a sip, goes to answer and pauses,
and then speaks, a bit unsure. "Wasn't sure past
the complete inebriation."

"You can still go for the complete inebriation. It's
what I was going to go for myself. Doesn't solve
anything but it numbs the pain."

"Sounds like a plan, Mr. Bloody," Xander says,
takes another sip, and hands the bottle back to

"Or you can talk to me. Cheaper than a
psychiatrist." Spike tips back the bottle but takes
only a tiny sip before giving the bottle back to

Xander gives Spike another strange ‘who are
you?’ look, takes a gulp now, and hands it back.
"What do you want to know exactly?"

"So who's the girl? There's always a girl. Mine
was a stuck-up society bitch named Cecily. She
said I was beneath her.” Spike says. He sets the
bottle down on the couch where Xander can reach

Xander sighs and looks off in front of him. He is
silent for a minute, then breathes the name almost
exultantly. "Cordelia Chase."

"The cheerleader? She seems like a stuck-up
bitch. You could do so much better.” Spike says.

"That’s funny, Deadboy Junior. She’s
Sunnydale’s most perfect person and you think I,
Xander Harris could do better."

"Oh, she's a looker---no doubt---but she's cruel.
Where as you're good-looking, funny, and nice.
You could do better." Spike's expression is
perfectly serious.

Xander picks up the bottle and looks at Spike
intently until he has taken three swigs too many
and pulls the bottle back to say softly, "Is it a
vampire thing that you guys can say things to
other guys like that and be comfortable?"

Spike grins. "Might be. Bloody well couldn't have
managed it when I was living, but then it was
Victorian England. You couldn't even use the
word sex in mixed company then. Did I make you

Xander shrugs. "Not sure yet."

"So what happened? You ask her out and she
shoots you down? Or were you together and she
threw you over for her cruel friends?” Spike asks.

"This is gonna sound egotistical, but I know she
wants me. We fight like cats and dogs but it's all
there under the surface. There’s this need we
wanna fill, but we don't cause of who we are.”
Xander picks up the bottle and chugs a large
portion down before pulling it back, saying,
"Can't admit you might like the Donut Boy when
you’re the most popular girl in Sunnydale, even if
you do, a lot."

"Then she's a bloody fool," says Spike. "A bloody
fool, if she wants you and she's throwing it away
for a stupid thing like popularity."

Xander pats Spike’s leg, unthinking, and leans
back, closing his eyes. "It's all right, Spike. I can
take it. You haven't met my family or you would
know that. I just need to stop thinking in huge

"So what would it take to convince you, Harris,
that you're worthy? What would it take?” Spike

"To be looked at and see that I'm wanted cause I
am just me, Xander Harris. Doesn't sound like
much but really it's the world to me," Xander
says, his eyes closed.

Spike pulls himself over and leans forward, his
face near Xander's. He whispers, "I want you,"
and gently kisses Xander's lips.

Xander’s eyes pop open and they are fully dilated
and deep. He brings his fingers to his lips, his
face screaming disbelief. He whispers his body
tight, "Why did you do that?"

"Because I do want you. And because I couldn't
bear one more second of you sitting there feeling
unwanted and unworthy." Spike says, with
unexpected earnestness. He's been seduced
himself, by this young man's sweet nature, and
his uncanny resemblance to the young man that
Spike used to be in life.

Xander gestures around Spike. "Is this some
vampire thing? Or are you like just now coming
out of the closet? ‘Cause I'm flattered, but you’re

"I've been attracted to other men, and kissed
them, and more, if that's what you mean---and I'm
not insane. Did you feel anything when I kissed
you?” Spike asks.

Xander sits up and looks uncomfortable instantly.
He murmurs a quiet and clipped, “No.”

Spike moves back. He can smell a bit of arousal
so he knows that Xander is lying, but there's no
sense in pushing too hard and losing him. "Sorry.
Didn't mean to offend you."

Xander slowly but surely relaxes and shakes his
head. "No, no, my fault. I'm an open guy. I am.
You just threw me. You’re a guy; you’re a
vampire. You’re my enemy and you just kissed
me and said you wanted me. I'm just thrown."

"And I meant it---all of it. So what's the worst-
that I'm a guy, a vampire, or your enemy?” Spike

Xander stands up and paces, seemingly in deep
thought as to what he will answer. He stops after
he is sure he has made a hole in the floor and
looks at Spike complete honesty on his face. He
says truthfully, "Enemy. ‘ Cause you’re my

"Well I'm not. Not yours specifically. I'm the
Slayer's enemy, but then she's sworn to kill my
kind and me. I have nothing against you. Didn't
even kill you that night when Angel offered you
up, and I could have easy."

"Fine, I get that. But you gave me three and I
gave you the one that bothers me is all. Not
‘cause you’re a guy, not ‘cause you’re a Vampire
but ‘cause I feel you’re my enemy."

Spike leans back and sighs. "My cursed luck. I
fall for a man who can't bear the sight of me
because he feels I'm his enemy. A perfect ending
to a perfect day."

Xander gapes like a fish. "Fall for a man... you
cannot not even be saying what I think you are?"

"And what if I am? I'm your enemy, remember?
What difference what I feel?” Spike says.

Xander covers his face, murmuring, "I'm drunk in
a bar and this is not real, I'm drunk in a bar and
this is not real."

Spike leans over as far as he can and grabs
Xander's leg. "Oh, no you don't. Not gonna deny
my existence. Bad enough you don't want me,
not gonna let you pretend I'm not here."

Xander looks down at Spike’s hand on him and
he swallows hard. "Okay, you’re real. I'm sorry.
You can let go now."

Spike lets go, but runs his hand a bit up Xander's
thigh as he pulls back, waiting to see what
response that got.

Xander eyes flash and twinkle and his body gives
a tiny shiver. He whispers, "You’re evil, Spike. I
think I should go home now-- sleep off my
drunken state."

"This is a bad neighborhood, Harris. You go out
drunk; you’ll end up a vampire snack. You can
take the bedroom and I'll sleep here on the couch.
If sleeping is what you really want to do."

"No, that was just cover-- but you can't pay me
enough to voice what I was thinking about

"I can probably guess. Vampires have very keen
senses. You'd be amazed what we can pick up.”
Spike looks directly into Xander's eyes.

"Well then, good thing you’re stuck on that couch
and can't take advantage of a drunk teenager in
desperate need of someone’s want and attention
then," Xander says as he grabs the bottle and
walks to a window, watching the lights pass by
from cars.

A few minutes later, Xander feels a body slide up
behind him and arms encircle his waist. "Good
thing," Spike whispers, and kisses Xander's neck.

Xander drops the bottle and it smashes on the
floor around them. He whispers, "What’s the
chances if I said I've been nice and kind to you
that you'll let me go, let me leave here?"

"If you really want to walk out that door and get
yourself killed...oh, who am I fooling? Can't let
you do that. But if you honestly tell me you don't
want this, I'll leave you alone.” Spike's voice is

"Want what exactly? You to kill me? Or you to
fuck me?"

"To fuck you, of course. If I wanted you dead,
could have done that several times over already.”
Spike says.

"Well you may like to play with your din-din for
all I know." Xander grows quiet after this
statement, but doesn't move out of Spike’s arms.

Spike sighs again and kisses Xander's shoulder.
"No. I wanted you tonight from the minute you
walked into that bar."

"Wanted me, wanted me, wanted me," Xander
keeps repeating as if he doesn't now understand
the meaning of those words.

"Yes. Wanted you.” Spike grinds his hips forward
a bit so that Xander can feel his erection. "Want
you. Want you."

Xander breathes out. "Oh, god. Please Spike, god
please. I don't think I can fight you, this."

"Tell me you don't want it and I'll stop. But if you
want it...I'm not stopping.” Spike says, kissing
Xander's neck again.

Xander closes his eyes---silent long enough to
take a deep breath---then he speaks. "I want it, but
I can't just give it to you. You have to take it from
me. Take it, Spike. It's the only way I can give it
right now."

This is all Spike needs to hear. He turns Xander
around to face him and kisses him passionately.
He rubs his crotch against Xander's, bringing his
hard cock in contact with Xander's. Xander keens
and grips Spike’s hips. Spike starts stepping
backwards, slowly, pulling Xander towards the
bedroom, and continuing to kiss Xander all the
way. Xander begins freeze up. He's scared and he
is so not afraid to express it. That’s why he told
Spike to take control.

Spike keeps moving, stroking Xander's neck and
back. He pulls out of the kiss. "Come with me,
luv. Can't stand for too long, still not completely

Xander breathes a sigh of relief. Spike was smart
even if he was lying. "Guilt, good—that’s good.
Okay, moving on."

Spike pulls him into the bedroom and pulls
Xander's shirt off, then his own shirt. Then he
reaches over to unsnap and unzip Xander's jeans.
Xander looks at Spikes smooth white chest and
starts to hyperventilate.

Spike's eyes flash and he moves forward to kiss
again. His hands finish unzipping and ease
Xander's jeans down as he holds Xander in a
fierce kiss.

Xander pulls back to whisper, "What’s happening
to me? I'm straight, Spike. I like girl parts. But
God I need to sit. And shit! When did I get
naked?" He says as he looks at himself.

Spike chuckles. "I'm pretty good at that, if I do
say do. Sit. We'll see if you like 'man parts', too.”
Spike unzips and slides his own jeans off. His
large cock is erect, standing pale and purplish at
attention. Spike steps out of his jeans and crawls
onto the bed.

Xander whimpers and moves to jump off the bed.
This sight is sure to drive him mad with
conflicting thoughts.

Spike grabs Xander, moving quick as lightning,
and pins him to the bed. "No…no escaping now.
I've gotten you naked and in the bed. I'm not
giving up now.” He starts kissing down Xander's
neck as his hands stroke over Xander's chest,
playing around and tweaking his nipples.

Xander’s cock stands at attention, he moans,
whispering, "And what will you do with me?"

Spike smiles and starts kissing down Xander's
chest and across his stomach. "This for a start.”
He lowers his mouth to engulf the head of
Xander's cock. He licks and sucks on it as his
hand moves down to start stroking Xander's balls.

Xander back arches off the bed and he threads his
hand in Spike’s hair. "Oh, god...god Spike...oh,

Spike purrs, the vibrations making the skin and
flesh of Xander's cock sing, and then he moves
down, taking all of Xander's cock into his mouth
in one swift action, swallowing it down. Xander
can't help it, he really can't. He's a teenager and a
virgin at that-- no other attention other than his
own hand to ever encounter his cock-- and he
cums, screaming, down Spike’s throat.


Spike sucks down, swallows every bit of cream,
and then raises his head, crawling back up
Xander's body to lie on him, purring. "That is the
best compliment I have ever bloody gotten. I take
it you enjoyed that?"

Xander says, panting and shivering, "I think you
just made me kinda gay, so yes...good job."

Spike moves his mouth down to Xander's chest,
kissing in ever-tightening circles towards a
nipple. ""

Xander cries out in excitement at just the thought.
He is so scared but so turned on at the same time.
He asks meekly, "Kiss me, kiss me again. And
talk to me. Your voice, your voice-- it helps me
do this, want it. I do. I ...I...just please."

Spike brings his mouth back to Xander's. "I like
kissing you, my pretty young man.” He kisses
him softly, licking along his lips.

Xander lets his tongue out to lick over Spike’s
lips. His eyes widen and he looks deep into
Spike’s eyes, beginning to pant and get rock hard

Spike reaches down and strokes Xander's cock
just with his fingertips as he kisses him again then
pulls back to look in his eyes. "Oh, the resilience
of youth. Have to bloody well love it.” He inhales
deeply. "I love the way you smell... it's like a rare
spice. Makes me want to eat you all over again."

Xander moans. "God, you’re not the same
vampire. I swear you’re not. You’re so soft and
you taste so good. You’re so cool against my hot
skin. Fuck, Spike I just keep thinking about
what’s to come, and I'm scared is all."

Spike kisses and licks Xander's neck. "Yes. I was,
too. Had to be talked through it eased through it.
But it was worth it. There's some pain, but then
the pleasure! Oh the sodding mind-blowing
pleasure! Worth every little ounce of initial pain."

"Who, who eased you? Who was it?"

"Angelus. Back when I was a young thing like
you, but a newly turned vamp. He wasn't crazed
then like now. He could be gentle and caring
then.” Spike says, his mind drifting back.

Xander says in shock and wonder, "Deadboy?
Angel...that Angelus? No fucking way. Tight-
assed, I'm a boring, dark-shadow-crawling, black-
loving, Poe-reading vampire?"

"Yeah. He was different back then. Dressed in the
height of fashion, spent a lot more time enjoying
life and a lot less time brooding or plotting."
Spike says, stroking Xander's chest, playing with
his nipples. "And he couldn't keep his bloody
hands off me."

“He was gay, oh god he was gay? I am so telling
Buffy. He would die if she knew."

Spike chuckles. "Perhaps you should at that. Can't
see a downside to that at all.” He moves a hand
back down to start stroking Xander's cock again.
"But back to the matter at hand."

Xander’s eyes dilate. "Just do it Spike, I'm gonna
be scared no matter what. I'm drunk enough, so if
you just do it. I'll be fine."

Spike kisses down Xander as he moves back
enough to retrieve the lube from the bedside
table. Then he puts some on his finger and begins
to work it into Xander's pucker, even as he
continues to stroke Xander's cock with his other

Xander pants and moans loudly, "Oh, oh, to me...please."

"Just calm down, Harris. I've got you. Gonna take
it nice and slow. Just getting you ready now. It's
gonna be the best thing you ever felt, I promise.”
He starts pushing his finger slowly into Xander's
rear passage. "Just relax, lovely boy, and this will
be so much better for you."

Xander breathes slowly and starts to take calming
breaths, but whispers, "Easy to say for the guy
who doesn't have the fingers up his ass."

Spike chuckles and moves a thumb to slowly
stroke Xander's perineum as he moves another
finger inside. He carefully stretches Xander's
passage and then pushes in and brushes against
Xander's prostate for the first time. Xander
screams and arches off the bed, cumming again.
He quickly covers his face, embarrassed.

Spike leans forward licking the cum off Xander's
stomach. "Uncover your face. Nothing to be
embarrassed about. I was trying to give you
pleasure and you just told me in the best possible
way that I did. Just keep in mind that the best has
yet to come. That's just the tiniest taste."

Xander whimpers pitifully, but opens his legs a
bit wider, wanting to feel an awaiting pleasure
that could possibly be better than what he just
felt. He uncovers his face as Spike asks.

Spike applies lube to his cock, taking his hand off
Xander's cock for a moment. He pulls his finger
out and lines up, starting to press slowly against
Xander. "This will hurt, but relax. Just this first
bit of pain and then it will be so much better."

Xander nods frantically, whispering, "Relax,
relax, just a vampire, just a vampire’s cock, just
your ass Xander, relax, relax, relax...god, god,
god.... oooooohhh fuck...”

The head of Spike's large cock slides finally past
the tight ring of muscle and Spike keeps pushing,
slowly and steadily. "That's the worst of it, all
over, only better from here, my dear sweet
handsome boy," Spike says, cooing and purring.

Xander whimpers and moans, "Say, say it again.
Look at me and say it again."

Spike leans forward as he seats himself finally,
and looks into Xander's eyes. "Only better from
here, my dear sweet handsome boy.” Then he
starts pumping, slowly, smoothly stroking the
prostate each stroke.

Xander cries in ecstasy and pushes back against
Spike, wanting more. Spike picks up Xander's
legs and pulls them around his waist and angles,
pushing in deeper and firmer. "Oh,
yesss...handsome. Love to hear those noises.
Please, more for me."

Xander keeps keening and bucking back, small
whimpers; moans and cries escape his throat.

"Oh...sooo sweet. So good.” Spike starts pumping
faster now, and harder, and his hand moves to
stroke Xander's cock.

Xander cries out, bucking into Spikes hand.
"Fuckkk...Spike, Spike...."

Spike speeds up again, encouraged by Xander's
outcry. He pounds harder into Xander, pushing
his prostate firmly each time.

"Gonna...gonna...too good...feels too good."

"Cum for me, my handsome, cum for me now...”
Spike coos.

Xander, his body on fire, ignites at this and cums
with a howl he didn't even know his human voice
could make, shuddering and clamping down on
Spike’s cock.

Spike cums, too, howling to match Xander,
exultant and triumphant, their bodies bucking
together in ecstasy. Then Spike relaxes and
slumps down, rolling Xander onto his side so they
lie face to face. Spike strokes his face and purrs.

Xander says softly through a sore throat, "I'm so
damn gay now, damn you vampire."

Spike chuckles. "You may not be gay you know.
You may just like me.” He grins widely.

Xander grins. "Oh, yeah, I like you again. Let’s
go with that. I'm not gay. I just like Spike. Yeah,
that works."

Spike kisses Xander long and hard. "Good. You
sleepy now? Three times together that quickly?"

Xander nods and yawns. "Yeah, can I stay here
with you?"

"Of course you can, handsome.” Spike pulls
Xander in closer, stroking the nape of his neck. "I
was hoping you'd say that."

Xander smiles softly and moves his head on the
pillow, getting comfortable. He whispers before
he drifts off, "Thanks for making me feel wanted
and special, Spike. I won't forget it."

Spike purrs and cuddles him, waiting as he falls
asleep. He thinks, Yes you will. You'll wake up
in the morning and you'll hate me for this. And I
don't want to let you go, he thinks, just lying and
staring at Xander for a few hours, until he finally
can make no other choice. He shifts into
gameface and sinks his fangs into Xander's neck.

Xander wakes with a start, his eyes widen, and he
grips at Spike’s hair. He tries to speak but can't,
and just holds on, his fingers tightening. He
knows he could pull but he doesn't. Spike takes
him down to his last heartbeat then pulls back,
ripping open his wrist and putting the bloodied
wound to Xander's mouth, rubbing the nape of his

"Drink, handsome, please drink for me."

Xander opens his mouth on the verge of death,
and he starts to drink and lap at Spike’s wrist
until his body stills and his head falls back to the
pillow, his eyes open and clear still as if he were
looking at Spike.

Spike sighs and licks his wrist closed. He settles
Xander's body on the bed then walks into the
living room. Time to go hunting. Handsome
would be hungry when he awoke.

A few hours pass and Xander rises from the bed.
He stands on new feet and looks with new eyes.
He touches himself as if he has been built anew.

But he is hungry, hungrier than he has ever been

The door opens and in walks Spike, dragging a
bound and struggling young woman. "You're
awake early, handsome. I have you a present--
your first meal, all nicely gift-wrapped.” Spike
tosses her onto the bed.

Xander growls at the young struggling woman
and covers his mouth. He moves to the bed and
his ears are assaulted with the sounds of a beating
heart. And he is ravenous. He looks to Spike and

"She's yours, lad. Just take her. She's young,
healthy, and clean. Perfectly safe for you to eat.”
Spike chuckles.

Xander runs to Spike and purrs, happy, then runs
back to the bed. He pulls the girl’s neck back and
changes to gameface which Xander doesn't even
have enough time to register before he is ravaging
the girl’s neck and drinking her rich and dark
blood down in deep swallows.

Spike purrs and crawls onto the bed to watch
Xander in action. "So beautiful, my dear lad.
Such a hungry little childe."

Xander lets the dead body drop to crawl to Spike
where he purrs and rubs his face against Spike’s,
slowly changing back to his human face.

Spike rubs against Xander and strokes his hair.
"Oh, yes…handsome. All better now?"

Xander speaks finally, his voice quiet but content.
"You killed me. Why did you kill me?"

Spike looks into Xander's eyes. "Because I
wanted to keep you, handsome. Forever and ever.
I wanted you for mine."

"Am I yours?"

Spike looks at him for a long while before
answering. "Yes. I initiated you. I made you.
You are mine."

Xander purrs louder. "Do you want me?"

"More than anything. I've lived over 118 years
and you're the first person I ever wanted to turn.”
Spike says.

Xander places small kisses on Spike’s throat.
"Wanted me forever, want to keep me. All yours,
no one else’s."

"Yes. All mine. No one else's. Forever and ever,
my handsome one."

Xander looks into Spike’s eyes. "Angelus?"

"We'll go away, my handsome one. I don't want
him touching you, and I don't want to share."

Xander crawls into Spike’s lap and begins to
gyrate his hips against Spike’s and he breaths,

Spike reaches over and grabs the lube, quickly
applying and working some into Xander's ass and
then inserting himself deep into Xander. "Oh, say
that again, handsome."

Xander snarls excitedly and breathes again, more
sultry, "Sire, my Sire."

Spike starts to pump in and out of Xander.
"Damn, sweet and tight hot ass. All mine."

"Yours, yours, yours master, yours..."

Spike loses control at this and starts pumping
hard and fast, his hands gripping Xander's hips
and pulling him down against him.

Xander cries out and begs. "Please Sire, please
Spike close, close."

"Cum for me, handsome, cum for me.” Spike

Xander cums, flickering in and out of gameface,
the intensity so great.

Spike cums at the same time, driven over the
edge by his first time with his childe---wanton
and sweet beyond his wildest dreams.

Xander lays his head on his Sire’s shoulder and
feels nothing but contentment. He knows he must
get up and get ready to leave with his Sire but for
right now, he is happy. Now his old life has been
made anew.

Spike strokes the head of his childe. He has all he
desires sitting on his lap right now. In a short
while they will pack up, leave this town forever,
and never look back.

Sire and Childe.

Both wanted.
Tags: fic, nc-17, spander, stand-alone
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